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What's a simple eco-friendly habit all families can start?

Super easy stuff: turning off lights and appliances, turning off water when brushing teeth, buying more organic produce (especially the dirty dozen), using less of everything, buying used, and supporting a sustainable economy by buying what you DO need from brands working for a safer, healthier world! :)

What would you say to moms who want to be more eco-friendly, but worry it will be more expensive?

At its very core, being green is being frugal. Buy less stuff! Secondhand is the way to go (as long as its an item safe to buy secondhand - things like cribs are iffy). Second hand clothes are well-washed to remove most of any icky inks or chemicals. Grow your own food (even one plant), mend clothes instead of tossing them - your grandparents were so green they didn't even know it! And the more green brands we buy and support, the more we vote with our wallets - as supply rises the prices should come down!

What's one of your favorite eco-friendly brands you've discovered?

Love Green Toys - awesome, durable toys all made in the USA from recycled milk bottles!

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