Tell us a funny "guess what my kid did" story:

  • Nicole says:
    In the spirit of tomorrow's fishing trip...Autumn kissed a fish once. :)

  • Francine says:
    My kids have done some horrible things together....The funniest was when Wyatt and our dog sammy got into my make up and both of them were covered head to toe in lipstick, coverup, blush, eye liner and pretty much everything in my makeup bag.

  • Amanda says:
    I cannot think of any right now gah

  • Rachel says:
    My husband came to get me from work and our truck was stalling so it wouldnt start. He said oh no now we have to walk home in the rain then my husbands mother pulled up to give us a jump my son said yay now we dont have to walk home in the rain....lmao

  • Amanda says:
    Olivia pooped all over the walls and floor and everything when she was like 5 months or something, while I was in the middle of changing her on the changing table, there was so much poop everywhere

  • Melissa says:
    Just one? Aiden does a ton of funny things, he's such a monkey but yesterday I made them french toast and he sucked the syurp off every piece and spit the bread back out. Little bugger! Noah dropped it like it was hot on Aiden's face the other day. Funny for me and Noah-Aiden not so much. They make me laugh everyday though, even when I shouldn't! Like when Aiden climbs on the couch, or both of them in the shopping cart. They're both just so adorable!

  • patrice says:
    GUESS WHAT MY KID: HMMMMMMM, WELL, hes only 16mo but he goes in the fridge and helps himself to the milk or juice, with his sippy cup N HAND and tries to pour it himself. i think thats VERY FUNNY!!!

  • Nicole says:
    My son thinks he spiderman by climbing the closets shelves...

  • shauna says:
    my son was in kidnegarten and he told his teacher his dad was black....when we went for conferences ,they teacher said my Mr. Secor your not who i thought u were .........very funny

  • Aimee says:
    I had just changed a dirty diaper & after 2 minutes I heard him poop again. This time Mark (hubby) was changing him & he started screaming for me. I went to them as quick as I could and found that Mark forgot to put something over Ethan & he had peed all over Mark!

  • Anonymous says:
    Oh, geez.........Where do I begin?

  • Tarsha says:

  • Angela says:
    Way too many of these..

  • Jessica says:
    Well i think its funny...her newest thing to eat is Sultanas when she wont eat anything i know she will eat them! Well after undressing her for a bath she crawled away like always as she went to climb on her couch i saw something pop out from her bottom...when i went over there, there was a little sultana on the ground LOL i know gross but its funny!

  • Victoria says:
    Got into the Sharpie marker and drew all over herself...Got into a tub of Petroleum Jelly and rubbed it all over herself! Stuff like that doesn't just wash off with soap and water!!

  • Lory says:
    Both of my kids playing while dressed at ballerina's. I think you get the picture.

  • Amanda says:
    too many too tell

  • Micaela says:

  • Anonymous says:
    To many

  • Jenae says:
    He always puckers his lips like he wants to give you a kiss :)

  • Laura says:
    Yesterday my kid started at a new school and I joined her for lunch. The other kids were playing a "my mommy likes..." game and the first thing she said was "My Mommy likes to give me kisses"! So true and so sweet! (sorry not really funny)

  • Anonymous says:
    they would go into the ditch after it rained and catch tadpoles and keep them until they turned into frogs

  • Kate says:
    While finishing a wee in a public toilet, Chloe says in a nice loud voice, Yeah Baby yeah. I think she has watched Austin Powers once and that line has just stuck

  • Melissah says:
    Just yest Codi got me to smell his armpits (gross i know but its wat we do!! lol) and then he smelt mine... Turns out mine smelt like poo and his smelt like donuts!! Ahh hes a nut!!

  • Jamie says:
    Benjamin is now 100% potty trained. When he has to go he has to go, so his little pee pee gets pulled out wherever he is. Well, Daddy was going potty the other morning and Ben shot out of bed having to pee. I walk by the bathroom and see both my husband and 3 year old standing in front of the toilet peeing. When he has to go... :)

  • Melissa says:
    Abby once took her pants off for the neibor boys.... Ally poops, takes her diaper off, and hides it somewhere... Abby once tried to give Ally a bath in the toilet.... Ally likes to put the puppy in the toy box. Neither one of them will leave the house without some kind of accessory..

  • Leah says:
    she trys to ride the dog and loves to feed them off her plate. shes seen mommy feed them one to many times i guess,lol.

  • Amy says:
    well she has done some cute stuff, but nothing realy funny yet since she cant do much.

  • Jacqui says:
    After my divorce I dated Mike Utley (used to play for the Lions) he had her on his lap at the Olive Garden one night and didn't tell me she had to potty until it as too late...

