Biggest worry about your baby's future?

  • Shona says:
    All the knife and gun crime with kids nowadays

  • Anonymous says:
    i dont' want them to get their heart broken! i think being hurt like that is the worse...though it will happen its part of life. and something mommy can't fix!!!

  • midc1chp says:
    i haven't created any worries...I know God and his angels are keeping her safe

  • Ashley says:
    everything lol

  • Cheryl says:
    All the knife and gun crime, binge drinking and the rest of the terrible things going on these days

  • Kelsey says:
    not being able to provide for him as much as i would like to

  • Nicola says:
    being hurt or upset by others

  • Charlotte says:
    that she will grow up too quick

  • Emma says:
    I don';t have any fears, I just hope he grows up and doesnt blame me for past events. I know he'll grow into a well grounded person and make me proud, he already does

  • Jennifer says:
    that they will get hurt ( heart hurt)

  • Becky says:
    nothing right now

  • Nicole says:
    whats the world going to be like in 10 -15 yrs time when his a teenager

  • Sam says:
    her safety,

  • Sherry says:
    Not being able to provide for them

  • Mich says:
    that some day someone may make her cry

  • Kirsty says:
    i think it would have to be financial security.. with the world how it is now.,.. i always wonder what its going to be like when he is old enough to start working and all that

  • Sharee says:
    he's a boy and it's rough for men in this city

  • Caroline says:
    not being there

  • Liz says:
    That I won't be there to see his accomplishments (ya know, the whole dying thing)

  • Kaitlyn says:
    I try to think positive , i am worried about who he hangs out with, what he does at certain age, if he'll finish his schooling , the things that i have to worry about when he's of age to be getting into michief

  • Melissa says:
    That she will grow up 2 quick, I think children do now.

  • Jennyfer says:
    her happiness

  • Jaylee says:
    I worry she won't need me when she's older.

  • Jasmine says:
    not being able to provide him with everything he needs...which i reallly, reallly hope never happens

  • Stacey says:
    he is gonna be a dare devil

  • Boe says:
    if i will have everything he needs and wants

  • Tiffany says:
    That she will have something wrong with her that would prevent her from doing anything and everything she wants to do

  • Anna says:
    i want them to be very happy and it worrys me that the idiots in this world will hurt them

  • Denise says:
    That no harm comes to either of them...and i just hope they both grow up to be good decent ppl :)

  • Fiona says:
    god where do I start - that they are healthy and happy

  • Angela says:

  • ashlee says:
    nothing. i just want him to try his best and love life

  • karissa says:
    nothin really wont them both to do there best and love life

  • Nicole says:
    the risk of him getting diabetes

  • Sarah says:
    That she wont be happy.

  • Mandy says:
    their health & the state the country is in !!!

  • Annwen says:
    That I dont do things right to raise him as a good person

  • Rachael says:
    I just want her to be happy.

  • Lauren says:
    that he will suffer as a result of one of my decisions

  • Lisa says:
    I shouldn't worry, but his dad and I are both recovering alcoholics and I believe alcoholism can be hereditary. Plus I'm bipolar and that can be hereditary too. I just want him to be a normal happy child and not have all the problems that I've had in my life.

  • Robyn says:
    For both of my kids its their health

  • Kayla says:
    Health and that they are always happy.

  • Andraya says:
    Henry i worry about his health the others i worry about the state of the worlds morals

  • Kyshanna says:
    I have no worries I know she is going to do right

  • Danielle says:
    bailey: that he will grow to hate his dad for not being overly involved in his life.. tyler: that he will have lots of aches and pains from all of his flexibility

  • Zoe says:
    that i wont be able to give him everything i didnt have as a child

  • Yati says:
    hmmm... there's so many thgs dat i fear abt my Girl future, thgs dat i does'nt want it to happen to her.. The only thgs dat i can do nw is pray hard dat notin bad would eva happen!

  • est-73-rut says:
    he wont be happy

  • anne says:
    that something bad will happen and they dont have a future want to wrap them in cotton wool but know i cant!

