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The Best Part of Living in Southern California

Southern California is one of the most beautiful, versatile places in the country — where else can you visit the ocean and the mountains in the same day? Being outside is so important for kids, and living here lets us enjoy the outdoors almost every single day. Hiking, swimming, playing at the park, or just taking walks around the neighborhood...we like to make the most of the gorgeous climate. Even though I'm from the East Coast and miss the changing seasons, I have to admit that the weather here in SoCal is amazing. I'm officially addicted to all the sunshine! And rainy days are extra special because they don't come around very often. My kids think umbrellas are the coolest things ever. There's nothing better than puddle splashing in rain boots, then coming inside, changing into dry clothes and snuggling on the couch with popcorn and a movie.

My Favorite Local Kid-Friendly Activity

We love visiting farmer's markets on the weekends.The kids love choosing (and sampling!) different fruits and vegetables, and it feels great to support local growers. It's easy to get them excited about cooking and eating meals when they're involved in the process from the beginning. Los Angeles has so many fantastic farmer's markets — some even have pony rides, face painting and bounce houses — it's like a carnival every weekend! We live close enough to walk to our local market — a real luxury in LA — and our Sunday mornings always start with a long walk, coffee and the newspaper, and then a lazy stroll through the farmer's market stalls. Shopping, tasting new foods, admiring local artwork and crafts, and listening to live music is our favorite way to spend time together as a family.

The Biggest Challenge of Raising a Child Here

Growing up with a view of the Hollywood sign from your bedroom window can make it hard to distinguish fantasy from reality. Los Angeles is definitely a city where dreams come true — but it's also a tough, jaded city that can crush those dreams just as easily. I want my kids to have the amazing opportunities living in a big city can offer them, but I also want them to experience the same down-to-earth, ordinary childhood I was lucky enough to have. I don't want them to grow up too fast. Being surrounded by creativity and art is inspiring, but there's also a lot of emphasis on physical appearance and materialistic values. Trying to keep it all in balance is the biggest challenge of raising children this close to Sunset Boulevard.

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