1. was ur baby a good feeder when he/she was born?
  2. wat did ur body feel like after havin ur baby??
  3. What has been your favorite age so far?
  4. What was your first thought?
  5. How much did your children weigh?
  6. Were your children early, late, or on time?
  7. Who did you run and call or text and tell?
  8. When & Where were you born?
  9. Favorite thing to do with your kids?
  10. What is your favorite movie?
  11. What is your favority TV show?
  12. What do you enjoy doing with your husband/SO?
  13. Favorite thing about being a mom?
  14. Who's the mum that you admire mos
  15. What's your favorite part of being a mum
  16. What were your emotions at that particular time?
  17. What's your favorite part of being a mom
  18. How long did your Dr try inducing you for before he/she ruptured your membranes or you went into labor
  19. Did your baby go into fetal distress after being induced & in so doing require you to have c-section
  20. How do you plan to raise your child? What kind of rules, morals, etc?
  21. Did you share the name of your baby before birth?
  22. How did your family react towards you being pregnant?
  23. What went through your mind when the labor was over?
  24. What your best memory about being pregnant?
  25. What was your worst memory about being pregnant?
  26. Did you go public or private and why?
  27. Did you have any major fears while you were pregnant?
  28. Did you have a "feeling" you would have a boy or girl before you had a scan?
  29. How old was your baby when you stopped the bottle?
  30. Whats your baby fav toy at the moment?
  31. Dose your baby have a fav film? what is it?
  32. Are you planning to potty train soon?
  33. How do you feel now baby is nealy 2?
  34. Do you miss anythink from when baby was younger?
  35. How are you coping with TERRA TWOS?
  36. How is your childs relationship with there family?
  37. Last question......Do you miss life before baby/ies
  38. What sacrifices have you made for your child?
  39. What do you hope you can give your child that your parents weren't able to give you?
  40. What milk formula did u give your child from birth?
  41. At what age your child start to walk?
  42. Where do you normally shop for your child clothing?
  43. Is your child a picky eater?
  44. What is your most favorite attribute about your child?
  45. Did you have hospital birth or homebirth and epidural or non medicated?
  46. Did you breastfeed and if yes for how long?
  47. Your favorite memory of firstborn the first few days?
  48. Do you stay at home or go to work and whats the hardest part for you?
  49. Do you co-sleep or do you just let your children cry it out?
  50. What was the scariest part of labor for you?
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