How did your labor start (induction, water broke, etc.)?

  • Brandi says:

  • Brittney says:
    My water broke while I was talking to my husband. My first thought was, "Either my water just broke or I have finally lost all control and peed my pants..."

  • Tasha says:
    All of them were inductions!

  • Heather says:
    I was induced with both

  • Brittany says:
    We thought I had the flu or something...I got very sick! My water broke while I was hugging the toilet, I know its gross!

  • AMANDA (MANDI) says:

  • Jennifer says:
    All induction

  • Leslie says:
    On it's on the doc had to brake my water both times.

  • Danielle says:
    Since he was blocking the kidney, I got ready for surgery and had the c-section, which was scheduled for 5 day later.

  • MAYTE says:

  • Teeba says:
    a show and then slight contractions

  • Felicity says:
    All started with contractions, my waters stayed fully intact until fully dilated, Kieran and Em were VERY close to being born in the Caul.

  • Gabrielle says:
    contractions start with all four. they had to break waters with jen and kara but not with cam and amy

  • Victoria says:
    they broke my waters both times.

  • Jamie says:
    First one, I went into labor at home, just back pain. The last 3 were all induced.

  • Amy says:
    Jake- my water broke- but I was clueless! Josh- induced

  • Libby says:
    Cant remember!!!

  • Jessica says:
    they induced me

  • erin says:
    Severe cramping and partical water break

  • Rachel says:
    water broke but was just a leak!

  • Rachael says:

  • Lindsey says:
    Both were inductions

  • Kylie says:
    With pains and cramping.

  • Sara says:
    both were inductions, due to a medication I was on

  • Mindy says:
    Induction for all 3.

  • Brooke says:
    No labour with Mic and on the loo with Nikita lol with hard out contractions that made me swear pretty fast

  • Elizabeth says:
    TJ- induced, labor, c-section Bri- scheduled c-section

  • Katrina says:

  • Christi says:
    Denver started with contractions and then they had to induce me because I would not go any further than 4 cm. With Bryson I went into labor with him with strong contractions. 10 1/2hours later he was born. (Started contractions at 3:30 am and had him at 1:22 pm that same day)

  • Jennifer says:

  • Rosa says:
    it started with contractions and when i went to the hospital they had to break my water

  • Katie says:
    Water broke with Caleb and water leak with Averee

  • Danielle says:
    Induction for Landon. There was no labour with Hannah.

  • Katie says:
    Scheduled c-sections

  • Christi says:
    Induction with Eliza and no labor with Isaiah.

  • Scierra says:
    iate fried chicken with what i say was cooked with too much pepper and a few hours later i was having contractions

  • Breann says:

  • cheri says:
    2 water

  • Patricia says:

  • Jessica says:
    induction with gabby and naturally with tiana

  • Christine says:
    I woke up in the middle of the night and had to pee...and I dropped my mucus plug. But water never broke. I didn't really care about it, cause in my reading, it was no big deal.. But then I went to bed, and started having contractions..woke Burt up and told him I was hurting and it was time to go to the hosp. And it all started from there

  • Candace says:
    Contractions for 3 days then here he came

  • Jessica says:
    induction. I was admitted on a Sunday to have a foley catherter inserted to thin the cervix, then Monday mornin at 6am they started the pitocin. she arrived at 2:22 pm.

  • Kala says:
    They tried to induce me with Taylor because of the preclamca!

  • Laura says:
    started with period like pains with both

  • Nikki says:

  • Pamela says:
    brenden water broke. Daniel c-section, alec natural, dace induced, mackenzie water broke, connor water broke.

  • rebecca says:
    water broke at home

  • hayley says:
    water broke

  • Samantha says:
    water broke wiv both

  • annie says:
    i went into labor on my own an hour before i was supposed to be induced.

  • Katie says:
    my water broke...actually i started havin contractions like the day before my water broke.

  • Monica says:
    Sarah - water broke, Owen - intense contractions 5 minutes apart from the start.

  • Heather says:
    Water broke and it was the most disgusting feeling ive ever felt

  • Jennie says:
    they gave m cytotech so i guess you could say induction

  • Cionette says:
    contractions first with the first two, and my water broke for the third

  • Renee says:
    Chase my water broke Carson i was induced April and Agnes my water broke

  • Tracy says:
    induction both times

  • Anonymous says:
    Water broke while I was at work.

