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What's the biggest way that technology has made your life as a mom easier?

Technology has made life as a mom so much easier! Waking 2 kids up in the morning for school is a cinch with the iPod alarms going off to wake their little booties up. (and the iPhone alarm waking me up!) Connecting with friends online during the day, while watching our 2 younger kids play - allows me social interaction. My job as a blogger wouldn't be possible without technology. Now I can work my own hours, from my house and be with my children (again PROPS to you technology). Projects never cease due to PINTEREST. This includes recipes for dinners, or art projects to keep the kids busy. The iPad keeps my babies entertained while I am shopping or at the Dr's office. We regularly Facetime or Skype with our family that lives out of state allowing us that face to face time - old school letters and photos just don't provide. I know somehow our parents did it without all of these devices and technological advances - but now that it's here, I would hate to see it go away. I can't wait to see where technology takes us moms next!

What's your favorite app for moms?

My favorite app for moms? INSTAGRAM! In case you aren't familiar with the Instagram app (with approximately 27 million users, you may be familiar) - it's a combination of photo sharing, photo filtering, an online community and twitter all mixed together. Instagram allows a photographic snapshot of what is going on in someone's life at that moment. Similar to the idea of Twitter - but with photos. I've been an active user since around the time the app went live and use nearly daily. I can't say this about many apps! The main feature that I really love is that ability to share with other networks. So all photos that I filter and share through Instagram, I have also share (optionally) on Twitter, Tumblr, Posterous, or Facebook. The Instagram community has connected me to many other moms and bloggers that I wouldn't of met and gotten to know as well through Twitter. It's so neat to see and share a daily glimpse of someone's life through just a few words and a photograph. If you Instagram, I'd love to follow you! Tag me on Instagram at: DigitalMom

What's the coolest gadget you've seen that could help moms?

The coolest gadget is the tried and true smart phone. How can a mom go wrong with a smart phone? It can help her in oh so many ways! Smart phones now a days are like digital swiss army knifes! A phone A camera (capture those memories!) A camcorder (for those hilarious moments that need to be uploaded to YouTube) A web browser (to answer your questions like "is purple poop normal?") Apps (constant entertainment) A video player (Yo Gabba Gabba to keep the toddler happy) GPS (Nothing like being lost with 4 screaming kids in the car!) The smart phone has endless tools to help moms for their various life and parenting needs!

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