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The Best Part of Living in the San Francisco Bay Area

It's a toss-up between people and place. The mix of folks here from around the globe brings an abundance of languages, excellent musicians, dancers, and food to our area. The one-of-a-kind "Lark World Music and Dance Camp" and the "San Francisco Ethnic Dance Festival" both spring to mind as examples of the cultural richness and ethos here. Other wonderful perks of the Bay Area are its tilt toward healthy living (e.g. weekly farmers' markets — with a climate that supports them year-round), and thoughtfulness and concern about sustainable systems of living. Since I arrived from Denver, CO, it has changed the way I eat for the better, and the way I think about consumption and the world. The Bay Area is world-famous for its breathtaking beauty and Mediterranean climate, and the proximity of its urban center to a large amount of accessible open space. It is a joy to live here!

My Favorite Kid-friendly Activity in the Bay Area

My son Julian loves to head over to the Point Reyes National Seashore to explore the large coastal park on a separate tectonic plate from the rest of Marin County — it was once part of Southern California, broke off, and has been inching it's way north ever since. A favorite is the Miwok Village there close to the Bear Valley Visitors' Center. Another favorite is the Marin County Fair. It's a world-class event that happens every 4th of July weekend. This year, we saw Chinese acrobats, a wonderful puppet theater show, fine art, music, dance, an interactive sculpture of San Francisco made of 100,000 toothpicks, and an exhibit all about the Golden Gate Bridge.

Some Say It's Hard to Raise a Child in the Bay Area...

Financially, yes. It is an expensive place to live and that can translate into long work hours and hateful commutes. But, if you can figure out how to balance your work and private life here, it is a place of rich intellectual and artistic opportunity for kids. The combination of healthier lifestyles and a culture of forward-thinking, passionate, motivated, creative types is a boon for kids' development.

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