  • Vanessa says:
    Horrible, horrible, horrible back contractions.

  • Patricia says:
    My water broke on friday morning...

  • kirsty says:
    i had a sweep which started it off.went to hospital,had another sweep,got settled on ward,everythin stopped,then hours later everything started again-then midwife did AMOTHER sweep!

  • Alyssa says:

  • Kya says:

  • Kaitlyn says:
    induced labour

  • Lisa says:
    show a week before hand and just labour pains, then went into the hospital at 2cms

  • Lauren says:
    very light contrations

  • Tish says:

  • Jennifer says:
    My water broke at home and about 36 hours later the contractions started.

  • carissa says:
    isabella - induced and they broke my waters louisa - broke my waters

  • Kirbie says:
    Leitarah: silent labour Taiah-may: induced

  • Marianna says:
    stomache pains

  • Laura says:
    Normally, with contractions then the doctor broke my waters

  • Richelle says:

  • Amy says:
    I lost the plug at 7am on monday

  • katie says:
    had contraction early in the morning

  • karlee says:
    induced because of fluid retrension

  • krystal says:
    water broke everytime

  • Mitzi says:
    I had my bloody show.

  • Liz says:
    contractions then the doc broke my waters both times

  • Meagen says:
    Bryce - natural Savannah - induction

  • Sara says:
    I was induced with Marshall (OUCH!!!!) And my waters broke with Cohen

  • Brandi says:
    just started having contractions one day severe back pain.

  • Anonymous says:
    dr broke my water with stef water broke with caitie

  • Anonymous says:
    water broke 24 hrs earler!

  • rosie says:
    hannah was natural, kobe was induced and emma broke my waters with her headbutting and then i went well into labour

  • Amy says:
    induction that didnt take long to work lol

  • INA says:

  • Nichelle says:
    short pains in my lower back....that increased and intensified. I just knew

  • Melissa says:
    With Zoe good ol induction at the crack of dawn (630am)

  • Faith says:
    water broke for bith

  • Anonymous says:
    water broke at home

  • Kym says:
    Induction 2 days then water was broken by doctor then more pain then pain relief offered and taken thanku then still nothing then epidural offered and thankgod i did that

  • Anonymous says:
    Spontanious labour.

  • Ewa says:
    With Josh, i was already in hospital when my waters broke, and got taken upstairs for the emergency c-section. With Mia, i was at home, thought i had to go to the toilet, and my waters broke at 2.30am, but contractions came, then went away the next day, but due to my waters breaking they induced me that morning after nothing was happening.

  • Sarah says:

  • Clare says:
    Started having pains early morning

  • Caitlin says:

  • Natalie says:

  • Amanda says:
    I thought i wasconstapated again went bog ad 2 paras then went back to sleep lol

  • tina says:
    normlly i suppose just started of wit contractions

  • Natalie says:
    brandon contractions faith induced

  • shana says:
    with connor my placenta had a tiny tear and thats when it started

  • Dani says:

  • Anonymous says:
    Jack - contractions Finlay - waters broke less then 6 hrs after having a sweep

  • Anonymous says:
    jack- waters broke sally - sweep

  • Samantha says:
    sophie natural tom waters broke

  • Joelle says:
    lewis waters broke

  • Jemma says:
    Waters broke with Riley and got contractions first with Jack

  • debbie says:
    both were induced

  • Deborah says:
    morning of housework, lawnmowing & floor cleaning then sunbathing got up to get a glass of water and my waters popped...i panicked as i was worried the neighbours thought i was weeing in the garden

  • Lesley says:
    Waters broke first

  • Laura says:
    waters broke after a small contraction

  • Claire says:
    with thomas and callum started getting contractions progressed from there but with rhys no contractions waters just went out the blue 20 minutes later he was here.

  • Jemma says:
    a show

  • Solana says:

  • Amber says:
    My water broke when I was sleeping

  • kailey says:
    ailie was normal contractions and kaleb my water broke

  • Hilda says:
    water broke a wk before birth, had a "show" 2 days before birth, contrasctions started friday night he was born saturday arvo

  • Danielle says:

  • Mandy says:
    i woke up and i had cramps. i never thought nothing of it but about 10 hours later i couldnt do it anymore they hurt so bad so i new it was time

  • Cheyenne says:
    Started getting contractions at midnight.

