Top 25 Party Plannin' Moms

Celebrate good times, come on! -- something these moms would certainly agree with! Whether it's Barbie's Playhouse, a Circus or an Easter extravaganza, these party planning moms take parties to the next level by making their guests feel like they really are stepping into Barbie's living room, right down to the last pink painted nail.

So whether you're hiring a professional to plan your next party or are running low on ideas to plan your own, these Top 25 Party Plannin' Moms blogs are the perfect first-stop to get inspired.

We're thrilled to share with you the Top 25 Party Plannin' Moms, as nominated and voted upon by Circle of Moms members.

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  • Bev - commented on Aug 11, 2013

    Wow these sound like great ideas! When I discovered the TickleMe Plant on line I could hardly believe it was real. My kids love growing the only plant in the world that moves and closes its leaves when you Tickle It! Did you know adult TickleMe plant can produce pretty little pink flowers? I think it gets kids more excited about plants when they see one move!