How old was your baby when you stopped the bottle?

  • Leanne says:
    Neve had hit 12mnths when i stopped bottle and has give up her dummy since she turned 2

  • Tonya says:
    Jeremiah was a yr. old and Jah'mel was about 10 or 11 mths.

  • Sarah says:
    about 11 months

  • Thomascina says:

  • Dominique says:
    On his first birthday we decided that would be the last bottle!

  • Sarah says:
    never had one she breast fed

  • Hayley says:

  • Robin says:
    she still has it sometimes. She will only take cups with the nipple like top.

  • Emily says:
    lol....Cayden was addicted to the nipple..he wouldn't drink just having that bottle nipple in his mouth was like a blankie to some.....so I finally got him off around 17 months.....

  • Dezerae says:
    one day i just gave her a sippy cup and she drank out of it so i threw the bottles away that same day i think she was 15 months

  • chloe says:
    she came off it at 1yr n she didnt really no much difference cause i swapped her baby milk for whole milk and bottle for a beaker

  • Rose says:

  • Yvette says:
    baby1,at about 18 months. baby 2 is 18 months now and still has a bottle or two a night before bed and during the night.

  • Stephanie says:
    Never i breast fed him until he turned 1 and he went onto a trainer cup

  • Kirsty says:
    2 and a bit i think

  • Tamara says:
    She was 9mths

  • kelly says:
    16 months

  • Sarah says:
    He still has it, he wont give that up yet!

  • Laura says:
    They still haven't. They dont have it to regularly drink out of, but they still have it at bedtime and nap times. I don't believe in stopping things just because society says we have to at certain ages. They will when they are ready, and if having a bottle of milk at bedtime means they continue to get as much sleep as they do now then let it continue!!

  • Angie says:
    around 15 months

  • Sheila says:
    About a year, but she still has milk during the day in a cup.

  • Claire says:
    about one and a half, but she still loves her milk in her cup

  • Lucy says:
    13/14 months was not interested in his bottles and will only drink milk from a cup before bed.

  • Julie says:
    he started drinking from a cup around 7 months.

  • Cleomara says:
    10 months

  • Kristy says:
    they were both 10mths

  • Kayleigh says:
    im still breast feeding

  • Lyndsey says:
    just gone one! just has a beaker now

  • Dawn says:
    He has a bottle of milk in the mornig and tea at night he will NOT drink anything warm out of anything else!

  • Trudy says:
    think about 18mthish

  • Cassidy says:
    At a year old, we switched her to soft nippled sippy cups. After she turned two, she started on a cup.

  • Patricia says:
    1 year!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nicola says:
    about 18 months

  • Sarah says:
    About 10 months, moved onto a cup then

  • Candyce says:

  • Kade says:
    12 months

  • Samantha says:
    13 months

  • Jessica says:
    14 months, he still has a glass of milk before bed tho

  • Ashley says:
    10-11 months

  • Jody says:
    She still has a bottle before bed.

  • Anonymous says:
    about a year

  • Frances says:
    10 months old

  • Lisa says:
    um lol... i dont remember a whild ago

  • Kerry says:

  • Kelly says:
    12 months

  • app+7mnejhu says:
    about 10months

  • Fleta says:
    10 months

  • Nickki says:
    never had a bottle

  • Elizabeth says:
    when he turned one i took it away...

  • Keirra says:
    still has one before bed

  • Katherine says:
    12 monthes

  • Leigha says:
    she still has 2 a day 1 when she wakes up in the morning and a half a one in the arvo when she wakes up

  • Katie says:
    He still has one in morning & one for bed.

  • Elizabeth says:
    18 months

  • Keri says:
    She started drinking out of beakers with a spout at around 7 months, and started drinking out of normal cups just before she turned a year old.

  • Alison says:
    billy, tommy 6 months didnt like milk.. harry still on it

  • emma says:
    He still drinks out of a bottle but also out of a cup

  • Nicola says:
    still has 1

  • Sarah says:
    probably both about 11 months

  • Gwendolyn says:

  • Anonymous says:
    im slowly getting her off it now

  • Anonymous says:
    hasn't had a day bottle for a very long time now and stopped the small bottle at nite a few m onths back now. He big boy and has his water b4 he sleeps :-)

  • Bobbi says:
    He still gets 2 bottles a day, one in the morning and one before dinner. He will soon be loosing the morning bottle and just be down to one a day.

  • Maria says:
    i dont know yet but i hope as soon as he turns 1

  • Candice says:
    A year old.

