Blog 21 of Top 25 Funny Moms - 2012

Pencilled Daydream

by Ashley Baker

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Where I Turn When I Need a Good Laugh

If I need a good laugh, I just ask my two year old son “What are you thinking about?” The things that come out of his two year old brain make me giggle every time.

My Child's Weirdest Habit

I am so thankful that I have an incredibly organized two year old. I expected him to be more like me acting like a little tornado and making big messes throughout the whole house. Instead I am usually the one making messes, and he is the one cleaning up. My question is: how do houses always manage to become so dirty anyway? At my house it seems like dust accumulates at record speed. If dust were silver, I’d be a wealthy woman. While dust parades its way across my shelves, green scented monsters seem to lurk around my trash cans. In my kitchen, it looks like someone mistakenly tried to make a craft and ended up gluing pieces of macaroni onto the countertop. Try wiping that off! If that isn’t bad enough my fridge looks like a science experiment that went south. Thankfully I have a son who loves to clean. While I struggle with our dishes that are stacked high enough to build a skyscraper, he is overflowing with joy, when I let him help me put the dishes away. Not only does he love to help with dishes, but he loves to take things to the trash. When I feel too lazy to get off of the couch and tackle Mount Laundry, he is magically pulling out the missing socks that our washing machine seemed to have swallowed. I can’t help but feel inspired when I see a limp little sock in his hand. Not only does he love to clean, but he loves everything to have a spot. If he is in his little bubble bath with his hair pulled up into a foamy crown all of the various shampoo and conditioner bottles are lined up. They are always in their perfect spots. I am so thankful for his organization skills because they so often make up for where I lack. At least one of us has his ducks in a row.

The Most Bizarre Product I've Come Across as a Mom

The bad news is sometimes it is hard to keep track of children. The good news is people make products to help out with this. An interesting product I’ve stumbled across is the child leash. My first instinct would tell me to get the children off the leashes and hold their hands, but then again I have never had rambunctious twins running in opposite directions at the same time. If I were their mom, I would probably panic if they darted off when I least expected it. Or I might scream from the sheer shock of the situation. Screaming is always a close second to panicking. With a leash all of my wildest dreams might come true. Just think of all of the benefits. With a handy dandy leash, I could simply give a little tug and no matter how far the energetic twins have strayed they would boom-a-rang right back to me. With a leash I could ensure that my children would stay in bed at night. Simply attach the leash to the bed post to keep them from sneaking out for a midnight snack. Just picture how peaceful it would be to take a toddler for a walk through the back yard or down your neighborhood street. With a leash it would be a piece of cake. Just picture a teenager asking for the car keys, you could willingly toss them to him because you know he wouldn’t be unharnessed yet. The child leash is a bizarre parenting product that I’m sure many love and many hate.

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