Problems with bottle feeding and napping

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My 2 month old baby girl is not finishing her bottles. She should be (according to the formula tin) taking 200ml for her age but i can't even get her to take a full 150ml which i have been trying for a few weeks. She seems to get so full of wind she won't take anymore but she will only burp once or twice and that's it. Then she gets too sleepy and i try undressing her, changing her nappy, blowing on her face to try and keep her awake but nothing works. Then i go to put her down for a nap and she wakes up after 5 minutes and won't settle back down. I have tried to get her into playing after she feeds but she's not interested.

She sleeps pretty well at night usually 5-6 hours straight then has a feed and goes back for about 3-4. I just can't seem to get her into a routine as well. Any thoughts?


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Yeah i think that's it. She's putting on weight nicely so i've stopped worrying. I have decided to give her 125ml bottles and when she starts getting hungry sooner or is still hungry after the bottle i will increase it. Thanks everyone!

Katie - posted on 07/01/2010




my little boy is ten weeks and isnt a big eater either he has roughly a similar routine to your little one. is she gaining weight healthly? if so dont worry but if its still causing you concern try feeding her little and often. but with her good night routine im sure she just isnt a hungry baby like my son.

Susan - posted on 06/28/2010




First don't worry about what the 'tin' says, if she is falling asleep then she is done. All babies are different and will take different amounts. Also, babies go through growing spurts and will eat ravenously then when the growing spurt is done, may not eat as much. My son is taking about 1 oz less at each feeding recently too, but he is a little stuffed up and its making it hard for him to breath. I give him an hour to eat, taking several breaks.

I only feed him 4 times a day every four hours on a very strict routine. He then sleeps from 9pm to 7am or later every day. It works very well for us, and it's nice because it is so like clockwork. I know what time of day it is by him, he doesn't let me luck.

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