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The Best Part of Living in Southern California

As a transplant from Atlanta, Georgia I have a deep appreciation for the lovely, sunny but never too hot or humid SoCal weather. Its never too hot, never humid, never too cold. If you choose to experience any of those things, however, you can because extreme heat or snow are just a couple hours drive away. What a luxury! And in SoCal if you feel a bit nippy all you need do is step into the sun or don one of the many hoodies or varying weights of beachy sweaters you have no doubt stocked your closet with since arriving here.

My Favorite Local Kid-Friendly Activity

During the warmer months we spend a lot of time at the beach. There are so many beachfront options from Del Mar near San Diego to La Piedra North of Malibu. The easiest local day at the beach with kids is Annenberg Beach House or Paradise Cove because of the restaurants there. Our very favorite beach, however, is Zuma. We like to go on a late Saturday afternoon and hopefully watch the dolphins swim by, followed by dinner at The Sunset restaurant where the beach breeze blows in through open windows. The food is amazing and it's kinda a cool local scene.

The Biggest Challenge of Raising a Child Here

Challenge? I feel so lucky to be here with all the wonderful resources at our fingertips. From the Pump Station and three fantastic local hospitals at birth, to Mommy and Me classes and toddler programs galore, there is no shortage of help in raising your child. I guess trying to decide which resource, class or advisor to use might be challenging. Or selecting a pre-school, or elementary school — that can be challenging. Again, there are so many good ones.

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