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Welcome to my Brain by Christine Moers

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Why I Decided to Adopt

My father and father-in-law are both adopted. It has always been a part of my life. I always knew that adoption would be one of the ways we would grow our family. I had friends in foster care, and knew how vital it would be to become the kind of family that a waiting child needed most.

The Biggest Challenge of the Adoption Process

It takes patience and time. One sibling group we were waiting on was placed with another family. The process of adopting from disruption was such a learn-as-you-go experience. We had to be very flexible. Yet, all of this is just a big pile of nothing compared to the trauma and transition our kids go through via adoption. When you think of that, our side was a piece of cake.

When and How My Children Learned They Were Adopted

To me, that's like asking, "When did you (or will you) tell your daughter she's a girl?" In our home, it's spoken of that consistently, and that naturally.

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