1. 12. I've come to realise that my mobile phone...
  2. 13. I've come to realise that when I woke up this morning...
  3. 14. I've come to realise that last night before I went to sleep...
  4. 15. I've come to realise that right now I am thinking about...
  5. 18. I've come to realise that tonight...
  6. 22. I've come to realise that this weekend...
  7. 23. I've come to realise that my ex...
  8. 26.I've come to realise that the past year (2009)...
  9. Any complications during your pregnancy?
  10. How did u feel wen u first saw ur baby?
  11. How was ur first night with baby?
  12. How did u feel wen u were told u were pregnant?
  13. How did u feel after u had ur baby?
  14. Did u already have name ready 4 wen baby came?
  15. Would u do the same things with ur next pregnantcy as u did the last time?
  16. Who did u tell first and why?
  17. Name one thing u have gained since being a mum?
  18. Has anybody ever disagreed with u on how u bring ur baby up?
  19. Who do u go to for advice on baby touble?
  20. What is the most difficult challenge or health issue that any of your children have faced?i
  21. How did you feel when you found out you was pregnant?
  22. Did you enjoy your pregnancy?
  23. Is there anything you miss about being pregnant?
  24. how did you find the labour?
  25. how is your baby's sleep pattern?
  26. is there anything you would change about your pregnancy and labour?
  27. What was the first symptom you had that made you think you were pregnant?
  28. How did you tell your boyfriend/husband that you were pregnant?
  29. What name did you almost name your oldest child?
  30. Did you have trouble sleeping when you were pregnant?
  31. What is a name that you would never name a child in your family?
  32. What is your first memory after the birth of your oldest child?
  33. Which child was born the most quickly?
  34. What was the first food that you remember your children eating (real food)?
  35. What old wives tales were you told during your pregnancy?
  36. What unusual dream did you have while pregnant?
  37. How did you feel when your children began kindergarten?
  38. What advise would you give to expectant mothers?
  39. What song do you sing to your little ones?
  40. What is your child's favorite book or story?
  41. How often do your leave your child(ren) with a babysitter?
  42. What do you do if a stranger tries to hold your baby?
  43. Tell something really special about your child.
  44. What are some of your child's favorite toys?
  45. How often does your child(ren) visit grandparents?
  46. What's your #1 tip for keeping a clean house?
  47. What makes a really good babysitter? Does age matter?
  48. What was your expected due date? When did the baby actually come?
  49. How far along were you when you first felt the baby move? And where were you when it happened?
  50. how long was you in labour?
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