Blog 16 of Top 25 Fashion & Beauty Moms - 2012


by Anna Cohen

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How did your style change (if at all) after becoming a mom?

My style hasn't changed that much - I've always been a jean and t-shirts kind of girl. The main thing is not working now I don't wear as many skirts, dresses or heels which I do kind of miss. I've also acquired a large number of jeans and ballet flats. I think the most noticeable thing for me is how I dress my body differently to before I had kids - its shape has changed due to pregnancy and childbirth and no longer do I want to wear tightly fitted tops or low rise jeans. I think having children makes you view your body in a different (not necessarily bad) way.

What's your favorite stylish and practical item?

I love my ankle booties. They are comfortable and can be worn out with my kids in the playground with jeans and a tee, and they can also be worn out at night with a short skirt and blouse when on a date. I love how I can wear them during all seasons and that I never really get sick of them.

What's a quick thing moms can do to take their style up a notch?

Firstly, lose the sweats. Find clothes that fit your new body and be confident with your new shape. Get a few pairs of well fitted jeans and good quality t-shirts and shirts. Brighten up your outfits with colourful shoes and accessories. And splurge on a oversized tote, a Mommy bag that will be practical but will make you look better than lugging around a diaper bag.

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