Top 25 Home Design #3

It's a biological fact that decorating goes hand in hand with motherhood. Even after the initial urge to nest subsides (in which you transform a neglected nook in your home into an adorable nursery using only spackle, sweat, and a hand-me-down crib), your children's constant growth dictates periodic re-dos of the space you share as a family.

Out goes the crib, in comes a twin more room for the home office that was hiding in the nursery...cleverly recreate it in a hallway closet...add twins to the family, get a bigger kitchen table...ready to get rid of the kids' play table...refinish it as a new end table for the porch…

And so on, all the way up to the day your no-longer little one leaves home, and you finally get that nook back and transform it into something else entirely: a craft room maybe?

Even if you've never experienced design fever, you may well start to after looking at our list of the top 25 design blogs, as shared and ranked by Circle of Moms members.

These resourceful writers brighten our days with eye candy from the worlds of decor, architecture, design, food, and everything that falls under those umbrellas, including thrifting for vintage finds, inspiring before & after transformations, and "get the look" how-to's for readers on a budget. Read on, and just see if (as the husband of blogger #5, Emily Clark, shared on her blog) you don't find yourself "intently staring at a blank wall" and mentally canceling all plans for the weekend.

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