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Blog 10 of Top 25 Political Moms - 2012

Allen West Republic

by Tanya Grimsley

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What political issue are you most passionate about?

My passions in politics are straight and to the point. Stemming partly from my upbringing in a well disciplined, Baptist household. Then strongly from the stands and beliefs exemplified by the retired LTC, now Congressman Allen West, and the brand of conservatism he brings to the United States Congress and our great nation. Representative Allen West is the Congressman for Florida's District 22. As the daughter of a retired United States Navy Chief Petty Officer. The issues in which I blog about routinely generally concern our United States Military it's veterans and their families. They are underpaid, undervalued, sometimes forgotten and above all else, should never be the bill payers for our countries debts. We owe them and their families more than money could ever suffice. My beliefs in my Lord and Savior and His word gives me a highly opinionated voice for Israel. I stand strongly in regards to our relations with them. Israel must always be an ally to the United States, the security they have right now (or lack thereof) from our countries leaders is in dire peril. We need a strong voice in our President to lift them up, back up they're decisions and let Israel have peace of mind that the United States will always have their backs. I am also not a supporter of the proposed Healthcare Act "Obamacare" as it is totally against our United States Constitution forcing its citizens to have mandated healthcare. I believe that we have many Representatives that have shown us how and why this is now and will be a failure. We have been lied to and misled by the leaders of the Senate, the President and those who have helped construct this disaster. My passion about this great country that we live in isn't as simple as the things mentioned above. We are a nation of free citizens and our freedoms are being taken away from us daily. Our government is failing us and we continue to watch it crumble. I believe in that shining city on the hill. I believe in the Constitution laid out as guidelines by our founding fathers. I pray each day that citizens within its borders understand that the freedoms they enjoy would not be allowed in most countries and if not for our United States military servicemen and women, our country would not have these things. May God Bless America.

How do you to teach your children the importance of civic duty?

My two boys are ages 22 and 6. Having only been actively engaged in political conservatism as a voice since October 2009. I believe that actions speak louder than words, so showing my two sons the importance of no longer being silent in today's society is very important. I am an conservative activist on every available social networking platform. I promote and engage in healthy discussions for and against anything that I believe. I do not seek out confrontation with those who may oppose me or my message. Showing my sons that you may not always agree with someone and that standing up for what you believe in by handling confrontations and disagreements in a manner that is respectful to all involved. My twenty two year old has grown his own wings and is soaring, while the six year old is learning by doing. Teaching him the responsibilities of voting and being a part of all I do he has is developing into quite the little statesman. The civic duties that are most important to me may not be the same as some folks. I encourage respect and honor for God, our military personnel, The American Flag, The United States Constitution, family and our fellow man. Kindness, respect and honor.

What's a political issue you've changed your views on?

Being raised in a home that encouraged and not forced religion upon us was the best thing that my parents did for my brother, sisters and I. We have grown into responsible, God fearing patriots that love this country and our Lord and Savior. If I could say that any of my political views have changed it would have to be the Christian Faith and responsibilities in our nation. I have learned that most Christians today can relate to each other but when it comes to standing up and helping enforce what this country was founded on they have become complacent. Most complacent members of the Christian faith say God would not want us to engage in the political arena and choose to not take part in politics on any level. In my opinion the complacency is what has brought us to losing the rights. I will no longer be complacent and allow our rights to continually be stripped away. Silence is consent and I will stand up for God without fail, in my humble opinion if I can't stand up for him then I can't stand up for anything. My faith is who I am and it is now what drives me. Silence is consent, I will not let my voice go unheard any longer. God, Family, Military and country.

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  • Gloria - commented on May 14, 2012

    So very proud of you Tanya - you are a true patriot in every sense of the word !!!