  • Victoria says:
    he will turn out to be bully that hangs around street corners and is gernally a horrible person,

  • Hayley says:
    I will have to let him go one day.

  • leanne says:
    not being happy

  • Anonymous says:
    Just worry that he won't be happy or healthy.

  • Carla says:
    gettin hurt

  • Sherine says:
    getting into the school i want

  • Rachael says:
    he's going to reach an age where he'll be too cool to hang out with mommy!

  • Keleigh says:
    The teenage years and preying she doesnt come home pregnant...

  • Anonymous says:
    Too many to list, I worry that she may not fall in the right croud at school, I try to teach her to be strong now so hopefully she won't everr get bullied or mistreated. One day she will grow up and won't be my baby.

  • Anonymous says:
    That he is gonna grow up!!! lol

  • Kelly says:
    that i wont be there for him

  • Gemma says:
    Growing up not being very nice person hanging round in the wrong gang, smoking & taking drugs.

  • Anonymous says:
    her leaving home and having boyfriends!!!

  • Siti Aisyah says:
    there a lot of thing that would be my biggest worry abt her future...but i make sure to give the best for her

  • Jade says:
    If Me And Daddy Seperate! x

  • Billie-Jay says:
    I don't worry about it if he had any problems in the future id always be there for him

  • Jade says:
    that he will end up like the rest of his family lol

  • Angela says:
    thatthe world she grows up with wont be a pleasent place

  • Laura says:
    i dont have any worries bout there future i just want them to make the best of them selfs and do there best.

  • Kerissa says:
    nothing really

  • tracy says:

  • Melissa says:
    I dont have any yet!!

  • Jenny says:
    nothing, i will be proud what ever he does and will always be here if he needs me.

  • Natalie says:
    that anything bad will ever ha[ppen to him, i'm gonna wrap him up in cotton wool!!

  • Samantha says:
    Him Fallin In With The Wrong Sort Of People!!

  • Leah says:
    getting in2 trouble

  • Alisha says:
    None. I know they'll be successful. The only thing I'm worried about is that they'll resent their daddy for not being there.

  • emma says:
    ... ill let u know on that one

  • Sammie says:
    she will be a pyscho like me, and she will proberly fuk school up like me too!

  • Kelsey says:
    I dont have worries about the future.. yet

  • Kerrie says:
    Alwasy worry lol just hope she dont turn out like me lol

  • Gillian says:
    That they wont make the most of there lifes!!

  • Maria says:
    Them getting in with the "Wrong" crowd. Not making the most of their lives

  • Karen says:
    That he is safe

  • Rebekah says:
    Whether she will grow up happy?

  • Noelle says:
    Oh, I just want her to be happy and healthy and know she is loved every single day of her life! If I ever make her feel she isn't loved for one day, I will break my own heart!

  • Jacqui Marie says:
    to keep her safe and away from danager (& Men until she is atleast 35!) lol

  • Alison says:
    That she'll earn enough to buy her own place, but as long as she is happy and healthy I can't really ask for too much

  • Heather says:
    that she will grow up to be happy and healthy

  • Jen says:
    that they will be happy and successfull

  • Anonymous says:
    Being able to get them through school.

  • Ebony says:
    that kids wont be able to be kids and enjoy all the fun things about growing up. The world is changing and making them grow up too quick!

  • Norazura says:

  • sara says:

  • Ashley says:
    High School

  • Maricela says:
    Her study

  • Kristen says:
    When she gets her driver's license, goes out on her first date, first sleepover, the list could go on & on!

  • Wendy says:

  • Samantha says:
    that she will be smarter than her teachers

  • Diane says:
    health and happiness

  • Sophie says:
    How he and his sister are gonna cope when they go to school and begin to realise that having seperate Daddies isn't that normal

  • Kelly says:
    Financially. I don't want her to have to struggle and attempt to make it in life.

  • Christina says:
    For Timmy, I worry that he won't be able to sit still for class and get into trouble a lot for that. For Jimmy, I worry that kids will make fun of him because he will not stop playing with his wiener.

  • Jessi says:
    He'll end up in trouble in his teens! He comes from true blood trouble makers.

