Cuddling your baby in please!

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I'm going CRAZY right now.
I used to have my son in bed with me up untill he was 3 months old.... My boyfriend made me stop bringing him to bed.... and I would go crazy at night without him.... and now it''s been 9 months without him in my bed..

And I get these urges where i Just wanna cuddle him sooooo badly! i just wanna wake him up and bring him in bed with me.
Im not sure if its becuase my boyfriend is never home when I go to bed, and i need someone to cuddle. Idk what it is.. i see his picture and i just wanna hold him and i want him next to me... Im SO INLOVE with my son...and im just going crazy right now.. I just want him in bed with me

Anybody else feel like this sometimes? :(


Anna - posted on 08/16/2011




Absolutely, my husband and I have been co-sleeping with our son since he was 4 months. Now he's 15 mo. and it's the most amazing feeling in the world. The bed feels empty w/out him. By all means, take your baby to bed and enjoy every moment. Skin to skin touch is the best thing for babies' brain development.


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Rehana - posted on 09/21/2011




Try lying on the bed and cuddling him to sleep and once he is asleep then you put him in his cot. That way you have cuddling time and you get to cuddlie with him while he isnt aware of it. My daughters cot is right next to my bed so I'm happy that she is close enough to me. She slept in our bed until 4mnths. Almost ready for her to go into her own room but I'm not ready for her to move yet ;-)

Janine - posted on 09/11/2011




I am just wondering if this is your first bub, or maybe I'm just a grump! Lol
I think I was much more inclined to have my first bub in bed with me, he was a very cuddly bub, however have not had my second in bed with me much at all. I think it's a combination of things though. My daughter is no where near as cuddly as my son, she is now becoming more so though. Also I really look forward to them going to bed and having some time with my husband. Apart from that both of my kids sleep much better in their own beds.
In my opinion, you do whatever feels right for you and your child, they are only little for a short time so make the most of it! :D

Lulu - posted on 08/17/2011




i have twin daughters and they are 16 months old and i stopped cuddling with them when they were old enough to roll out of my bed now that they are walking i do it everynight its just a comfort thing for me.

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I must confess, there are times I go into her room and take her into mine. Sometimes, I miss her - - other times I am like ooooh, she is not here, I can sleep comfortably. I believe that skin to skin touch is extremely beneficial, but I think kids having a little independence is important too. Can you cuddle a little more time during the day, or possibly after bathtime, try to put it into your routine somehow-- because maybe down the line he will be so used to cuddling and you will not need to cuddle as much and then you are going to have to wean him off of it. On the other hand, loving kids tooooo much can never be a bad thing!! :)

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I know EXACTLY what you mean!! I miss him like mad sometimes when he's gone to sleep for the night, all i want to do is cuddle him so tight and smother him in kisses. I love him more than anything! :)

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I feel like that. My 15 month old still nurses before bed and gets cuddly with me. He many times sleeps with us for an hour or so before going to bed. My husband did not like him in our past 3 months, but as long as he spends the majority of the night his bed my husband seems fine. I always want to cuddle my son, sometimes when he is napping and I happen to see one of his pictures I just want to go get him and snuggle up. :)

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no sorry i don't, i breast feed my twin girls for 4 months and then they were bottle feed. they have been off the bottle since they were 12 months. in the beginning we have them in our room not our bed at 3 months they moved to the nursery. at bed time (7pm) i do a happy dance :) its mommies quiet time and the time i can do things that need to get done. they nap for 2 hours during the day. i do not want them in bed with my husband and i because (A) they could crawl out and get hurt (b) they could get smack in the face if i or my husband move and (c) they get a better night sleep in there own room and there own bed. but thats just my option.

Jenny - posted on 08/10/2011




My Son was Breastfeed and he would always have his first feed cuddled up with me in bed and it was great. PS I could wake up slowly without having to throw myself out of bed to make a bottle. He still is really loving and affectionate now. My Daughter was half breast and half bottle now fully off both and is not a cuddly child and hates been held so I would cuddle as much as poss as it has a good effect on them shows them how much you love them. Hope this helps. Jen

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