How is your childs relationship with there family?

  • Leanne says:
    LoL....She can point out her family in pics pretty well but as we dont see much of her dads family she nos who they are just not as much as my family

  • Tonya says:

  • Sarah says:

  • Thomascina says:
    Pretty good.

  • Dominique says:
    He loves everyone!

  • Sarah says:

  • Hayley says:
    great with me, my mum, dad, brothers and my boyfriend

  • Robin says:
    she loves her daddy and mom and is cray about her older brother not to crazy with the younger 2 boys

  • Emily says:
    good......wierd question....

  • Dezerae says:
    great she is a big daddys girl

  • chloe says:
    brilliant,she enjoys going to see everyone in the family.

  • Rose says:

  • Yvette says:
    The boys love there family.

  • Stephanie says:
    He loves everyone, hes very close to all his grandparents, uncles, aunties and cousins which is really nice :)

  • Kirsty says:
    its ok

  • Tamara says:
    They are all very good with her there alot of help

  • kelly says:
    very good were all very close

  • Sarah says:

  • Laura says:
    It makes me sooo proud when at Playschool George says at the top of his voice "I love you Mummy..." and then comes rushing over to me. We live as an extended family, so they have Mummy, Daddy, Granny, Grandad, 2 Aunties & Great grandad live with us, and they LOVE it!!!

  • Angie says:

  • Sheila says:
    She loves them all, some of her family do not get to see her as often as others, but she gives a smile and hug when she does.

  • Claire says:
    really good actually, she loves goin her nannies and grandads house to play

  • Lucy says:
    excellent he is a lovable, affectionate, sensitive little boy and gets along with everyone.

  • Julie says:
    Very close with my parents, not so much with his dad's side

  • Cleomara says:
    he loves us

  • Kristy says:
    very good

  • Kayleigh says:
    ok his a mommies boy tough but loves bein round his nanny

  • Lyndsey says:
    great she loves my mom and has a great relationship with her! and she also loves her cousins and uncles!

  • Dawn says:
    All the family love him to bits and it has made me and my partner a complete couple my own little family

  • Trudy says:
    very good

  • Cassidy says:

  • Patricia says:

  • Nicola says:
    he loves his family!

  • Sarah says:
    awesome, he loves all his uncles and grandparents

  • Candyce says:
    great he loves his grandparents(both sides) and all of his aunts and uncles

  • Kade says:
    My daughters relationship with me and her daddy is great... most days... she usually is daddys girl, but lately its mommys girl..

  • Samantha says:

  • Jessica says:
    GREAT... sees his grandparents every weekend and aunty's and uncles as much as possible has special bonds with his grandad and grandpa

  • Ashley says:
    great he loves everyone and they do 2!! he has a great support system

  • Jody says:

  • Anonymous says:
    good, the family and children love each other

  • Frances says:
    very good

  • Lisa says:

  • Kerry says:
    fine, still mama's girl though

  • Kelly says:
    Very good

  • app+7mnejhu says:

  • Fleta says:

  • Nickki says:

  • Elizabeth says:
    good with my side of the family...he doesnt really know his dad's side

  • Keirra says:
    loves everyone

  • Katherine says:
    there all really close we all have a great relationship

  • Leigha says:
    Mia is a loving child she loves the lot of us even the cat lol

  • Katie says:

  • Elizabeth says:
    She loves them, thinks they're so funny!

  • Keri says:
    Good, we have a big surrounding family, getting bigger as we speak lol

  • Alison says:
    all good

  • emma says:
    He loveds um all

  • Nicola says:

  • Sarah says:
    fantastic they are both wonderful kids

  • Gwendolyn says:
    He loves everyone... especially his Pa

  • Anonymous says:
    my side of the family she loves to death... same as rhys' family... not too sure on her fathers side though.. she is still a bit wary.

  • Anonymous says:

  • Bobbi says:
    He loves all his family. We usually see someone from our family at least once a week. Except for Granny, we usually see her twice a week and sometimes even more. We love our Granny so much.

  • Maria says:
    really good he love his uncle jhonny he even call him on the phone and start smiling when he hears his voices on the phone, so cute

  • Candice says:
    Great she loves everyone and they all love her.