  • samii says:
    i hope he has a good future ahead of him

  • Justine says:
    Her getting hurt

  • vicky says:

  • jen says:
    Keeping her healthy & safe.

  • Anonymous says:
    am i stimulationg him enough

  • Stazi says:
    Growing up in this world..

  • Natasha says:
    That Dillon is going to confuse her..

  • Lou says:
    Getting hurt

  • Cassie says:
    His happiness

  • Rosa says:
    That he may genetically get Keretoconea, an eye disease that I have just been diagnosed with recently :( but we can not find out until he reaches his teens.....

  • Denise says:
    I always worry about their safety and their happiness

  • Ninitshetau says:
    i have no worries, i trust and believe my daughter will do GREAT in the future :)

  • Cassie says:
    being happy and healthy

  • Ciara says:
    That he will take the path that his father took.

  • Ayu says:

  • Lisa says:
    just making sure he is bought up well

  • Kandace says:
    No worries she will be fine!

  • Anonymous says:
    Don't have any concerns forher future, but would prefer to not be a really young grandmother

  • Emily says:
    what kind of world he live in

  • Amber says:
    not really worried

  • Julia says:
    Him being a teenager and getting hurt or me not being around for him

  • Neta says:

  • Anonymous says:
    Hmmmm.... financial worries.. and making sure that hes healthy and strong and smart

  • Laura says:
    me out living him

  • Sabrina says:
    I have a 19, 16 and 14 year old and I don't think mom's ever stop worrying about their safety.

  • Becki says:
    Making sure she has every oppty I can provide

  • Sandi says:
    i want her to stay focused and firm in God's love and her faith in him and not to convert to the "world's" ideas!

  • Jacqueline says:
    There being something wrong with him...

  • Laura says:
    that they stay health and that this world stays safe for them.

  • Sarah says:
    none so long as she is happy and healthy

  • Cortney says:
    growing up in our messed up world

  • Deanne says:
    dont really have any yet

  • Jade says:
    the demise of the planet!

  • sharon says:
    no worry so far

  • belinda says:

  • Kathrine says:

  • Anonymous says:
    That he goes to college and has a good job and life

  • Angel says:
    Just hoping that I teach my baby the right values in life so that he can grow up to be an even better person than I am.

  • Anonymous says:

  • Mummy- says:
    i wory what the world will bring for them what sort of people i have created

  • Laura says:
    dnt have none, well at min i dnt there 2 young for me to think bout that

  • Kristan says:
    That he'll get picked on in school.

  • Vanessa says:
    Hoping he does better than I did at school

  • Deanne says:
    Seeing her become a mum at 15 to 19 years and better not be any younger Id be so disappointed There are a lot of others but thats my biggest worry at the mo

  • Pheona says:
    having baby at the age of 19

  • Alexis says:
    being scared - dont want to mess his life up

  • Toni says:
    none as of yet

  • Shawnee says:
    that she will end up in poverty

  • Abbey says:
    my sons operatin he has to have when hes about 3. my daughter hmm i have a lot of worrys but i shall not say them here :)

  • Emma says:
    getting along with others and not getting involved with the wrong crowd

  • Lana says:
    not havn enugh money to be happy

  • Cathy says:
    No worries; they are in the best care!

  • Caroline says:
    I have to think about that one

  • Denita says:
    that she will have good friends and she won't be too stubborn!

  • Elizabeth says:
    oh gosh that he wont follow his dreams

  • Cathon says:
    I have no idea - I just hope she's always happy, healthy, safe, and loved

  • Karen says:
    nothing really...

  • LaTanya says:
    i worry about her being ok. she's sensitive and very helpful to teachers (was called a teachers pet this past school year). She doesn't really stand up for herself so i worry about what'll happen if she becomes a target to be bullied.

  • Ashlea says:
    thats a hard one sometimes i worry about everything...

  • Cyndy says:
    will she be appreciative of things :) and her happiness

  • Susan says:
    Ummmm....That I won't treat my Children and their spouse the same way Tony and I have been treated the past 12 years. What the government is going to do in the years to come.....doesn't look so bright for us right now.

  • Summer says:
    I worry about everything...lol

  • Shanda says:
    The economy sucks & I hope it gets better before he gets old

  • Heather says:
    just money. they'll always have a roof over their heads and food in their tummies, but we'll need to apply for tuition reductions for private schools and we won't be saving for college.

  • Anonymous says:

  • Jennifer says:
    that she'll suffer from anxiety like her mother, or that she'll be manic depressive like her father (biological)

  • Anonymous says:
    just how everyone else dumps crap on them about not having dad

  • Pamela says:
    No Worries!!!

  • Emmalee says:
    having enough time for them and being able to rpovide everything she will ever need.

  • Jordan says:
    if he'll have to get his little tongue cut when he is 3 .. because he is tongue tied.. but i'm not really "worried" about it .. that would just stink for him.

  • Patti says:
    That they won't continue to make the good choices I spent so many years teaching them.

  • Jessica says:
    ??? Worried about the present right now

  • Peggy says:
    How much the divorce will effect them

  • Pam says:
    Will they remember the things they've learned and been taught...to stay true to the gospel teachings...and not make the same mistakes that I did!

  • Rachel says:
    Making sure I'm doing a good job...also concerned about how their dad's death will impact the rest of their lives

  • Suzan says:
    bad people and peer pressure.

  • Erika says:
    education and health

  • Anonymous says:
    Her being hurt.

  • Meghan says:
    his health

  • Desiree says:
    Her health

  • Peniey says:
    It scares me to think I won't ground them enough in their Faith to stay in their Faith when they become adults. Praying - contantly - for them to make wise decisions.

  • Anonymous says:
    thats shes gonna be just like i was (oh no)

  • Rachael says:
    i always worry that he will be a good person.....i watch the news an all the ppl doing bad things and pray he will always do the right thing.

  • elizabeth says:
    the world!!!

  • Jennifer says:
    The way of life for him

  • Sandra says:
    if she is gonna be like me as a teen (hope not lol)

  • Rebekah says:
    I don't want to think about the pain in life that he will have to go through.

  • Kristy says:
    Them not having any money!!!

  • Nicole says:
    That he chooses to serve God with his whole life and heart and never looks back. I guess it is more of a prayer than a worry.

  • Sara says:
    Her growing up to be a godly woman who is considerate and caring. Our prayer for all our children, really.

  • Anonymous says:
    Life is full of worries that I can't label a biggest.

  • Jasmine says:
    Cole to grow up bein a low life, with no job or friends.

  • Aly says:
    schooling how well will he mix with others life in general

  • Heather says:
    its really hard to see her sick. I don't know how I would do if she actually had something really serious.

  • Crystal says:
    him getting hurt in anyway :'(

  • Marlean says:
    Health, happiness and the ability to get a good education

  • Allison says:
    Our wish for Ellis is to have happiness and health and to achieve all he would like to

  • Gizelle says:
    I want her to be happy and successful - my biggest fear is the was SA is deteriorating and what it will mean for her future.

  • louise says:
    just how the world will be

  • Karisa says:
    That he won't have a close relationship with Jesus Christ his Lord and saviour. I'm afraid, I won't be a good enough example to him.

  • Louise says:

  • Erin says:
    Not really sure....

  • Leah says:
    that they could become teenage parents

  • Amy says:

  • Anonymous says:
    Just the feeling of am i doing everything right, always ways on my mind>>>>:(

  • Celine says:
    Hmmm biggest worry? I guess it will be abt him know bad company and stuff.. The rest i guess should be all fate..

  • Katie says:
    Seeing her make mistakes that I know she has to make in order to learn.

  • Jennifer says:
    I am stealing Katie's answer... Knowing i have to let him make mistakes.

  • Tammy says:
    that something will tear them apart and they will not be close to eachother especiall when me and daddy r gone

  • Kim says:
    I just want him to be happy!

  • Anonymous says:
    Having a Job

  • Angela says:
    That Slater is always safe, healthy and happy.

  • Anonymous says:
    i'm not thinking too far ahead yet but I would have to say making wrong decisions.

