10 Things To Teach Your Kids About Birthdays

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Today I'm sharing my list of 10 things I am teaching my children about birthdays.  I've edited and revised the list over the years.  Some of these may be appropriate now and others will work better later in life for children. Most of all, I think this list is the PERFECT LIST for Moms.  We lead by example, so Moms make enjoying your one special day of the year a top priority.

Happy Birthday!


1. Be thankful for every single birthday -- even if you are sick, away from loved ones, afraid of the number, or spending it alone.

2. Everyone is spoiling you but you should also spoil yourself in some personal way (big or small).

2  Eat ice cream! 

3  Extend the celebrating for as long as possible -- I'm a fan of the week long (or at least weekend long celebration!). 

4. Always buy yourself a birthday gift -- your favorite candy bar will do.  Today is a day to be good to yourself.

5. My twins share a birthday (obviously!) but we always emphasize it is still their own special day so if you have multiples or twins, don't forget this rule!

6. Eat cake! 

7. You get what you get and don't get upset.  Gifts are nice but it really is the thought or gesture that counts.

8.  Remember your birthday is also very meaningful for your parents.  Now that I am a Mom, the concept of my "birth day" really is deeper for me.

9.  Take a lot of photos.

10.  Today is all about you -- treat yourself the way you would treat your best friend or a partner on his or her birthday.  Loving yourself and being positive is the best give you can give YOU and your children.

Save me a piece of your cake!

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