  • Pamela says:
    Well our son Jason had a deep desire to find out how things work. He put the small light buld from the operation game into the night light blew out the power. Then there was the time Amy swollowed a marble. Then there was the time Jason clinbed up the linen closet and spread Ben- Gay all over. As you can tell Jason kept us busy.

  • Hilda says:
    had him in bed with me 1 morning & i usually wake up to him pulling my hair & doing drums on my head, but this time it was diferrent there was none of that. So i woke up only to find a trail of vaseline on the floor leading to the sliding door which opens to the back patio. He was eating vaseline & had it all over his face while banging on the window talking to the dogs..... i still dont know how he got out of bed...lol

  • Melissa says:
    Can't think of one right now.

  • Anonymous says:
    which one lol I was painting my kitchen cubards when Christopher was 3 1/2 yrs old and when I was going to bed I put the paint and brushes in the cupboards I was painting well the next morining I awoke to find my little boy covered and the floor and cupboards all done!

  • Sarah says:
    Oh every april fools day I do funny pranks on the kids with food and every year i end up fooling them they love it ..

  • Deb says:
    They did alot of funny things, too many to tell.

  • Desiree says:
    Asked me to wear makeup when i go to her school, cause her friends laughed at me :(

  • Carly says:
    erm ... she pooped all over her daddy, and she pokes her tounge out at everyone !!

  • Lisa says:
    None today, they were both naughty and are in bed.

  • Sarah says:
    Hmmmmmmmmm, just last week she was in a play ( and it was a WONDERFUL play, not just sayin it cause my kid was in it! ) and because she is sooo short, when they all lifted their hands together and went to bow.... the two holding her hands lifted her off her feet and plop she fell RIGHT off the stage!

  • Natasha says:
    Oh man. I have no clue!

  • Diana says:
    Oh there are so many lol!

  • Dominique says:
    Can't think of anything but it is way past my bed time and im knackered?????

  • Mary says:
    My daughter used to run and hide and I would find her sitting on the door of the dishwasher or in her tub in the bathroom(it was empty of course)

  • melissa says:
    ok. Me and my oldest boys were in Walmart one time. We had just moved into a new house and realized that the house had mice,not only that but just about the same time we moved my car had to be put in the shop. The boys were in the cart and had asked if they could have a toy and I told them no b/c we had to get other things. This older man walked by and heard them. He came over to the cart and started talking to the kids,and they put on their sad faces and said that they couldn't have a toy b/c our car was broke and we had mice in the house and mommy didn't have enough money to but us a toy. So the man gave them $10 and told me to take them to the toys and get them something. I was so humiliated I could have beat them right there.

  • Ashley says:
    she stays still and watches me paint her toe nails... lol

  • Angie says:
    I'll get back to this one

  • Paula says:
    he told me he wanted to wear big boy pants so i let him (stupidly!!!) then he was sitting in his chair and said mummy, poo poo. i asked him if he needed a poo and he said no done it!!!

  • Sarah says:
    I don't really have 1

  • Claire says:
    don't have one yet.

  • lindsey says:
    nothing too funny yet, kayden was pretty good...and alyx is just 7 weeks so nothing from her yet either.

  • Bonita says:
    Any time I put my son's pacifier in my mouth he reaches for it, grabs it out of my mouth, and puts it into his

  • Ewa says:
    theres too many things to think of, they all do funny things

  • Tanya says:
    We were camping in our RV for about two weeks while our home was being renovated. We have a full bathroom in the RV and it was time for me to shower and of course, Natasha had to use the bathroom as well. Well, I was running around naked after a shower and I caught Natasha taking a long glimpse at my lower area. It was only a matter of time... she blurted out " mommy, you have a fuzzgina. I don't have a fuzzgina. I have a vagina." LOL I booked a wax appointment the next day! :)

  • Emma says:
    So many things. I love the way he spoon feeds himself: picks the food up with his fingers, puts it on the spoon, moves it to his mouth tehn takes it from the spoon and puts it in his mouth!!

  • Kat says:
    There are too many to name. I guess my favorites is when my son tried to blame his sister for starting the fight. She is 4 and he is 17.

  • Amanda says:
    darion busted his chin open one time.i had him on my lap and had my leg crossed. he wanted down but before i could get my leg uncrossed to let him down he threw himself forward and his chin hit the edge of the coffee table. when we took him to the doc he ask darion how he busted his chin open and before darion could tell him hanna piped right up and said mom pushed him!!! it wasnt funny at the time but to look back at it now it is hilarious.

  • Mel says:
    he cryd in jd sports 4 20 mins coz he wanted pink trainers no blue ones!