  • Jennifer says:
    Not thinking about that far ahead but making the wrong decisions

  • Anonymous says:
    Boys! Shes Gunna Be A Heart Breaker Haha

  • Sara says:
    Keeping them safe, paying for college, making sure that they grow up to be menches with good middot who make good choices in life

  • Carla says:
    Just that he grows up to be a respectable, decent and genuine person who tries his hardest in all he does.

  • Nada says:
    I really want them to be respectable responsible grown up men that make the right decisions and want good for themselves and others. Educated well brought up children.

  • Adina says:
    I worry about lots of things about all of them. I think we better start saving for the weddings!

  • Christine says:
    That he wont be happy or healthy. That I will have screwed him up in some way.

  • wendi says:
    That she will be able to get a college education.

  • Samantha says:
    Everything lol! No, theres always gonna be the fear of him having a mental/developmental disorder considering my familys history

  • Ashlee says:
    I ry not to think about it. theres enough to worry about in the present let alne worrying about something that may not happen.

  • Ashleigh says:
    I hope beyond all hopes that Kaine will have everything he needs to be the best person he can be!

  • Anonymous says:
    wondering if he is going 2 grow up and make the right choices in life!!!

  • Anonymous says:
    Just making sure he grows up happy and healthy

  • Hannah Louise says:
    That something could happen to him or that he could get sick. I have watched too many friends loose their kids to tragic things. It breaks my heart & I can't imagine how I could handle that!

  • Amy says:
    trouble some girls... I sure hope he smarter than some other boys out there

  • Nikki says:
    how he'll turn out.

  • Maria says:
    hoping he has a good happy life

  • Jean says:
    That he is always happy and successful in whatever direction life takes him. Oh, and that he is always healthy.

  • Jennifer says:
    That she will be happy and healthy and succeed in all of her dreams!

  • Rose says:
    teeth mummy's bad jaw

  • Janell says:
    I just want them both to be happy loving kids and to be loved I worry about school and being picked on kids are mean these days and I hope mine are not going to be victims or picking on other kids

  • Karmen says:

  • Alix says:
    Not Been Gud At School LMAOO

  • Josie says:
    That the world will be too hard and rough.

  • Gina says:
    Not many worries! Take one day at a time.

  • Alicia says:

  • Sarah says:
    I don't worry much about her future. I just take it day by day. Whatever will be, will be.

  • kathy says:
    what kind of world it will be when he is an adult

  • Rachel says:
    Just hope the uk pull their socks up and sort this place out

  • Isa says:
    I just want him to be happy and healthy!!

  • Katrina says:
    That my kids will be happy and healthy and have everyting that they need

  • Katy says:
    Him turning out like his dad

  • Em says:

  • Anonymous says:
    No worries as long as she grows up happy and healthy

  • Amanda says:
    All I want for my babies is for them to do well in life, that would also be my biggest worry

  • Jennifer says:
    Providing them with everything they need

  • Randi says:
    What kind of world they will live in. *sigh*

  • Allison says:
    that she'll be happy

  • Niki says:
    not sure

  • Amanda says:
    I want him to be Allen and to not be bothered by what other kids say

  • Sara says:
    That she would be unhappy in any sort of way.

  • Dimity says:
    not sure

  • Barbara says:
    his safety!

  • Bernie says:
    the she will get bullied for a having ginger hair :S

  • frances says:
    to many to list

  • Michelle says:
    him not having a dad to look up to

  • Kiri says:
    Gee there are so many its hard to say. I guess I'm most scared about his teenage years and getting him through them in one piece.

  • laura says:
    i hope shes happy and healthy

  • Jenna says:
    Not having a daddy.

  • Taylor says:
    Hmm, i dont know.

  • Nur says:
    i leave it to god...god knows best n will grant my child the best...insya-allah

  • Dianisia says:
    I hope she is just happy and does everything she wants and needs in life if she get a education ect hope she dont get her heart broken or be a push over

  • Fiona says:
    i worry about things all the time will she be happy, will she get picked on when she goes school, will she leave home early every thing really

  • Jessica says:
    Nothing really. I just have this feeling he will be very successful...

