Blog 5 of Top 25 Vegan & Vegetarian Moms - 2012

She Let Them Eat Cake

by Maggie Savage

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What health changes have you experienced from becoming vegetarian or vegan?

More energy, better digestion, improved skin (acne and dryness), less mucous, and so much more! One really interesting symptom that's disappeared is the leg aches I was used to getting weekly for my entire life. Eliminating dairy totally got rid of them. The only time I get them now is when I have mistakenly had dairy.

Do you expect your kids to be vegetarian or vegan?

No I don't. My kids have enough dietary decisions made for them, due to food sensitivities, I don't want to place more restrictions on them. I teach them about vegetarianism, and I talk freely about why I'm a vegetarian. I'll let this one be their choice.

What's one of your favorite foods you've discovered by being vegetarian or vegan?

Avocado! It can be used in so many ways - in a sweet chocolate pudding, in a creamy vegan macaroni and cheese, or on a simple sandwich. Oh, and we can't forget the lovliness that is GUACAMOLE!

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