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The Best Part of Living in Southern California

The best thing about Southern California is the diversity. We have Little Ethiopia, Little India, Pakistani markets, and any kind of cuisine you can imagine at our doorsteps. We have a trans-racial family, but we fit right in with our neighbors and never feel uncomfortable. It's a great place to live and we love the people and cultures we encounter every day.

My Favorite Local Kid-Friendly Activity

I grew up on a farm in a small town and I love events that involve the community. It makes me feel at home. We go to a lot of festivals, fairs, and farmer's markets. This year we've already visited the local Strawberry Festival, the Lavender Festival, and the Pumpkin Festival. We're counting down the days for the L.A. County Fair. We also love trying new restaurants (we love to eat), and visiting Disneyland or Downtown Disney. There's always live music playing and things to see. We're never bored here!

The Biggest Challenge of Raising a Child Here

The biggest challenge is that our family is spread out across crowded freeways. When I grew up, my grandma lived across the road and we were always going back and forth. It's definitely not like that here. When I'm having a tough day, I can't just call someone for help because it's not always easy for them to drive over. I miss that closeness and knowing my family is just a few doors away.

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