  • Anonymous says:
    health/wellbeing/safety etc

  • Lori says:
    That her potential won't be reached.

  • Tamika says:
    none yet

  • Victoria says:
    that i can put her in the best college but i know it will work out w/ so much family that she has

  • molly says:
    i'm not worried..

  • Morgan says:
    the fatehr situation

  • Kelly says:
    jod & to b able to live on her own!

  • Sarah says:
    Is he going to be happy can i give him everything he wants etc.

  • ALICIA says:
    Whether she will be happy. I hope she is never bullied

  • ashley says:
    that she is raised with our values in her

  • Eileena says:
    that he'll hate me

  • Gill says:
    That he will be treated fairly

  • Chelsea Denise says:
    I Have worries about future but i know her future life gunna make best of it

  • Anonymous says:
    just that he grows up healthy and safe and is sensible and not to easly led.

  • Nora says:

  • rebecca says:
    the world they r growin up in

  • Donna says:
    That he'll always be happy & healthy

  • Jennifer says:
    none right now

  • Rowena says:

  • gemma says:

  • Amanda says:
    just being in this big bad world!

  • Amanda says:
    Biggest worry is that she will grow up and not need me anymore......

  • Krystle says:
    having the money to send her to college

  • yvonne (bonnie) debbie louise says:

  • lisa says:

  • Nicola says:
    Oh that he's got 2 more operations before the age of 5. And what if his kids get the same syndrome :(

  • Melissa says:
    dont know

  • Amber-Lee says:
    that she grows up with no serious problems

  • Brittany says:

  • Katryn says:
    Teenage years concern me

  • Tania says:
    probably struggles he may face during adolescence and how he will deal with them

  • Laura says:
    His health, and what the world will be like when he is growing up

  • Jessi says:
    i dont know..

  • Kelley says:
    Not being happy, Disappointments, heartbreaks, feeling or being alone

  • karen says:
    The only thing I worry about is dying while my children r still young, I would like to be here to set a solid foundation for then

  • Anonymous says:
    Will the world be safe?

  • melissa says:
    what the world will be like its already getting worse now

  • Joanne says:

  • Jannine says:
    That will rebel because her father is not in her life

  • Kathy says:
    i want them to be successful and not struggle like i did for so long

  • Jessica says:
    everything!! lol what if she gets teased or hurt or what if someone is really cruel to her and rah rah lol., im a worry wart

  • Janice says:
    wanting them to be with someone who truley loves them

  • Gemma says:
    That she will go off the rails :s (maybe i could just lock her up????? lol)

  • Brooke says:
    Hmm, I'm not really sure about that one

  • Michele says:
    That he is going to be a big ol bully

  • Danielle says:
    I worry about everything.

  • Chelsea says:
    how she grows up

  • Ewa says:
    i worry about everything when it comes to my babies, just taking it one step at a time.

  • Kristin says:
    EVERYTHING.... gosh... starting school, growing in to teenage rebelious years....other people... and of course just everything on a daily basis. I am such a big worrier.... I watch them like a hawk and barely leave their side... they ARE my priority in life.

  • Allyson says:
    Big School!! Bad crowds all the usual stuff!! I want them to have a bright future not one full of hard times like their dad has had in the past.

  • Anonymous says:

  • katrina says:
    Staying in Denman........

  • Anonymous says:
    all those silly things we did when we where kids i really fear my kids doing silly things

  • jackie says:
    them making it there... and making something of it

  • Gemma says:
    Oh, I have lots!

  • lisa says:

  • ashleigh says:
    not being able to afford things for her x

  • Amber-rae says:

  • Adeline says:
    I don't worry. It doesn't help.

  • Natasha says:
    Whoa.....I'm a worry-wart so there are many!

  • Sara says:
    Her growing up to fast!

  • lisa says:
    angel will follow my steps in life which are way to young and advanced in life i dropped out amber she is just so awnry now i can see her bein a trouble maker and goin to jail with an education behind her to suport her thru life but it gets wasted from her trouble makin

  • Kelsey says:
    I just want her to stay beautiful inside and out, I don't ever want her to feel pain, and I want her to always be able to talk to me or to Michael about anything.

  • Amy says:
    his health!

  • Keshia says:
    I just hoppe he does whatever makes him happy and makes the right choices.. Doesnt get involved with drugs!!

  • kelsey says:
    makin decisions that i did.

  • Leanne says:
    bringing her first first boyfriend home

  • kerri says:
    i don't have a worry about her future i just want her to do her best with everythin she does.

  • Louise says:
    everything lol

  • Holly says:
    I hope I can always be there for her.

  • Hana says:
    That he'll get hurt and I won't be able to make it better.

  • elise says:
    that the world will turn to shit and she will get stuck in the middle. its not a very nice place sometimes

  • Holly says:
    There are none. I know God has His hand on my bubby and he will be blessed.

  • carlee says:
    will we getto be in their future??

  • leah says:
    what if something happens 2 me? who will take care of him?

  • Billie says:
    doing somethng wrong that sabotages her future

  • Amber says:
    Her Happiness!

  • Jo says:
    oh man alot ...i worry that hes gonna turn out like his daddy...that im not going to give him the right guidence that he needs

  • Ally says:
    hrmmm i think maybe their choices in life..i try my hardest to teach them wrong from right but sometimes its just not enough..i really dont want them to go down the wrong path!

  • Cherissa-Lynn says:
    That they wont have one.

  • Alanna says:
    that I won't be able to provide all the opportunities that a two-income family can offer

  • Wahss says:

  • Candice says:
    That she doesnt have a daddy in her life or she gets ill

  • wasagabeaudry says:
    being able to let him go and explore the world, not worrying so much about him getting hurt and worry more about all the things he learns from exploring.

  • Liz says:
    I hope he will succeed and achieve his dreams and goals.

  • CARRIE says:
    What would happen if I couldn't be here to take care of him.

  • Danielle says:
    That one day im nt going to be there

  • Nikki says:
    not seeing his dad enough

  • Sara says:

  • Samantha says:
    telln me hes got hisgf pregant!!!! n makn me a young nan lol

  • carla says:
    paige gettin wiv an arsehole and tyler cummin home tellin me dat his girlfriend is pregant

  • katie says:
    having to struggle, i dont want that for her

  • andrea says:
    not sure really.

  • stacey says:
    money worries ..

  • kerri says:
    if she was to struggle

  • Liana says:
    None really - just want him to be happy and healthy

  • Andrea says:
    none as of yet

  • michelle says:
    hope he not like me

  • Laura says:
    just the typical mom worries

  • Kayla says:
    getting mixed up with the wrong crowd

  • Misha says:
    The violence in the world

  • Candance says:
    Gettin a good education

  • Ashly says:
    Just this crazy world. I wory everyday

  • janine says:
    will we have a good relationship

  • Alison says:
    Not being there for either of my babies

  • Leanne says:
    Not having to many broken bones

  • Verity says:
    That they will not be happy!

  • Stephanie says:
    Someone/thing Will Hurt Him, Not Being Able To Protect Him From All The Bad Things.... ETC

  • melissa says:
    money...how hard it will be to buy a house etc

  • liz says:
    not being able to protect him all the time.

  • Chrissy says:
    Being able to give him everything he may want or that I want for him.

  • Heather says:

  • Cari says:
    All thos ecrazy diseases and disorders.

  • Justine says:

  • Candice says:
    So many because im a worrier!

  • tamika says:

  • Kaitlyn says:

  • Destiny says:
    i worry about everything

  • Amanda says:
    That he won't have money

  • Nicole says:
    that they wont go through college.

  • Melissa says:
    no worries YET.

  • cassandra says:
    if i'll still be with her dad,i dont want her to be going back and forth from mommy's house then daddys

  • Holleigh says:

  • Samantha says:
    Her not being happy

  • Shannon says:
    just being a successful person... I hope I raise them right....

  • Evelyn says:
    I want them to follow their dreams and have everything I didn't

  • Maria says:
    hoping they make the right decisions