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Band Back Together by Aunt Becky and Jana Anthoine 

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The Mental Health Issues We Blog About

Band Back Together is a group weblog that provides educational resources as well as a safe, moderated, supportive environment to share stories of survival. Through the power of real stories written by real people, we can work together to destigmatize depression, perinatal mood disorders, grief, trauma, baby loss and other mental illnesses that we may learn, grow, and heal. Together, we can use stories — our own stories — to touch lives, to educate and empower; to make sure that we are none of us alone. All are welcome.

Our Mental Wellness Tip for Moms

Be true to yourself, remember that your story matters, and don't be afraid to tell it. You never know who, sitting at a computer screen millions miles away, may read the words you write and feel less alone in their struggles. No matter how alone you feel, we are none of us alone.

Mental Wellness Resources for Moms

I recommend writing and connecting with other moms who may be going through the same things — who have the ability to understand you in a unique way. Realizing that you are not alone in your struggles and triumphs is empowering and strengthening. We have a multitude of resource pages available to help moms, including:

Other sites we love include Kelly Mom and Post Partum Progress, both of which have an incredible amount of support for moms.

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