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by Kenitha White

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What's the biggest way that technology has made your life as a mom easier?

The ability to stay at home with my daughter while I work is the biggest gift technology has given me. I can do what I love (web & blog design) while earning money on my own time. In addition, technology keeps me updated on the people and topics that I love. When I have a question or feel like connecting with others, tech is there. All the way from online learning opportunities, to the apps I use to stay connected with friends and family.

What's your favorite app for moms?

I'm personally a fan of interactive storybook apps. Not exactly for mom, but they sure come in handy! I have a toddler and the kiddie apps on my iPhone (and iPad) help to grab her attention when all else fails. This becomes especially critical in public settings like on airplanes or while dining out. Plus, storybook apps keep kids entertained while encouraging literacy. My current favorite is Nighty Night! (by Shape Minds and Moving Images GmbH), which has played a useful part in my daughter's bedtime routine.

What's the coolest gadget you've seen that could help moms?

I wish I could give more of a unique answer, but the iPhone has been an integral part of my life as a working mom. It has the capabilities of a computer (and more) in a hand-held device. It's awesome! For one thing, you can load all sorts of useful apps on the iPhone, many of them for free. These range from meal planning, weight loss (currently on Weight Watchers myself), kid-friendly, to social networking apps. My first iPhone was a 3S and it was a gift from my husband that I received shortly after having our daughter. I had a long recovery ahead of me and sitting at a desk to access the computer was uncomfortable at best. Getting an iPhone helped to fill a huge void. I could take photos and upload them to Facebook, or send them via text within minutes - all from the same device. I could research new parenting topics, play a few games to pass the time, download was a game changer for me. Nowadays, without my iPhone I would be lost. I can check my business emails while on a play date, read articles in my RSS feed while waiting at the doc's office, listen to music or watch videos while on the treadmill. The iPhone is a powerful gadget that everyone can benefit from using. The weather app, calendar, map (for driving directions), and the notes feature (for things like grocery lists) are some of my favorite built-in apps. Most notably, I love how I can capture priceless moments of my daughter as she grows. There are so many impromptu opportunities that I have been able to capture thanks to the built-in video recorder and camera. Don't even get me started on the new cloud feature! Now my data is backed up to the cloud across my Apple devices and safe from loss or damage. The iPhone might be considered pricey to some folks, but for me, it's totally worth it.

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