Blog 16 of Top 25 Vegan & Vegetarian Moms - 2012

Dagmar*s momsense

by Dagmar Bleasdale 

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What health changes have you experienced from becoming vegetarian or vegan?

I have been mostly vegetarian since I was a child, so becoming totally vegetarian hasn't been a big change, and I haven't really noticed any changes in my health.

Do you expect your kids to be vegetarian or vegan?

My son is five and I don't expect him to be vegetarian right now. But I limit his meat intake and do what I can to make sure that if he eats meat, it's grass-fed, organic meat. When he gets older, I hope he also decides to become vegetarian.

What's one of your favorite foods you've discovered by being vegetarian or vegan?

I love collard greens. I actually grew up with it in North Germany but never realized that what I was eating once a year was collard greens because of how it was prepared. I recently did a 3-day juice cleanse and added tons of kale and really liked it. It's so healthy.

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