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One Of The Funniest Experiences I've Had Traveling With Kids

Our funniest experience is an ongoing happens every time that we tell people that our family of 13 is "homeless"; that we live in our RV! :) Some people don't believe us, some think we are crazy, and some feel sorry for us either because they think we are crazy or that we "have" to live in an RV for financial reasons. We have had so many funny experiences on the road - it's been a trip. ;)

A Piece Of Travel Advice For Moms 

Enjoy the journey — it's as much of the vacation as the destination. Expect the unexpected, schedule down time, and leave time for 'spur of the moment' stops. It's not fun unless everyone is having fun, but almost always, whether or not everyone is having fun revolves around Mom's attitude. Choosing to enjoy the journey, even with all the bumps, will make or break any trip!

Where I'd Go If I Could Take My Kids Anywhere In The World

Everywhere! But to narrow it down to one; the Hawaiian Islands. The boys are WWII buffs, and would absolutely love to visit Pearl Harbor! Us girls would love all the new (to us) flowers, and we all love the ocean! It's one of the places that is on our bucket list every year...but we haven't figured out how to get our 40' toy hauler to the islands! (We have the same problem with some of our other bucket list destinations: Australia, New Zealand, and most of South America!)

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