Top 25 Funny Moms

Laughter is a mother's greatest tool: handy for redirecting a toddler in full-on meltdown, for defusing an argument, and, generally speaking, for turning a big bad moment in your family's day into one you can later share on Facebook. It's also what gets us moms over the bumps and keeps us moving forward — an absolute necessity when the entire family's mood seems to revolve around ours.

On our toughest days, when we're juggling too much and we're drowning in the chaos of it all, we're grateful that family life seems to come with a built-in laugh track. From the wacky things our kids do (one tot we know licks her entire desert territorially, just in case someone else might try to steal a bite), and say ("My pee is coming. I can feel it downloading!"), to crazy daily challenges like making dinner while simultaneously nursing the baby and fielding a visit from the Census taker, we moms have a VIP box at best comedy show in town.

But it's true that not every day with kids is a laugh riot. Sometimes we have to look to other people's families for comic relief. For these moments, we give you the Top 25 Funny Moms, as nominated and voted upon by Circle of Moms members.

Keep this list of bloggers handy: on tough days, these moms are all the medicine you'll need.

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