  • Crystle says:
    loves her grandparents/uncle/god mother

  • Anonymous says:
    Awesome..he adores them all

  • Jennifer says:
    He loves his daddy soo much, and of course his mommy. Luckily he has his aunt, uncle and cousin near by whom he loves also.

  • Wendy says:

  • Carrie says:

  • Louis says:
    Excellent. She's the only one for the two families.. u see???!

  • Danielle says:
    Great. He loves all his family. Always gives hugs and kisses. He hates to septerate from his cousin Ryan.

  • Denai says:
    We are very close and love spending time together. But like any siblings they do fight at times.

  • Amy Leigh says:
    Well her favorite is her grand daddy, but she loves us all lol.

  • Anonymous says:
    he loves everyone

  • Emma says:
    Great. He Loves Us All :)

  • Kimber-lee says:

  • katie says:

  • Amanda says:
    He loves his family!

  • Elisia says:
    relly good

  • Natalie says:
    good they get on they have there moments when they dont

  • Kylie says:

  • Kristen says:

  • Cassandra says:
    very good she gets along with everyone and loves to share or show her toys to everyone

  • Michelle says:
    brilliant they all way let him get his own way cause he the baby so hes happy with that lol

  • Emma says:
    really good she is really close to her big sister

  • Cora says:
    he loves them, he gets along with everyone

  • Natalia says:

  • Kelly says:
    Very good. Jake loves everyone

  • Naomi says:

  • Shona says:
    really really gd

  • Amanda says:

  • Renee says:
    he loves everybody!

  • Amanda says:
    very good

  • Nakita says:

  • Renee says:
    they get along most of the time..... she is spoilt being the youngest

  • Sarah says:
    They love their family...everytime we go see grandma they get SO EXCITED.

  • Angie says:
    Very good. He is such a good big brother. He loves to hold his little sister and give her a bottle. He loves to play with his dad and help me around the house. He is very close w/ his granparents, and gets along great w/ his cousins.

  • Ashley says:

  • Jennifer says:
    Awesome... tight knit family

  • Kimberley says:
    really good with the family he knows most of the time...just depends what mood he is in lol sumtimes he dunt like ma sister lol dnt kno y tho

  • Kristie says:
    Very close with my imediate family and friends.

  • frances says:

  • Yannet says:
    She loves everyone.

  • ASHLEY says:
    she loves her mommy, grandpa mama and her auntie Na-Na but the rest of her family she doesnt see all that often.

  • Stacey says:

  • Ashlee says:
    very good

  • Tamara says:

  • Chloe says:
    dont really know them very well, one side of the family dont talk to us and the other side live too far away to visit too often

  • Samantha says:
    my children love to see there family. and if they want to talk to anyone i call them and they can speak to them.

  • Emma says:
    as its just me and my husband,fine

  • anjelica (anje) says:
    they both are very loved and love family

  • kelly says:
    everyone loves ebony she is a little cutie, she has a good relationship with all our family

  • Jessica says:
    Very good I hope

  • Courtney says:
    he loves his family soooo much!

  • Alicia says:

  • Bonnie says:
    really good loves his baby bro

  • Jessica says:

  • Kahla says:

  • Delia says:
    its great...

  • Shayna says:
    She LOVES her family. Her brother is her best friend.

  • Harriet says:

  • Tameka says:
    very good with the ones that she sees all the time

  • Anonymous says:
    great, he is full of love

  • Laken says:

  • Keira says:

  • Natalie says:
    good. loves everyone.

  • Tanya says:
    They love having meals together with us and the extended family. The two kids chase each other and giggle all day.

  • Mel says:
    yeah good

  • Suzanne says:
    Pretty good although she manipulates us all at various times.

  • Dancrystal says:
    good she is the little boss women

  • DAYNIQUA says:

  • Tanya says:
    Really good :-)

  • Nicky says:
    Great very close and sees Nana and Papa atleast once a week

  • Leah says:

  • Amanda says:

  • Jacklin says:
    it great... he loves his grandparents, aunt, uncles and cousins.

  • Chelsea Lanai says:
    She loves her family.

  • Cheryl says:

  • Jessica says:
    she love her family

  • carly says:

  • Tamika says:

  • caitlin says:

  • amanda says:
    good... very spoilt

  • Julie says:
    We are all very close (immediate family, that is)

  • Jennifer says: