The 5 Most Creative Ways to Share Baby News

We love a beautiful printed birth announcement as much as anyone. But with iPhones and Flip cams making it so much easier for anyone to become an at-home documentary maker, it's hard to resist the urge to take your baby news into the digital age. Here, we share five of the best hi-tech baby announcements that we've seen to date. Enjoy — and welcome, lil ones!

1. Isabella Jane

This proud dad documented the action-packed journey to the hospital that he and his wife made in the midst of an NYC snowstorm last Winter to deliver baby Isabella:

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2. Theodore Liam

Boston-based Cool Dog Productions specializes in creating these beautiful, customized video birth announcements. 


3. Project Baby

One mom's photographic journal of her pregnancy, documented through clever photography and heartfelt messages to her unborn son.

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4. In & Out

A simple, straightforward visual approach to sharing a pregnancy and baby announcement.


5. Pop Goes the Baby!

In this creative take, the pregnancy is just the buildup for the sweet arrival at the end of the video.

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