Thinking of embracing the etsy life

This is my virtual bouncing board...

Being at home with my daughter while my husband is the full time bread winner has always been the way in our household. Not to say we haven't had our fair share of fights over money and if I should be working over the years. But now that my daughter is in grade school and I have my mornings "free" eg housework etc... I often wander if I should embrace making a product to sell on etsy... but would i get bored of making the same thing over and over again? and would it sell? What happens if I start something and then fall flat on my face? Should I rather grow my blog for advertisers and make money that way or should i simply try and find a mornings job (so not that easy where we saty)?

So far I have pinned my heart out on pinterest on ideas of things to make but actually deciding to make something, photograph it, get pricing from my local post office and set it all up is daunting and maybe just plain frustrating!


Anyone out there own an online store

Do you have a thriving etsy shop?

Was it easy?

Did you have success first time round or was a hard push to get where you are now?

I would love to know your thoughts

Betty Bake x


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