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What's the biggest way that technology has made your life as a mom easier?

Organization is the first thing that comes to mind. Overall, the ease of scheduling appointments on my phone, iPad or computer and syncing them with not only my devices but my husbands has definitely made things easier on our family. We are all on the same page now and rarely miss appointments.

What's your favorite app for moms?

With the influx of apps out there, it is hard to pick just one. For organization, I love the Cozi app which helps me sync our appointments on all devices as well as send my husband messages via text or email directly from the app. It even allows me to record special moments in our personal journal and email them to family members if I want to. Any book app is a plus as well. Between iBooks, the Kindle and the Nook, there is no stopping me from reading to my little ones when on the go.

What's the coolest gadget you've seen that could help moms?

The Keurig! I love my Keurig! Mornings are fantastic since I know longer have to schedule time in for a pit stop to a local coffee shop. No more waiting for coffee to brew or forgetting to set the timer. Now, I stick my coffee mug under the Keurig, choose my coffee flavor, and press a simple button! Voila! Coffee making complete... mom and kiddos on time!

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