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Where I Turn When I Need a Good Laugh

I seek laughter everywhere, every day. I surround myself with a husband who knows how to make me smile, crazy kids that constantly amuse me, friends who always have a great story to make me snort coffee right out my nose. Online I follow people whose Tweets are some of the best one-liners around, Facebook posts make me nod my head in insane solidarity, and blog posts have me falling out of my chair literally LMAO. Life can be tough: This is something I know for sure. So why not make a point each day to laugh when things are awful, seek out joy when you're not feeling it, reach out to others and straight-up ask for them to cheer you with a giggle? When you make sure the laughs are all around you, you've got a nice cushion of joy when you need it most.

My Child's Weirdest Habit

Every single thing kids do is weird. They chew off their toenails, eat debris from the Goldfish Cracker Crumb Coral Reef growing beneath the couch cushions, they talk in alien-chicken voices and have hour-long conversations with their thumbs. My daughter skips or runs everywhere she goes. There is no walking. It may be weird, but it's adorable and shows how excited she is about pretty much everything, all the time. My son will tell one decent knock-knock joke, then tell another two hundred that make no sense, are not funny at all, and usually don't have either a beginning, middle, end or combination thereof. Yet this makes him laugh so hard he turns red and weeps tears of joy at himself. He looks kind of insane doing this, but also so, so happy. Weird in kids? It's gross and loud and eyebrow-raising, but also kind of awesomely normal at the same time.

The Most Bizarre Product I've Come Across as a Mom

The Car Shopping Carts at grocery stores. You know the regular shopping carts with a 2-seater plastic car attached to the front of them? Yeah. Those things. In theory? They’re a cute idea (almost). But they are ENORMOUS. I’m tall bordering on Amazonianesque, and they make me look like an Albino Smurf trying to shove a chicken-nugget-filled military tank around. They weight approximately one ton, before you even get the kids in them. They are designed not only to not drive, they are NOT designed to help the cart move at all. They – cars – make it harder to steer – drive – the shopping cart. They befuddle me. They are filthy. They cause battles of epic proportions between my kids. I avoid them like the plague. Which is smart, since they quite likely have samplings of the plague caked into the non-functioning seat belts inside them. See my post on these monstrosities here:

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