26.I've come to realise that the past year (2009)...

  • Kim says:
    is flying by so fast, our littlest boy will be 1 before we know it!

  • Karen says:
    is a blur.

  • Ashlee says:
    is gonna keep getting better, everyday is something new and exiting

  • Abigail says:
    Has been full on! I never thought so much could happen in 1 year!

  • Kelly says:
    Is one of the best of my entire life!

  • Alyssa says:
    has added many memories to my life...

  • Stefanie says:
    we have acomplished soooo much!!

  • Anonymous says:
    is going by really fast but then again not fast enough

  • Gina says:
    was better than the one before

  • Elizabeth says:
    Has flown.

  • Anonymous says:
    has been awesome! we have watched are beautiful baby girl grow up so much!

  • KAYLA says:
    was great seeing my son grow up

  • Michelle says:
    Went so bloody fast...

  • Khari says:
    Has been the best year of my life!! I gave birth to my daughter

  • Jenni says:
    is humming along quite well

  • Samantha says:
    has been difficult and slow moving. bloody year of the Ox is a slow one, much liek the Ox himself!

  • Diana says:
    has been a test of some kind

  • April says:
    has been rough, but is getting better.

  • Bree says:
    was eventful

  • Heidi says:
    was special

  • Ashley says:
    i've had my life flash before me been through a lot but thank god we're here everyday and met the man of my dreams again....

  • Simone says:
    Has bin a manic one and one i don`t want to relive again with somethings tht ave gone on.

  • Anne-Marie says:
    has seriously been the worst year ever

  • Emily says:
    has been good so far (it's not over yet, only August)

  • Mystri says:
    I've had nausea every day and night.

  • Sarah says:
    has gone by quicker than any other :(

  • Anonymous says:
    I've raised my kids vertually by myself.

  • Kristy says:
    ask me in dec

  • rachael says:
    has flown by

  • Alisha says:
    Has gone by way to quick

  • Johnnie says:
    Is going by very very fast

  • Melissa says:
    has been great

  • Joanna says:
    has been damn fine so far.

  • michelle says:
    that my health is important

  • Michelle says:
    has been really hard and I can only hope for a brighter outlook for next year.

  • Tiffany says:
    Has been a year of growth

  • Lisa says:
    is going really fast

  • Carla says:
    has been a time of REALLY learning to trust God and there has been great restoration in my marriage

  • Cassie says:
    was getting better

  • Ingrid says:
    has been one to remember

  • Nicole says:
    has gone by extremely fast.

  • Crystal says:
    has gone by way too fast and Ronnie is still not walking and he's almost 2.

  • Ashley says:
    has been a great year

  • Chelsea says:
    has FLOWN by

  • Amanda says:
    is one of the best years of my life... becoming a mom this year has jsut made my world

  • Rachel says:
    my gut feeling was right

  • Liz says:
    was totally nuts

  • Krystal says:
    i am goignt o have to lose people to gain those who really matter

  • Kayla Alice says:
    Was one of the most anticipatory years yet... but for what?

  • Kim says:
    has been mixed

  • Kim says:
    Has gone by way too fast

  • Quandetta says:
    was good, but could have been better

  • Jessa says:
    has been a year of reflection and realization that life is to short to invest a lot of energy in people/situations that don't deserve your time....keep your time for your family and people that are there for you no matter what

  • Anonymous says:
    has not at ALL been what we thought it would be!

  • Lona says:
    I have hit a new wall of love and appreciation for my family. Just when you think it can't get any better, it does.

  • bernadette says:
    is heading way to fast towards christmas should probably hurry up and put some laybys on...

  • DeAnna says:
    went way way too fast

  • Dawn says:
    Flew by

  • Samantha says:
    is almost over

  • Carrie says:
    has gone soooo fast....lots of stuff this year

  • Kim says:
    Has gone in a blink of an eye which means ill be 30 in a blink of an eye!

  • Terri says:
    is the past and it's time to move on.

  • Anonymous says:
    sucked being pregant.......

  • Huguette says:
    has been good.

  • Anonymous says:
    some family members are not worth the hassle and upset

  • Elia says:
    was very interesting and lifechanging

  • Rebecca says:
    I've already started taking for granted a lot of the things I learned in 2008.

  • Anonymous says:
    had many surprises

  • Rayette says:
    is almost over and I'm looking forward to the future

  • alyssa says:
    flew by and brought me 2 more babies

  • Michelle says:
    Went by way too fast

  • Julie says:
    has been a tough one, but rewarding.

  • Christine says:
    has been a good year

  • Shannon says:
    life is what u make of it

  • Angela says:
    was not a great one.

