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Katie - posted on 11/16/2010 ( 1 mom has responded )




My 7 month old little girl first was introduced to a sippy cup when she was just under 6 months old. It took a while, but she finally would suck on it. For the past 2 weeks or so, she won't take it at all. She might bite it, but she usually just laughs when I put it in her mouth. She's breastfed, and hasn't had a bottle for like 2 months or so, so maybe it's because she doesn't suck on anything artificial. I just recently have been teaching her how to drink out of a regular cup, and it's going ok but a little messy. She used to just hold her mouth open. Now she'll shut it as soon as I pour a little juice in it and drink it, then open it again when she sees the cup. I would like her to know how to use a sippy cup as well that she can drink from by herself. She can hold it, as well as get it to her mouth, she just doesn't suck. I've tried dipping the spout in juice, and then she sometimes takes one sip, but that's about all. Any suggestions?


Celeste - posted on 11/17/2010




I had a similar problem. My almost 7-month old has been exclusively breastfed, I tried to introduce bottles of pumped milk but he never took one. When I tried to introduce the sippy cup, I had the same problem - he would play with it and bite on the tip, but just couldn't get the concept of sucking the fluid out. He'd eventually get really mad because he wouldn't get anything, and end up crying.

I was freaking out about it because I am going back to work in January and needed to find a way to feed him... just as I was about to go insane, another mom told me about the NUK Learner cup:
The tip is soft like a pacifier, so he has to squeeze with his mouth to get the fluid out, just like he would on a real nipple. I bought it on Sunday, it took a few tries but now he totally has the hang of it, he even drank 2 oz of water today. I'll be trying with breastmilk in another few days.

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