Did anyone have babies that were sensitive to Pampers Max Dry diapers?

Holly - posted on 10/08/2010 ( 4 moms have responded )




My son (1 month old @ the time) wore these diapers within 24 hrs-he broke out bloody blisters/rashes. I've been using (discontinued now) the New Baby Swaddlers diapers in the first month, but he's been staying at my inlaws. My motherinlaw had the max dry diapers there and used them on him. I was out running errands and got back and heard him screamming. She panicked as she was wiping his bottom. The wiping hurt him so much that his face was red and tears were streamming down his cheeks-it was awful. She said the only different thing Im doing different are the diapers but she thought I've used too. I told her I had them stocked in his closet but haven't opened them yet. So after we got home, my husband emailed a complaint to the Proctor Gamble regarding this. This wasn't a typical diaper rash. After 48 hrs, using regular diapers-it got better with lots of diaper rash ointment to prevent more redness. That was unreal and what was freaky about it that we weren't the only ones complaining.

These diapers have chemicals in it to handle wetness more and made thinner to make more room. I was outraged when I heard that April of this year was the last month of discontinuing the New Baby Swaddlers b/c more moms are buying the Max Dry ones. Plus, Sensitive compares to the New Baby but only has it in Size 1 and 2. My son @ almost 6 mos. of age wears a size 3 now so I have to get the Baby Dry that feels like paper. Apparently, the Max Dry doesn't affect all babies. I just wished they wouldnt' discontinue the Swaddlers New Baby and let the parents decide what is right for the babies not the comapany.


Jessica - posted on 10/10/2010




my daughter cant use the huggies diapers they make her brake out so she has too use luvs or pampers some babies just react differently too different diapers because they use different things too make them and there prob allergic to something in them.but loves has stuff for wetness too so dont try those if you think that is what was wrong.


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Emma - posted on 10/13/2010




we have used Pampers, cant remember what type, but with first daughter she had bum rash and second she had blisters. Have used Huggies ever since, tried Sainsburys own the other day and they are just as good which is handy

Wendy - posted on 10/13/2010




My DD was put in the Pampers at the hospital and she ended up with an AWFUL burn on her bum.. they kept saying it was a yeast growing, blah blah blah... then just a few days after we brought her home came out the controversy over the Pampers Diapers. I was outraged! I called the doctor, he put her on Vusion for her bum and it cleared it right up. We also switched to Huggies at the time and now we use Luvs. I won't EVER use Pampers again. And it REALLY irritates me that they wouldn't "own up" to their doings just because it didn't affect enough babies. I did call to complain to the CSPC and they said there just wasn't enough complaints at the time to investigate... then I saw that they did investigate later, but no conclusive results... http://www.walletpop.com/blog/2010/09/02...
Grrrr... I hate when a company won't take responsibility for something that is their fault!

Lyndsey - posted on 10/12/2010




Yes, my son had the same thing at the same age- about a month old. I recently bought Baby Dry hoping they were different than the Dry Max. Once again, he broke out- it was nothing like the original reaction to the Dry Max though. I've switched to Costco diapers and they work out great! They don't feel nearly as soft but my little man does fine in them and they are cheap!

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