  • Ashley says:
    has been a tough year and a lot has happened

  • Melissa says:
    was amazing but i cant wait for this year

  • Brittani says:
    has been a great but rough year.

  • Darla says:
    was as great as I hoped it would be

  • Christy says:
    was a learning experience for me

  • Jennifer says:
    has been life changing

  • Cassaundra says:
    has been a real watershed year for me

  • Connie says:
    has went by very quickly

  • Kelly says:
    marked many milestones for Liam.

  • Tara says:
    my babies have turned 1!! It has gone by so fast, I just can't believe it. I still see them in their incubators only weighing around 2 lbs. Time really does fly.

  • Megan says:
    my girls are turning 2 and my boy started school! wow where did the year go!?

  • Mikal says:
    has been ok....I am hoping 2010 is going to kick ass....30 here I come

  • Leslie says:
    was awesome

  • Felisha says:
    i have accomplished some things......; )

  • Melanie says:
    Has gone past pretty fast

  • Kym says:
    has been really great and a year of growth for me.

  • Samantha says:
    I have grown up a lot!

  • Alicia says:
    was way to fast

  • Beth says:
    has gone by so quickly!

  • Val says:
    went WAY too fast. Seriously, where did it go?

  • Mary says:
    has been a very good year for my family!

  • Anonymous says:
    Has been really full on,and is going fast.

  • Carly says:
    has been the best ever!!

  • Heather says:
    has been the most emotional, highest, lowest and best year of my life

  • DixieAnn says:
    has been a whole new begining for me

  • Vicky says:
    has been great as I've seen my son grow from a new born baby to almost a toddler :)

  • Marta says:
    ... was not very challenging, but I managed to get through it :)

  • Angela says:
    has gone by way too fast.

  • Shana says:
    don't take life or your family for granted and love with all u have

  • becka says:
    was a prettyy toughh year.

  • Anonymous says:
    has had too many deaths (6 funerals)

  • Anonymous says:
    has been the best yet

  • Diane says:
    has turned my whole life around

  • Anonymous says:
    has been my awakening

  • Sharon says:
    has been difficult but has only made me stronger

  • Anonymous says:
    has been hard for many people

  • Janet says:
    was deffintly a struggle

  • Alice says:

  • Natasha says:
    was a time of change which i think i made it through the other side

  • Kylie says:
    I have learned a lot from things in many ways

  • Michaela says:
    has been ok but stressful

  • catherinetullock says:
    has flown by

  • JessieJo says:
    I have done nothing but eat sit on my bum and eat tim tams.....I'm totally kidding.

  • Erica says:
    Was one of the best of my life.

  • Shelley says:
    has been crazzzzzyyyy

  • Shelly says:
    has been epic....

  • Alicia says:
    Has been the best year of my life

  • Mary says:
    I've only seen Jerry once - that sucks

  • Kathleen says:
    has seen my daughter struggle and my son to become distant

  • Linda says:
    has been the toughest year of my life

  • Anonymous says:
    will turn into 2010

  • Irene says:
    Has been a tough year for me.

  • Michele says:
    Has been great

  • Brandi says:
    has been insane... but good

  • Seleina says:
    I've gained my weight back again and I need to do something about it.

  • Barbara says:
    was intense

  • Anonymous says:
    has tested me to the max

  • Erin says:
    went quik

  • Sophie says:
    wasnt long enough!

  • Chelsi says:
    went by far to fast, and it gets faster every year

  • SHaron says:
    was as good as it could be

  • Anonymous says:
    was a turning point

  • Anonymous says:
    will be one to remember!

  • Cheri says:
    will be one I never forget

  • Crystal says:

  • Bianca says:

  • Erica says:
    was not so good to me!! (medical)

  • Bianca says:
    was not so good

  • Amanda says:
    has been stupid

  • Stefanie says:
    Is almost over, yes

  • amber says:
    has been interesting.

  • Elisha says:
    has been super slow!!!! cant wait for 2011 so we can leave alaska

  • Anonymous says:
    was a good year

  • Elizabeth says:
    Has been an eye opener

  • Ashley says:
    was full of sadness and letdowns... until the end that is... hopefully things will keep getting better in 2010

  • Melissa says:
    has been the best year so far.

  • carrie says:
    flew by really fast

  • Dalynn says:
    has been crazy

  • victoria says:
    is going by fast. the kids are growing up too fast and i am getting older by the minute

  • Jade says:
    I have had a baby and started school for pharm tech... so im doin my thang gettin my life together for my new family

  • Jen says:
    started off quite painful and upsetting but I am finally OK with everything that went so terribly wrong in '08/early '09 and the good thing that came of all of that hell was Gabe.

