Where is everyone at on potty training? What have you been doing?


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Veronica - posted on 12/09/2012




I got Donovan to poop and pee on the same day. I sat and ate a popsicle in front of him, he was jealous and very motivated and then he finally went poop on the potty 30 minutes later. I gave him a gummy penguin/worm for a pee. I even checked with my therapist and she said it's fine for potty training, just not everything in life. I started when he was 28 months old. That was August 4th. In September, I transitioned from the potty chair to a potty seat. Then in November, I put him in underwear, when before I was letting him go bottomless. He still wears a pull-up for naps and nighttime, but that's it. He does have an occasional accident once a month on average, but now he gets a spanking because he knows he has to go, but doesn't so he can keep playing or he is embarrassed to ask when we have company. I also found that boxer briefs are easier for him to pull up than regular briefs.

Leah - posted on 10/11/2012




my little girl is starting potty training. she will watch me and when i go she will try and go too.

she is peeing pretty well, but hasn't gotten the hang of pull ups. I bought her some training panties, but not sure i should have did that.

She likes to put them on, but she is clearly not ready for them. I think i might have started her too early.

Char - posted on 10/10/2012




Trained with an occasional accident. I started her at 15 months when she brought me her diaper and told me to change it. That was it! Our next hurdle is feeling comfortable enough to wear panties at night.

Alysha - posted on 08/16/2012




My daughter will once in a while sit on her potty, but wont sit there long enough to do anything. But when she's on the Big potty, she sits there and eventually goes poop, but never pee. So, we are still working it. I've let her run around in the backyard at my grams' house butt naked, that way she can go potty in the yard and there's no worries about cleaning up the mess.

Lydia - posted on 08/12/2012




My daughter is fully potty trained (except she needs help with her pants). She is now 2 years 4 months. I had the potty around from about 1 year old, doing some low profile potty learning but she wasn't interested in sitting on the potty until like 20 months. She had a few potty/diaper free days when she was 22 months and did great but than she had a poop accident that really upset her and she only wanted diapers. From that point on I'd ask her every morning when taking the night diaper off if she'd like to go to the potty or wants a diaper for the day time. She always wanted a diaper but she felt and told when she peed or pooped. She'd also hold the poo for hours if you said something to her when noticing she wants to poo (she likes privacy). I knew she could do it, so by the time she was 25 months I ran out of diapers on purpose... we spend the morning at home and she first refused to go to the potty and held her pee from waking up till lunch. When she finally went to the potty I praised her and she was so proud she wanted to go to the potty. In the evening we bought diapers for the night. From that day on she went potty during the days, but would still poo in the diaper in the morning before I took the night time diaper off. After a while she was willing to try to poo on the potty and she liked it because the clean up was less messy for her too. She hated poo diaper change! We also bought her a chair that you put on top of the toilet so she can sit on the big toilet with a step supporting her feet and handles to hold herself. She loves that! I didn't really think of nighttime training (she had some pee most of the nights in her diaper, but never woke up for peeing) because I am pregnant and she had accomplished so many major milestones in such a short time, I didn't want to put to much pressure on her before the new baby arrives. But 3 weeks ago she refused to put on the nighttime diaper and except for 2 accidents on days when she drank a lot in the evening, she has been either dry all night or woke up in time to pee. It was totally her choice and she was ready. I really felt this was easy potty training compared to what some people tell... but I was layed back about it and just went with her cues... If she wouldn't have wanted to go potty after I "ran out of diapers" I would have let it go and continued with diapers for a while.

Actually now she wants to sit on the regular toilet for pee, because she is a "big girl". For her morning poo she requests the potty chair to be put in her room and she is reading books while on the potty. she will not allow anybody to be in the room for this ritual. After she is done she calls, reports on the size of the poo and proudly tell me that she deserves a piece of chocolate... sometimes she'll get some because it's way to cute how she tells it!

Monica - posted on 07/31/2012




My son is pooping on the toilet but not pee. When he 1.5 he started patting his diaper and telling me poopoo...it was around the time i was potty training my 3.5 year old daughter, so he just kind of picked it up on his own. He still sometimes poops in his diaper but only when he has a lose stomach and cant make it to the toilet. He wont tell me when he has to pee, he just goes in his diaper. If i put him on the toilet he'll pee, but i have to initiate it, he wont tell me and usually i'm too late by the time i remember. I've tried putting underwear on him to see if he'll tell me but he'll just pee in the underwear. I think i'm gonna get a timer and set it for every 20 minutes and see if i can get him used to peeing on the toilet. Is your child potty training at all?

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