  • Amanda says:

  • Emily says:
    I never actually went into labor. We had a scheduled c-section.

  • Jennifer says:

  • Rebecca says:
    water broke

  • Katie says:
    My water broke at my 39 week doctor's appointment. It was perfect because I was very afraid that my water would break at work, and it would have because I went to the doctor on my lunch break and almost skipped that day because work was very busy. Thank God I didn't skip it!

  • Tina says:
    they put a little pill by my cervix to soften it and i woke up in the middle of the night was severe contractions

  • Gemma says:
    Waters broke on the bed, whilst watching tele.

  • larissawilson04 says:
    water broke wit scarlett had 2 speed up my labour, sienna was 6cm wen went hospital and waters went as she came out all over midwife lol

  • Megan says:
    I had bloody show and my contractions changed

  • Janine says:
    It didn't i never went into labour i had an emergency c-section

  • verity says:
    c-section ( anyone that wants one for no reason dont do it as i have done it both ways and natural if you can have it is so much better !)

  • Kaia says:
    Normally. Just started getting severe back pains and contractions with nausea.

  • leah says:
    I had mild cramps in by back for like three days that turned into labor contractions.

  • Shauna says:
    induced, doctor broke my water

  • ashley says:
    induction with both. but i was having contractions and kept on dilating with brady they just helped me out by inducing.

  • Jasmin says:

  • Tiffany says:
    i was induced

  • Terri says:
    I went to my 38 week appointment and suprise i was in labor 3 centimeters dialated and didn even kno it< had him that evenin aroun 7

  • April says:
    Very very slow. Labor lasted 3 whole days, I labored at home (mostly in bed or on the toilet) for a day and a half, then had to go to the hospital. All in the labor time I lost mucus plug/bloody show, threw up, thought my water broke.

  • Hillary says:
    induction then water broke

  • Chasity says:

  • Amy says:
    water broke, then got pitocin to jumpstart the contractions.. ugh

  • Jamie says:

  • Meaghan says:
    I was having contractions and didn't know it but they induced me twice and then broke my water....my contractions weren't close enough OR strong enough

  • Erin says:
    i had this terrible pain in my left rib for a few days then started getting sick, went for a check up and they told me i would be delivering that day

  • Ashley says:
    Cobe... water broke. Carter...induced.

  • Kerri says:
    With Niamh.. my water broke.. and with Ellis I was induced.. my poor body couldn't cope anymore!

  • Katie says:
    Induction..Well, I hadn't had any contractions the whole time, and finally one morning I started having light pains, and they got stronger and stronger and closer together. I decided to call and eventually go in.. For about the last 2 weeks I used the bathroom, I would go, then I would move a certain way, and more would come out..I didn't think anything bout it.. but they ended up checking my amniotic sac and they said there wasn't one..that scared me because I've heard of babies somehow not having enough fluid and dying and I was so afraid something had happened...well they did a test to see if there was amniotic fluid present, and it was similar to a pregnancy test. 1 line meant none 2 lines-present..well, there was a very faint 2nd pink line so they decided to induce me.

  • Danielle says:

  • Angel says:
    ethan: i went to my doc appt n told them i felt i was slowly leaking my water and havin pains....by now i was 3.5cm for a week or 2 they said it wasnt leaking and told me they would induce me in 2 days....i left and felt even more uncomfortable and my dumb ass was in denial nd went all the way home 30 min away and bythe time i reached there i was contracting 2min apart and couldnt move...omg it was the craziest feeling...they had to break my water tho...the 2nd i was induced cause i couldnt take it anymore wit all the swelling and that

  • Sandra says:

  • tracey says:
    1st started with contraction waters didnt break till head popped out and 2nd waters broke

  • Annie says:
    Waters broke

  • Allison says:
    labor pains, the induced

  • BobbieAnn says:
    i neve went into labor

  • Elizabeth says:
    Tryton water broke Dalton went for a regular dr appt and was dialated 5 Didnt know Preston i was induced

  • Sarah says:

  • Tameika says:
    started having contractions but they had to break my waters in the end

  • Christine says:
    Water broke!!

  • Lauren says:
    My doctor "swabbed my membranes" which helped the labour to start, and then we went to the zoo so I could walk and let gravity take over a bit

  • myrisa says:
    My first one, my water broke but I didn't go into labor so I was induced. My second was spontaneous labor and delivery.

