what are your top 5 baby items so far?

Lydia - posted on 10/08/2010 ( 18 moms have responded )




after 6 months with baby those 5 things i most appreciated.
1. my swing chair (soooooo comfortable)
2. a very special beautiful changing mat to go with pockets for diapers and wipes. it folds up small so it fits in any purse.
3. my nursing apron - with peek-in option and a little pocket for the nursing pad (so useful!)
4. my simple baby sling
5. my stroller (mutsy transporter! is just awesome, i am so happy with it)

so what were your top 5 items for the first 6 months with your little ones?

for more details/pictures/links where to buy those things visit my blog


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Viki - posted on 11/10/2010




1 moby wrap-she spent her first 3 months in it as she cried anywhere else!!!
2 prince lion heart white noise bear- just amazing, saves me from having to out tune all our radios
3 baby jogger city mini- the only stoller she has fallen asleep in ( have tried 10 others!!!!)
4 lindam door bouncer-only problem is she is now trying to walk & gets frustrated when she cant get any where!!!
5 nuby teething ring- fab as her top 2 came through on her 4 month b/day!!! saves her from teething on mummys nipples- ouch!!!! :0)

Kris - posted on 11/09/2010




1. Sleepy Wrap (baby carrier)
2. Cloth Diapers
3. Jumperoo (is about run out of usefulness though lol. He's getting to where he doesn't want in it)
4. Stuffed Dragon (his fav toy)
5. Hylands for teething

Nicole - posted on 11/07/2010




*My little Lamb swing
*Boppy pillow
*FP space saver high chair
*music and sound thing that attaches to the crib (a friend gave it to us, I don't know who makes it)

Heidi - posted on 11/06/2010




1. Fisher Price Rock and Play Sleeper (must have for a baby with reflux!)
2.Ergo Carrier
4.Bouncy Seat
5.High Chair

Amanda - posted on 11/03/2010




1. baby bjorn (use it everywhere we go since I have a 2 year old too)
2. tons of burp cloths (she's a spitter)
3. jumperoo/exersaucer
4.a good blender (for making baby food)
5.boppy pillow

Shannon - posted on 10/31/2010




1. her octopus from the ocean floor mat, her absolute favorite toy!
2. boppy, if you don't have one get one, we've used it since birth every single day.
3. her ocean floor mat, she loves this.
4. her stroller, she loves to be outside.
5. her exersaucer, she's just starting to enjoy this.

Jessica - posted on 10/31/2010




On top of the fact that I have a six month baby girl, I also work at Babies R' Us at the registry desk, so these would be the top 5 items that I would recomend to anyone starting a new registry:

1. The boppy pillow- My daughters been sitting up on her own since she was about 4 months thanks to the boppy.

2. First years True Fit Convertible car seat- Can be used from 5-65 lbs. Brought my daughter home from the hospital in it and used it for the 5 year old that I babysat for. Both fit comfortably in it. Its super easy to use, clean, and convert from rear to forward facing.

3. Baby Bjorn Active- A friend of mine had surgery on her back in July. Three months later, she's using her baby bjorn because of the extra back and shoulder support that the active model has.

4. Fisher Price Space Saver High Chair- If you don't have a lot of space, like myself, the space saver high chair is the best! Attaches to any chair, has 3 recline angles, removeable tray, and can later be converted to a toddler's booster seat, so its something that you'll have for probably the first 4-5 years of your child's life.

5. Evenflo Exersaucer- My daughter LOVES her exersaucer. I like evenflo's the best because it has "switcheroos". You can swap out the toys so baby doesn't get bored!

Sarah - posted on 10/23/2010




1. Pacifier

2. Diaper bag

3. My little lamb swing

4. White noise machine

5. Jumperoo/exersaucer

6. Stroller :)

Emma - posted on 10/22/2010




1. Fisherprice rainforest jumperoo
2. feeding pillow
3. chest of drawers with changer on top (with sides)
4. bumbo seat
5. quinny buzz buggy

Tiffany - posted on 10/21/2010




My top 5:

1. Bouncy seat

2. Baby Einstein Jungle Activity Saucer

3. Stroller/car seat combo

4. My glider rocking chair (mama has to have something for herself too!)

5. Stuffed animals that have music, songs, talking, etc. He loves them!

I really think the Baby Einstein Activity Saucer has been my #1 since the 3-month mark. He LOVES it and will spend an hour in there if I let him! Allows me to do things around the house. He even sits in there while I feed him his fruits, veggies and cereal. Gives him something to do in between bites. His leg muscles are so strong from standing in it. I think he'll be walking in no time (although, I would prefer if he waited just a bit longer!) :)

Sandy - posted on 10/21/2010




Mine i would have to say is
1 My Bumbo chair
2. My bouncer seat
3. The High Chair
4 Her round thing she sit in the middle of and plays with the toys
5. Her diaper Bag ( camo bookbag 10 bucks walmart)

Kristin - posted on 10/21/2010




1. Swaddle blanket
2. Swing
3. bouncer seat
4. travel stroller and carseat
5. soft toys and books

Leona - posted on 10/19/2010




We own a couple of acres wiwth horses an dogs so we spend alot of time out side things that have helped me heaps are.

1. Bumbo Seat. With Tray It has been totally awesome we use it outside at the beach inside we take it out to dinner with us an she sits on the table. I use it as a highchair. Also she sits beside me on the kitchen bench while i cook clean ect. Total life saver.

2. My outdoor pram. Its just an old second hand mother choice. My pram was expensive an didnt wanna take it down the back after rain cos of mud an what not. SO its been really great to drag around with us.

3. Front sling and carrier. When she was little she was in a sling then when she could hold her head she went into a front carrier. This was great for walking around with her down the back an also to our local sunday markets. Places were its to busy or crouded for prams

4.Fisher Price swing. I had a very upset baby for the first 3 months so this was great when she was upset. You could put her down turn it on an she would be entertained for a while. She loved the music an just starred at the speaker. Its little so you can move it anywhere in the house. I would put it at the door of the shower while i showered otherwise it lived beside our door so i could come inside put her down an take my shoes off before coming inside.

And that it i think. Something i found after my baby was born but never brought but i will for the next one. Is a baby hammock. The swing an bounce with your baby good for self settling can travel with you comes with a frame or hooks onto a door frame. Also bubs heads sits a little higher so good for colic or reflux baby. This is why i needed one. Im sure it would have been so awesome.

Jessica - posted on 10/10/2010




1covers or toys(what ever she can put in her mouth) 2 her walker 3diaper bag 4stroller/carseat 5 her 5 in1 babycarrier

Hannah - posted on 10/09/2010




1. Fisher Price Green Meadow Bouncer
2. Travel Stroller with carseat
3. Diaper Bag
4. Rattle Toys
5. Baby Swaddler

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