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Where I Am On The Political Spectrum

My goal is to always see and respect both sides of the issue. I would probably be described as a liberal but I also have conservative leanings. I never just take a party line when I examine an issue. My goal is to try to see what is the right thing to do. I am a supporter of President Obama, but if I think he is wrong I will call him out. I don't carry a water bucket for either of the two parties. My blog gives me the opportunity to speak with people who don't always agree with my point of view, but as long as they are respectable it gives me the opportunity to have a real dialogue with them.

The Political Issue That's Most Important To Me

The economy is the most important issue facing the country. The economy plays into so many areas of our lives. It is heartbreaking to see som many people who were once defined as middle class being forced out of their homes and in some case into poverty. As we face the election next year is important to elect a leader who will actually put the economy on the front burner and truly attempt to effecuate some real change.

If I Was In Charge At the White House For One Day, I Would...

As I have watched the debt crisis I have been amazed to see that are country is run by men. You know it, but when you see it you wonder how would this discussion be if there was actually more diversity within the ranks? When I say diversity I mean more women as well as minoirities. I would bring in minorities and women to actually talk about the issues that face the country and what could be done to help not solve our myriad of issues. We would discuss the economy, gender bias, racial issues and how all of the issues intersect. I think hearing different voices that are not heard would give a better gauge of what problems really affect real Americans.

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