Arkansas State Moms

This is a group for moms in this web site called Circle of Moms on Facebook a community who wants to share what they do. Family things, work things, how to get jobs, where are the jobs, photography, birding, gardeners, I did a search and didn't find Arkansas State in here so I did that for All Arkansas moms, It's for fun. Post events for schools,contests, of all kinds, travel places, pet corners, favorite places to be at, quilting groups, sewing groups, church groups, Music things, art, parks, Post links to good places. All kinds of things like that. We have a chat room. I can teach some things on computers for a few hrs a day. Or if somebody wants to teach on their favorite thing that would be good. We can create gardener's groups, birding groups, fishing, camping how to's in sewing or in the kitchen.


Tell every body hi

Hi when you sign up please tell us your name, and what part of Arkansas you are from. I am from Ft. Smith Arkansas and I am looking for friends my own age mid 50's. I am a...