  • Anonymous says:
    On a family trip to New Mexico, Shelbi left Minnesota with a miserable case of poison ivy in the most unfortunate of places. Sunburnt, and touring a state park in the dessert., despite warnings, she stepped off the trail and ran into a cactus (it was like a porcupine had sprayed her). Poor kid. So we went and got her ears pierced.

  • Kaylia says:
    Well i put her on the rug on floor while I was in the shower, I looked to see what she was doing about 5 minutes later & she was across the floor!! I don't know how she did it!! lol

  • Michelle says:
    I sent Aoghdan, who was 8, to the bathroom to wash his hands, just on general principle. He'd been petting Toadie (his pet toad) a lot, and digging up bugs, and I couldn't be sure if I'd made him wash his hands the last time he did something like that. I'm paranoid, but he was about to make a drink and put those hands in the communal ice! ;) Anyway, he went into the bathroom and came back out, and I never heard the water. So I asked if he washed his hands with soap and hot water, and he said, "Oh! I forgot the soap. And the water!"

  • Anonymous says:
    My memory isn't that great can't think of any right now. Hence why I say take lots of pictures and videos.

  • Emma says:
    so so many but about 6 month ago my youngest climbed on the table and smiling all the way sucked out as much tomato sauce as he could before he could be brought down. He laughed so hard as we tried to catch him

  • Carie says:
    he's in the stage where every day is a guess what my kid did today story

  • DESIREE says:

  • Marie says:
    my daughter used to escape out of the house when she was 2, so much so i had to put alarms on the doors in the house lol

  • Lisa says:
    There are way TOO many to tell!!!! ( they may be out in Hardcover someday!) =p

  • julie says:
    I was cooking supper one night and the phone rang. I told my daughter if it is (a certain person) I am not here. My daughter answers the phone, tells them I am not there, then says just a minute, yells to me "Hey Mom, When will you be back?" Needless to say, I took the call.

  • Victoria says:
    when my son was 6 he shaved a spot in his head with the razor i shaved my legs with, and told me mommy looked what the water did.

  • Kisha says:
    Dayson is hilarious!!! There are so many!!! The one that pops in my head is when I came home from work and he had drawn on the wall with a permenant black marker and the moment I went to become SO MAD, he says Mommie I made a picture for you and me!!! I almost melted but we did get some cleaning supplies and scrubbed that bad boy right off!

  • LaKisha says:
    Jordan used to call 911 everyday when he was little and carry on a conversation w/ them till the cop showed up and scared the daylights out of him

  • Rebecca says:
    I have so many of those!!!!!!!!!! Who doesn't!

  • Tina says:
    The other day, my oldest, walked out on our steps took her diaper off & pee'd on then step!! She's a girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!OMG I didn't know wheather to laugh or be mad??

  • shanna says:
    the other day jenica was over at her grandmas and grandpas and took her grandpas wallet right out of his pocket while he was turned away and then opened it and said money mine , i thought that was cute

  • Kelly says:
    haha too many to tell or remember properly

  • Amelia says:
    I woud not even know where to start.

  • Anonymous says:
    At the gravel bar Sunday Nathan pulled his pants down & pee'd in front of everyone there. But if you gotta go, you gotta go.

  • Wyona says:
    ? can't remember one off hand

  • Michelle says:
    tooooooo many-- When Kelsey looked at me before she was 2 and said "I know, Kelsey" shut up!!!! she talks just like me!!! and when maelee takes her little fingers and points at her eyes then at you---and says I am watching you!

  • Just says:
    Talked to my mom one day on the phone. We had an arguement. Sara was about 4 years old. I hung the phone up and silently said "witch". Mom called back to apologize. Sara answered the phone and yelled "Momma the witch is on the phone!"

  • Anonymous says:
    There are soo many, I wouldn't know which one to share.

  • crystal says:
    Oh geez......i wouldn't even know where to begin on this one or which one to begin with...

  • Cassie says:
    Blaine goosed a lady in an isle at Wal-Mart one day because she wouldn't get out of his way. Adam darted down another isle and left me standing there with the cart! I about died! What can you say??

  • Amber says:
    Gosh to pick! Devon used to bring me the most beautiful flowers when he was little that he used to steal from other people's yards! It was so hard to explain when he looked so proud.....:o) Grace is a total goof box She once called my eye brows "caterpillars" and I knew it was time to pluck!

  • Kristen says:
    Not really funny at the time but has some how gotten funnier Kamden (3) took a large cup of kiddie pool water while out side and went over and poured it on his sister's head (she was sitting in her exercauser minding her own business) and said, "There you go sister, all better"

  • Charlie says:
    playing with my son after he ate throwing him in the air and he pucked in my mouth!

