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what was your favorite duty station and why?? Also add in Pros and Cons and If you disagree with someone please say why.

And the best question - What would be your DREAM station!!??!

i think this will be helpful for all of us .... and plus Im curious being a new military wife and stuck in Oklahoma lol

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Tamara - posted on 09/24/2009




Fort Leavenworth, KS. We are here now I am love it.

Pros: The school on post are one of the best schools. Very family oriented. Work days are never long. Housing is nice as well. Nice small post. You can walk to the PX, Commissary, cdc, schools,etc.

Cons. not much but the malls and most of the fun things are in Kansas City about 30-40 mins out. but it's not that bad.

Schofield Barracks Hawaii, I'm actually from Hawaii so no complaints from me. =)

Not sure about a DREAM Station since my husband has already been stationed to a few other places before meeting me. =)

Our next station is Fort Jackson, SC. so far it seems like a nice post. we shall see.

Sredvay - posted on 09/22/2009




We are newly stationed at Fort Riley, KS and so far we love it. We just left Fort Drum, NY ..... those are some seriously tough winters! I like the small town feel of both Riley and Drum. You have to travel for entertainment, but it is worth the trade off of the higher crime at the bigger posts.

We spent a large part of our career at Fort Bragg, NC. Crime is terrible there.The heat we unbearable I miss the quality of soldier you get in the 82nd, but I definitely do not want to go back to Bragg.

I also enjoyed Fort Sill, OK. When we were stationed there they had really cleaned the area up.....closed the strip bars etc., then I heard from a friends stationed there that it went down hill but is being cleaned up again.

I loved living in Germany. Easy to travel to many different countries while stationed there, but too far away form family.

I would really like to get stationed in Alaska before we are done.

A lot about likes/dislikes about a particular post have to do with each individual. If you like a small town community and skiing or snowmobiling you love Drum or Carson. If you like the heat and being close to the ocean you may like Bragg or Stewart. I like that my children have lived in a variety of places and met many different people. Now, I am very happy to be within a 6.5 hr drive of my family....we've never been this close before.

Arlene - posted on 09/22/2009




We are currently in Fort Riley Kansas.

Pros: low crime (compared to where we're from in a large city), BEAUTIFUL landscape

Cons: not much to do in the small towns and I hear the winters are harsh, everything so far away

Not sure where I'd rather be. I'm content where I am now.

Kristin - posted on 08/15/2009




We have been stationed at 3 different places Schofield Barracks Hawaii, Fort Belvoir VA and currently at Fort Bragg NC, My Favorite so far has been Ft. Belvoir VA, I loved Hawaii too it was just so far away from family, I Hate it here at Fort Bragg crime is so high! I don't feel safe living on post at all! At this point my dream place to be stationed would be anywhere but here! (I REALLY want to go back to Ft. Belvoir though!)

Heather - posted on 08/12/2009




We are at Fort Irwin currently....I dont like it. Only people who do are people that are from California and want to be near family. It is in the desert...and 45 minutes to anywhere including walmart...hour and half to Target! Only plus my husband is non-deployable here.

My favorite duty station was Germany! We loved it...so much to do with families. You know everyone on your block. Tight knit units. Extra pay or COLA is great! Yes the shopping is different and pricy but you can become a pro online shopper and spend less. Food is great...I miss the backery and our favorite Doner shack ;) Lots of good Greek food too. We want to go back!

Corinne - posted on 07/17/2009




i met my husband when he was at ft. hood and i dont recommend that post at all! its hot and semi high crime...higher than most bases! the area around it also sucks! they call it the armpit of texas for a reason! after we were married we were stationed at SHAPE in belgium for 3 years! i hated belgium itself but it was awesome to be int he middle of europe! it was 3 hrs to amsterdam, 3 hrs to paris, 2 hrs to the germany border... etc! northern belgium is nice but where the base is was crap! the c.o.l.a. was awesome though and i really miss it but the post was tiny tiny tinyyyyyyy!! we would do a 4 hr roadtrip to rammstein to do any kind of shopping on post! i fell in love with germany and would go back there in a heartbeat!

we are now at ft lewis! its beautiful here but i dont spend much time on base so i cant really talk about it much! im not overly fond of washington bcim from texas but im getting used to it!

Sara - posted on 07/15/2009




im in ok and its not that bad depending on where you live... its hot and its not the best place we have been at but it has its up and downs too it this place is like hiden tressures you got to find them lol

[deleted account]

i could live w/o walmart if i could go to germany! lol

Fort Sill is nifty, lawton blows and the Witchita Mtns are beautiful. my favs are the lakes (letra/lawtonka/Med park)

Post in general is pretty cool

dream station- ANYWHERE OUTTA STATE ( 1

Randi - posted on 07/11/2009




We are in Germany right now and I love it!

Pros: extra pay, travel, hardly any crime

Cons: far away from family, no walmart

My dream station would have to be Ft Story in VA just because that is our home town.

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