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by Dinah 

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What kind of art inspires you the most?

I appreciate all types of art. For me, the term “art” means various different things. Art can be painting or sculpture or it can be repurposing or construction. It’s simply a way to express yourself. I am inspired by everything around me including nature, my friends and family, fellow bloggers, books, and Martha Stewart, of course! My blog motto, “Repurpose, Reinvent”, is the art of recycling something old and upcycling it into something new and useful… or just nice to look at!

What's one of your favorite art projects you've done with your child? 

My daughter is still very young. She’s still a toddler; however I include her as much as possible when I am immersed in a new project. It was only a few weeks ago that she learned that a crayon goes on paper, not in the mouth or on the wall. I have no doubt she will be a little DIY Diva in no time.

What do you do with all the art projects your child creates? 

Every weekday morning, I have my daughter draw a picture in the for her Dad and I include a personal note from the two of us as well. We hide it in his briefcase with a tasty treat so he gets it when he takes out his belongings at the office. We have kept it up for four months, five days a week straight. At first we got creative and made tags and sayings for each piece of candy like, “Daddy we love you so much it makes us NUTS”, but now it’s just a drawing and a note! Here are some examples we made:

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