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Why I Decided to Adopt

My husband and I had talked about adoption as a way of growing our family early on in our marriage. In 2004 after sitting in a church service listening to a sermon by Erwin McManus, both of us felt sure that God was leading us to step out in faith and adopt. Without the funds or really even the know how of where to begin we started the process to adopt. We felt led to Russia and the plight of orphans in Eastern Europe. After a year of waiting we brought home two beautiful children ages 8 and 6 years old from a small little town in Siberia Russia. Two years later we adopted a 2-year-old from right here in the US. Just a year later we brought home another son. And most recently we adopted our son orginally from the Ukraine adopted through a disruption. Our passion continues as we help other families through the process of adoption, raising funds, and supporting them after. My blog has become a ministry to raise awareness about adoption and help those who have a desire to do so.

The Biggest Challenge of the Adoption Process

For us it was the finances. Adoption is expensive. Many people feel they cannot afford to adopt. For us it was a true act of faith. When we first stepped out to adopt we had four small children and did not have the funds needed to complete the adoption. But God provided in miraculous ways. And we saw the same thing happen for our three other adoptions. Now we always tell people that if God leads them to adopt, that they need to believe He will also provide.

When and How My Children Learned They Were Adopted

We speak openly and honestly about adoption in our home every single day. Our children all came to us older, except for one of them. They have known from day one about being adopted. We celebrate adoption and choose to talk it about it in a positive way, while still allowing our children the freedom to express their feelings over the loss of the birth parents. Adoption comes with loss and our children have all had to work through their feelings and emotions. But, they also know that they are loved deeply and that adoption was part of God's plan for them. We always want them to feel that they can speak openly and honestly with us about all aspects of adoption.

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