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The Best Part of Living in Southern California

The best part about living in Southern California is being so close to the beach and the mountains! You could visit both in the same day! We have beautiful weather almost year round and there is always something to do. I have lived in Southern California all my life and absolutely love it!

My Favorite Local Kid-Friendly Activity

My husband and I are fortunate enough, thanks to Santa, to have Disneyland passes. It's our favorite place to go as a family. We also love to go to local parks, the beach, and the farmer's market across the street, and my husband loves to take the boys on adventures in the canyon.

The Biggest Challenge of Raising a Child Here

Life in the OC can be fast paced and you really have to remember to slow down. There is a lot of competition to do things bigger and better. I believe as long as my kids are having fun, nothing else should matter.

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