  • Crystle says:
    .....eeerrrr.....ok ok i know she shouldnt be still taking a bottle, but hey im workin on it

  • Anonymous says:
    We will be stopping...UMMMM Today!..no bottles after 1

  • Jennifer says:
    I threw them all away on his 1st birthday. Wasn't hard at all.

  • Wendy says:
    Day bottle stopped at 12 months and night bottle before bed 17 months. second child all bottles stopped at 12 months

  • Carrie says:
    10 months

  • Louis says:
    Shr didn't stopped..

  • Danielle says:
    His one year old birthday we put all the bottles away.

  • Denai says:
    Never had a night bottle,went straight from breast to nothing

  • Amy Leigh says:
    9 months

  • Anonymous says:
    hes only have a bottle 1 time at night before bed time the rest is sippy cup

  • Emma says:
    10 Months

  • Kimber-lee says:
    Never had a bottle.

  • katie says:

  • Amanda says:
    15 months

  • Elisia says:
    18months for both

  • Natalie says:
    ethan has a cup of tea in his bottle when hes going to bed macie has it just before she goes to bed.

  • Kylie says:
    she never had a bottle she was bf till about 6mths then straight on to bbe cups

  • Kristen says:
    13 months old

  • Cassandra says:
    11 and a half months old

  • Michelle says:
    18 month old

  • Emma says:
    she still has one!

  • Cora says:
    when he reached his first birthday

  • Natalia says:
    All of my children were between 9 and 12 months when I took the bottle away

  • Kelly says:
    19 months

  • Naomi says:
    18 months roughly.

  • Shona says:
    bout a yr old mayb younger

  • Amanda says:
    6 months

  • Renee says:
    He was breastfed and only took the bottle while I was working. I think he was on to sippies by 9 or 10 months

  • Amanda says:
    she stil has 2 a day mornin n nite.

  • Nakita says:
    Took it off her on her first birthday

  • Renee says:
    still has two a day!

  • Sarah says:
    11 months- she gave it up on her own

  • Angie says:
    about 8 months

  • Ashley says:
    9 MONTHS

  • Jennifer says:
    10 months

  • Kimberley says:
    he used to av a milk bottle about half 4 in the morning till he was bout 21 months old then i thought enough was enough lol he was jst doin it out of habit

  • Kristie says:
    LOL July 09!!

  • frances says:
    1 year

  • Yannet says:
    Ha! She is still on the bottle. Help?

  • ASHLEY says:

  • Stacey says:
    about 1 year

  • Ashlee says:
    14 months or so

  • Tamara says:
    15months and 16months

  • Chloe says:
    20 months

  • Samantha says:
    i haven't as it's the only convert she's ever had. but she only has milk in her bottle have never given juice in one as t's not good for their teeth.

  • Emma says:
    just under a year

  • anjelica (anje) says:

  • kelly says:
    14-15 months

  • Jessica says:
    She stopped the bottle quite young but still had baby milk in a beaker until she was 2.

  • Courtney says:
    a year

  • Alicia says:
    11 months old

  • Bonnie says:
    18 months

  • Jessica says:
    12 months

  • Kahla says:
    Just shy of his first birthday

  • Delia says:
    Alyvia was almost 1 and Max will be 1

  • Shayna says:
    16 months

  • Harriet says:
    13 mnth

  • Tameka says:
    she still has a bottle sometimes

  • Anonymous says:
    he shopped himself just after he turned 1

  • Laken says:

  • Keira says:
    I breastfed until he was about 14 months

  • Natalie says:
    little over a year. wouldnt digest the milk properly, so we had to stop

  • Tanya says:
    Both were 12 months! Call me a meanie, but I hated washing them and they are bad for babies teeth.

  • Mel says:
    both were about 12 months

  • Suzanne says:
    Still going with them!

  • Dancrystal says:
    9monthish she is already off a sippy too

  • DAYNIQUA says:
    1 AN 14 MONTHS

  • Tanya says:
    Hes still has 2 bottles at night

  • Nicky says:
    Don't really remember maybe 9 or 10 months

  • Leah says:
    He still takes a bottle once a day..but he can drink from a cup and straw.. i jus give him one because..but i always give it to him beofre he lays down.

  • Amanda says:
    6 months we put her on the sippy cups she was completely off the bottle by the time she turned 1

  • Jacklin says:
    right after his 1st birthday

  • Chelsea Lanai says:
    I threw them all away at 14 months.

  • Cheryl says:
    11 mths

  • Jessica says:
    uhmmm a year i think

  • carly says:

  • Tamika says:
    he still has it

  • caitlin says:
    about 11 months

  • amanda says:
    just stopped it now... 17months

  • Julie says:
    She still has a bottle morning and night

  • Jennifer says:
    9 or 10 months