  • Melissa says:
    there have been surprises and let downs and its all worth it in the end

  • Aimee says:
    has been hard

  • Stephanie says:
    is the last full year I will be unemployed (hopefully!)

  • Tracy says:
    has had a lot of downs but blessed us with our sweet baby

  • Tracy says:
    has been a very rocky road emotionally

  • Tracey says:
    has flown by

  • Sarah says:
    has gone by to fast

  • kristy says:
    could be made into a book or movie

  • Traci says:
    has been interesting!

  • Adrienne says:
    has been a time of waiting, but the end is in sight!

  • Jasmine says:
    has been a short one god its gone too quickly

  • Melissa says:
    was a stepping stone

  • Beth says:

  • Jackie says:
    Was full of changes.....had some fun, had some sad times.....

  • Yvonne says:
    has been very emotional

  • Lynette says:
    I've grown more as a person and love harder

  • amanda says:
    has gone by too fast, but has been completely rewarding in its own way

  • Bridget says:
    was hard on the wallet.

  • Sarah says:
    was amazing, sad, adventurous, and every other describing word you could conjur up...

  • Shelly says:
    has been a tough one, but a great leg of the journey

  • Shereen says:
    has been the best and worst year of my life

  • Mandy says:
    was one of the very best years of my entire life. -Thanks to Jameson=)

  • Rachel says:
    is nearly over

  • sarah says:
    has gone far to quickly!!

  • Kimberly says:
    was great.. I fell in love for the last time

  • Amy says:
    has been a roller coaster of good and bad.....and mostly bad. but the few good things made it all worth it

  • Janique says:
    went by too darn fast and it was a sucky year for me

  • Chris says:
    went by so fast

  • michelle says:
    we have had great joys ,,,,, & great hart brake,,,,, we will always miss lucy

  • Rebecca says:
    was a great year and I can't wait to see what the next year has in store.

  • Susie says:
    was a long year...many emotions for me.. a huge change in my life for the better

  • Skye says:

  • Sam says:
    has had a lot of ups n downs

  • Kristahiri says:
    i've learned alot, become wiser and each day a better human being.

  • Jess says:
    went way to quickly, this time last year i had a baby now i have a little girl

  • Amanda says:
    Has been busy

  • TINISE says:
    I have change soooooo much. And for the better. I wouldn't change a thing

  • Shayna says:
    i was blessed with a beautiful daughter

  • Sandra says:
    Was much ike any other ups and downs

  • Krystal Dawn says:
    ws the shittest year of my life :(

  • Megan says:
    has flew by this year needs to slow down im getting too old lol

  • Betsy says:
    was overall pretty good...was blessed with a beautiful baby, cant get much better than that!!

  • Maritza says:
    flew by too fast.

  • Tamara says:
    was extremely difficult- I'm glad to put it behind me.

  • Catlin says:
    Was my "growing up" year. I became even more responsible this year, got married to a man i love, and became a mommy.

  • Kaylah says:
    was a good one and hope there is many more to come stephen and dylan :)

  • LeeAnn says:
    was less than amazing.

  • Angela says:
    was turbulent and exhausting

  • Jacinta says:
    went fast

  • Zoe says:
    was stepping stones to the begining of the rest of my life

  • Emily says:
    the best so far..(finding out i was pregnant, and having isabella)

  • Brittany says:
    has been amazing watching Ashton grow and me as well

  • Chantel says:
    was not soo good...lost people I loved and cared about...but I fould some new ones that are my sisters!!!

  • Darla says:
    first 3 months spent trying to get pregnant... the last 9 months was a actually being pregnant

  • Amanda says:
    was a wake up call

  • Nicole says:
    was way tooo short and alot has changed in the last year

  • Nikki says:
    Was not so great

  • april says:
    whent fast and how quickly they grow up

  • Kristy says:
    was a learning experience....

  • Jessica says:
    sucked, but I made it through. What doesn't kill us makes us stronger right?

  • Candi says:
    went by fast!

  • Traci says:
    We have been through a lot and hopefully this year proves to be better

  • Marcie says:
    was a waste

  • Mary Ann says:
    was really crappy.

  • Helen says:
    was a good one!

  • Tovah says:
    brought a lot of changes.

  • Alana says:
    has brought so many changes.

  • Trisha says:
    is long gone

  • Dara says:
    was my year of true struggles, and my year to grow stronger.

  • Laurie says:
    has been a waste of my time and i need to use it more wisely.

  • annie says:
    i have the most important thing right in front of me

  • Pamela says:
    was a rollercoaster ride

  • Jessi says:
    has been a tough one for our family

  • Katrina says:
    was one of the most important year of my life.

  • Kandace says:
    was crazy and overwhelming..but worth it.

  • danielle says:
    lifes a bitch sometimes