  • Ellen says:
    My water broke

  • Katie says:

  • jaymee says:

  • Amy says:
    I had a c-sec. I never went in to labor they took him because my bp was dangerously high.

  • Ashly says:
    I got hit in the back with a car door and this started my 72 hour labor

  • Devon says:
    at my 39 week appointment my doctor scraped my cervix of the rest of my mucus plug bc my hip pain was so bad and from the point on the contractions started and i had him the next evening

  • Beth says:

  • Vilka says:
    bleeding then induced

  • Rachel says:
    once pains, the other 2 were induced

  • Lauren says:

  • Julie says:
    C sections both times.

  • surina says:
    It started with pain duh!! What kind of question is that. The epidural was my best friend :)

  • Tiffany says:
    With Klay and Korbin my water broke and with Korde i went into labor about 2am

  • Colleen says:
    inductions. yes multiple. I was sent home after the first one because they were expecting mothers right after they started. I came back the next day to try it again.

  • Erin says:
    water broke while i was bartending

  • Katie says:
    With Jessen I kept going into labor after 30 weeks. They stopped it with meds until 32 weeks, then my water broke so there was no stopping it after that. Kayli I was induced with pitocin. Karleigh I started bleeding and went in and found out I was dialated to 4 and in labor. (she was born an hour after I got there)

  • Nicole says:
    My water broke every time!

  • Samantha says:
    Just started with contractions and when i went to the hospital at aout a 5 or 6 they broke my water

  • Leslie says:

  • Amy says:
    Kieten my water broke and Jakey was induced

  • Caryn says:
    I was induced with Randy because I was already dialated to 3 @ my dr appt so she went ahead and sent us in.....and Peyton and Matthew were supposed to be scheduled c-sections...but neither of them waited till then

  • Josie says:
    Even though I was induced with my first, I started laboring on my own. With my second, I was induced. My baby boy, I labored on my own.

  • NOEMI says:

  • Vanessa says:
    My water broke at 9 am on Sep 29,2009. There is no way to describe what that's like. It's so gross and exciting!

  • Juanita says:
    Mina: water broke. Kelsi: was in & out of labor the last 2 mos.

  • Anonymous says:
    Zakk contrations water broke then after hours a c-section. Mackenzie I had very low levels of amnotic fluid so she was and emergency c-section. Bryn was a planned c-section.

  • Michelle says:
    started having contractions at 4 a.m. with Justin and at 1 p.m. with Roxanna

  • Tamrah says:
    i got the stretch and sweep the day before i went into labour

  • Jade says:
    contractions - my water had to be broken.

  • Karli says:
    Constantly started and stopped from 27 weeks untill doctors just let it carry on

  • Jenene says:
    Contractions started at 4am finally woke Justin up at 7... Water broke at hospital

  • Maria says:
    It started out with contractions, but they had to break my water when I got to the hospital... And I was at a 7, imagine that...

  • Tobey says:
    I was induced and my water was broken, but it didn't progress. They finally took him by C-section when my blood pressure started spiking and his heart rate became erratic.

  • Laura says:
    I walked to moms and thought I peed my pants but come to find out my water had broke.

  • Amber says:
    Both were inductions.. Kinleigh I had been having contractions from 36 weeks until I had her just about thanks to all the castor oil I kept drinking trying to put myself into labor.

  • Stephanie says:
    First-water broke Second-contractions all day. Went to hospital when contrac. were around 5 minutes apart. They broke my water there. Third-contrac. were around two minutes apart but they gave me meds. to speed up delivery

  • lori says:
    with contractions. bad ass contractions.

  • Rachel says:

  • Libby says:
    With Phoebe my water broke and I ended up having to be induced because I wasn't progressing and they were scared for infection. We'll see what happens with Stephen.

  • stephanie says:
    woke up with contractions

  • Brittany says:
    went in at 5:30 in the mornng got preped had a c section and he was out by 8:00

  • Megan Elizabeth says:

  • Brenda says:
    Induction that was possibly the worst pain I've EVER been in! I will NEVER let them talk me into that again!!

  • Kellie says:
    Induction....I walked around for 3 weeks at 4, but at 41 + weeks the Dr said I had to be induced...I was not happy!

