1. how did you feel when baby arrived?
  2. what makes you happy about your baby?
  3. who was with you while in labour?
  4. what is the best thing you enjoy about being a mom?
  5. Did you have any dreams of the baby? Were any of them accurate?
  6. did you hold your child to your skin straight away or did you wait?
  7. was the labour an easy labour or where there complications?
  8. did your partner/the babys dad stay with you throughout visiting times?
  9. did you enjoy hospital food lol?
  10. Did you find out the gender of your first child?y or why not?
  11. Do you think you are patient enough with your children?
  12. How do you get your child(ren) to eat vegetables?
  13. What were the stats on your baby? lbs, oz, inches, time, length
  14. how did you find out you were expecting?
  15. what about your body did you like about being preg?
  16. what about being preg didnt you like?
  17. what annoyed you about being preg?
  18. what didnt you expect wene you were preg?
  19. what advise did you get while being preg help you?
  20. why did you name your child(ren) what you did?
  21. how many other ppl were preg while you were?(they say it hapens in 3s)
  22. what scared you the most about being preg?
  23. did you have a good labour & birth?
  24. how long did your labour last?
  25. was your midwife good with you?
  26. what did you do in labour?
  27. whos was at the birth?
  28. did you have any complications in labour n birth?
  29. any help in thoses first few months?
  33. Would you choose to have your next child born the same or would you change your birth plan?
  34. When were your babies born?
  35. Did you breastfeed or formula feed? If you breastfed, how long? If you formula fed, what kind of formula?
  36. How long did you stay at the hospital after each birth?
  37. How did you diaper your babies? Cloth or disposable?
  38. Did your babies take pacifiers?
  39. When did you start your babies on solid food? (Anything other than breastmilk/formula)
  40. When did you first leave your babies with babysitters/daycare?
  41. Did your baby have any complications or birth defects?
  42. Any thing strange/unique happen while you were in labor/delivery room?
  43. How many more children do you plan on having? And what age gaps do you want?
  44. how long did it take 4 it to sink in that u was a mum after havin ur baby?
  45. who was there to greet u wen u arrived home with ur new baby?
  46. did u get n e gifts off family n friends?if so what were they?
  47. who do u think ur baby looks like?
  48. how did u find ur first few days with ur baby??
  49. did u get any help with the baby off anyone? if so who was it?
  50. was u nervous of holding ur baby at first? if so why?
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