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The Luxury Travel Mom by Kim-Marie Evans

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One Of The Funniest Experiences I've Had Traveling With Kids

We took all four children to London last month. My younger boys found these cool fedoras they just had to have. We thought they looked so cute cruising around Londontown in their fly hats. Then we saw our 8-year-old sitting at a corner with his hat upturned trying to get people to toss in coins. Horrified, my husband asked him what the ^&*( he was thinking. He said "I see people doing it everywhere, it looks like a good way to make money."

A Piece Of Travel Advice For Moms 

Do more research than you think you need to, and never forget the Band-Aid box, that's always when someone gets hurt.

Where I'd Go If I Could Take My Kids Anywhere In The World


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