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The Best Part of Living in Southern California

I adore the weather. I grew up on the East Coast and lived there until 13 years ago. While it took a bit of time to adjust to the lifestyle in general, I am always grateful for the temperate weather — I hate the cold in the northeast and the humidity of the south. I believe that our subtle seasons here are perfection. I also love the feeling of openness in the west — that one's heritage is not so heavy— hard to explain but there's a freedom here that I never experienced where I grew up.

My Favorite Local Kid-Friendly Activity

I don't even know where to start! My kids love just hanging out in our neighborhood, riding their bikes and scooters up and down the sidewalks and playing with neighbors. We try to get to the beach frequently, too, though.

The Biggest Challenge of Raising a Child Here

I would say that navigating the public school system is the most difficult — particularly because we live in an area where most of the kids go to extremely expensive and exclusive private schools. The challenge for me is shielding my kids from excess privilege — the sort they see all around them — without sacrificing their education. I want them to grow up with all sorts of people from all kinds of socioeconomic backgrounds, and while I envy the frills of some of the private schools, I'm happy that we've found a local charter school that is very diverse. As the kids get older, the school situation gets more and more difficult, and I hate that our children can't all go to school together in our neighborhood.

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