  • Wendy says:

  • Carolyn says:
    With all of them it was just contractions. Water didn't break on any of them until the very last second before they were born,

  • jasmine says:
    a midwife manuipulated my cervix to bring on labour

  • karla says:
    contractions, contractions, contractions!

  • natalia says:

  • Debbie says:
    They started inducing me (I drank something) but then his heart rate dropped so they opened a door in my room (looked like a closet) and bam I was in a delivery room with people everywhere standing by to take JT the second he was out

  • Anonymous says:
    it didn't. Had to be induced all 3 times to get things a going

  • Michele says:
    Elani-water broke, Garrett, I was at 5 when I got to the office, Jake and Mackenzie were induced and Zach they broke my water even though I was in labor.

  • christine says:
    it didn't, never got that far

  • Patricia says:
    Doctor broke my water at 7am

  • Valerie says:
    I was reading on the couch about 12:30 a.m.and started getting contractions every 8 min. We went to the hospital about an hour later when they got to be between 1 and 3 min. apart.

  • Ashley says:
    Um... with horrible cramps and pains? Lots of exersize on the yoga ball led to contractions.

  • Ashley says:

  • Vanessa says:
    With both kids I was induced with pitocin

  • Valerie says:
    Had a planned C-section but the morning of the surgery as i prepared to go to the hospital....my water broke!!

  • Emma says:

  • Kirsty says:
    Naturally after me trying everything to get it started!!! I'm convinced that using the breast pump for an hour a day got the contractions started. I really didn't want to be induced so I'm pleased I managed it myself.

  • Melissa says:
    Induction, and loved it!

  • Evie says:
    intense contractions for a couple of days. Went to get checked out and nothing. I went home and was back at the Hospital at 4 centimeters. the nurses broke my water

  • Anonymous says:
    My water broke during the night. Which was weird because I wasn't having strong contractions or anything.

  • elizabeth says:
    i had a show during the evening and my contractions started preety much straight after

  • Stephanie says:
    Emergency C-Seaction coz he stopped growing, I was told he was better off out than in.... they were right

  • seeriya says:
    natural labors for all 3

  • Katelyn says:
    i was supposed to be induced the next morning but in the middle of the night my water broke and i went into labor

  • Hollie says:
    i started naturally at 3am in hospitral but they gave me an induction tablet anyway

  • Leeanne says:
    started having contractions on the day i was due the 12 days later i had her!! so 12days of slow labour =[

  • natasha says:
    water broke both times

  • Kelly says:
    rach - water broke Jay was just pain lochie decided to cause alot of pain lol

  • Kelly says:
    Water Broke at Midnight, then contractions started when we hit a roo on our way into town.

  • lisa says:
    my waters broke at 9am and then gave birth at 12:06am past midnight

  • venita says:
    water broke

  • Becky Jade says:
    Waters Broke 2pm, Went To Hospital at 6pm, Went To Delivery Suite at 10pm ish, Was Induced At 1am ish And Gave Birth At 3:46am :)

  • brandy says:

  • Anna says:
    contractions at home went to hospital, was dialated to 7, they broke my water..

  • Shannan says:

  • Anna says:
    first was induced, and the others just kinda happened... all 4 had to have my water broken

  • Angela says:
    1st and 2nd water broke 3 rd contrations@ 5am and didnt go to hosp til they were 2 min apart. i had to see my sons basketball games. only made it to one

  • Ashley says:
    Scheduled C-section

  • Amy says:
    natural both times

  • Michelle says:
    Without realizing it, labor began on May 3rd at about 9:45pm, at work. I kept having discomfort in my lower back and "just didn't know why". I told my husband that night, after work and after dinner, that I was gonna get ready b/c I thought I may have the baby that night. And I sure did!!

  • Rebecca says:
    Water broke

  • Lauren says:
    With both girls I started contracting regularly butwouldn't dialte past 2cm on my own so I basically was just in pain for no reason. They put me on pitocin with Lexie for 7 hrs without pain meds then gave me the epidural but my water broke with Sophia so I got the epidural before the pitocin thank god.

  • Sheena says:
    My water broke at 3am, I was induced at 6am with oxytocin

  • Kerrie-ann says:
    got induced

  • claire says:

  • Tracie says:
    c section

  • kristy says:
    water broke csection

  • Rhonda says:
    First one water broke, second had slow leak, and third was in labor when they did c-section