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Finding My Way To My Little Starfish by Mary Elizabeth Thew  

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Why I Decided to Adopt

I have wanted to adopt since I was a child. I didn't ever think I would have biological children. Here I am all these years later with three bio children who I love with all of my heart. I never gave up that dream of adopting a child. I am finally about to have my dream come true!

The Biggest Challenge of the Adoption Process

There have been three main hurdles for me during this adoption process. The first is trying to find a away to save enough money to do this. The second is hearing negative comments people make regarding adoption. The final hurdle is learning to let go of the control. In this process there is no way to have any control. As my friend always tells me: "Throw your hands up and enjoy the ride!"

When and How My Child Will Learn He Was Adopted

We will tell our child that he is adopted from the first day we meet him. :) We have lots of children's books regarding adoption and we think it's a beautiful thing. It should be celebrated not hidden.

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