Only 19 weeks and my baby is kicking and moving above my belly button?!

Danielle - posted on 11/30/2009 ( 3 moms have responded )




I'm 19 weeks, and have been feeling my little guy pushing and kicking far above my belly button. I know your uterus (or the top of your uterus) isn't supposed to be at the belly button until 20 weeks, but I have had undeniable kicks and other movement above my belly button the past few days. Is it possible for them to move that high up before hand?? My belly, and the baby, have measured exactly where I should be every ob visit so far, and I'm wndering whats going on. I've also been feeling what's like braxton hicks contractions, tightening of my uterus, but it seems to almost never stop. Like its tight for 10 minutes at a time and will do this for hours sometimes. Is anyone else experiencing, or has experienced this??? I go to my ob next week and I will definitely be asking. I'm hoping it doesn't mean anything is wrong, or for that matter, that my baby is going to be huge because my daughter was about as big as I can get out (trust me on that) and she was big enough at 8 pounds.


Sarah - posted on 12/11/2009




I'm 21 weeks and since I felt my baby first move at 19 weeks the little one has not stopped moving! sometimes keeping me awake at night! Enjoy the feeling :)


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Danielle - posted on 12/02/2009




Yeah my ob has checked my belly and I've had three ultrasounds already and each time me and baby have measured exactly where we are supposed to be (not to mention I know my exact conception date lol). What I think it might be now, is everytime I've felt him higher up, I've had to use the restroom, so I think maybe my bladder is pushing my uterus up higher and he is able to reach my belly button despite his gestational age. It's the only thing I can think of. And I guess its possible, I'm a small person, only 5'1'' so there isn't a lot of room in my body for a baby to begin with. lol
And I think your probably right about the braxton hicks, I usually drink tons of water but haven't drank as much lately so I am trying to drink more especially when I start getting a lot of contractions, to see if that helps it.

Amber - posted on 12/01/2009




i've felt my baby moving above my belly button for a couple weeks now (im 22w1d). has your ob measured your belly yet? from what i've heard, they usually dont until you're 20 weeks, but im sure he/she will at some point! if you bring it up at your appointment, im sure they will. everyone's different tho so its no big deal. im sure you've had an ultrasound to confirm your due date, right? if they havent done one, you may be a little further along than they thought from your LMP.

i've also been having braxton hicks contractions the last week or so. one way you can tell if thats really what it is is to press lightly on your uterus when you think you're having one. if it feels hard and tight and then slowly softens after a little while, its probably a contraction. my doctor said that you have them all the way through the pregnancy, even in the first trimester, but your uterus is still so small you cant really feel them. my doc also told me they're linked to dehydration and i've noticed that mine get worse when im not drinking enough water. when you feel one coming on, try drinking a whole glass or bottle of water and that might help them settle down a little.

i hope that helped!

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