  • Tonya says:
    she pooped on me already, but i think all babies do that at some point! her faces crack me up, she does silly things with her eyebrows and mouth - seriously looks like her dad sometimes haha

  • PAULA says:

  • Mari says:
    Briana broke Tias IPhone screen - What i can't figure out is why she had it Tia.....

  • Anonymous says:

  • Anonymous says:
    We were in WI Dells, went mini golfing and Tayler started to walk ahead of the family and started swinging her club at people we didnt know, not purposely at the people but she just wanted to swing it. Hailey will sing and dance in front of anyone, she makes up her own songs and its funny bc the things she'll sing about is real life stuff like the real singers... once she was singing "and my sandals are dirty and I have to buy new ones"... things like that crack us up.

  • clare says:
    my sister(who does have children) was around visiting and i asked her to give my daughter a bath and while she was doing so she poohed in the bath my sister didnt know what to do cos she didnt wanna put her in the pooh water but didnt wanna put her hands in the bath to get her out it was so funny!!!!

  • Jennifer says:
    theres too many too tell, trust me, my kids are hilarious

  • Carol says:
    undress in the night if to hot

  • Kita says:
    Um don't know

  • Emma says:
    daddy layed on the floor i said 'oh daddys gone to sleep, we better wake him up ...' she ran up n kicked him in the head!

  • Krystal says:
    To many to list.

  • Jordan says:
    TOo many to even go there.

  • Elz says:
    none he cant do much yet hehe

  • Joanne says:
    ha ha... cant think right now

  • Jennifer says:
    The problem is they are always doing something funny!! There are both like there dad!!!

  • Kathryn says:
    he got busy with a perm black marker and took it too grandmas hardwood cabnets.....the picture when he got busted was the best part....not to mention i got it cleaned before grandma found out.

  • Nadine says:
    Probably how cheeky he is when I tell him "no", he always laughs and tries again....hehe

  • Kirsten says:
    When Keaton was 8mos old he woke up from a nap and decided to take off his diaper and spread the contents all over the wall, crib and himself! I'm sure many have done it - but ewww!

  • Elizabeth says:
    LOL Smeared Vaseline all over the carpet

  • Savannah says:
    she clicks her tongue when i click mine at her :)

  • Anna says:
    my little girl ruby sang a line from a song for first time today but not in the right order it was funny

  • Amanda says:
    He drives his uncle Tony's wheelchair

  • stephanie says:
    well when my lil girl started standin she used to climb on the couch then do a head dive off so we had to put pillows down as she wudnt stop n she is a real chocachlic x

  • Judy says:
    paula changed sam one time and didn't put her diaper back on...and well she did her thing

  • Carina says:
    She's pretty little so the best "guess what my kid did" story is about projectile poop and it may be TMI lol

  • Carrie says:
    Let's see I have a few. Here is one: William, when he was about 4 years old, I guess and I laid down for a nap and when I woke up next to me on the pillow was my ponytail (6 inches of hair) I still don't know how he got the scissors down from the counter top.

  • Nicole says:
    there are too many to chose from!! I wouldnt know where to start sorry

  • Cyndi says:
    He does something funny every day. In the last week or so he's started picking his nose, and he laughs whenever we tell him to stop picking his nose. This morning I gave him a bottle and he laid on his doggy, Siren, and fell asleep.

  • Leslie says:

  • Gail says:
    Hmmm, there are so many. One time Mikaela spread diaper cream all over herself and the carpet. If I think of any more I will come back.

  • Lauren says:
    cant think of anything off the top of my head but he has this really cute laugh whre he scrunches up his nose and flails his arms all around n snorts

  • donna says:
    i be here all day..lol

  • Sam says:
    tries to copy wot ppl do

  • Sonja says:
    My daughter poured red kool-aid packets all over my kitchen floor and i mopped it like 20 times and it was still obvious and we walked around with our feet dyed red for weeks.

  • Kym says:
    Hmmm.... Where to start?

  • Danielle says:
    brocka did a poo n wiped it all ova sam n ediths lounge

  • Karen says:
    my son used an entire bottle of sunscreen on him and was covered in white paste

  • Jessica says:
    Too many silly stories to remember.

  • Jodie says:
    i took her to my school today, and one of the band guys put his trumpet up to her mouth and i took a picture and it looked like she was playing lol it was HILARIOUS

  • Amanda says:
    can't think of one right now, to tired

  • Anonymous says:
    Danielle put almost a whole roll of toilet paper in the toilet yesterday.

  • Jessica says:
    he was playing with his tiger and got it on top of his back and didnt know how to get if off so he just started screaming

  • Katie says:
    wow... way too many!

  • Jamie says:
    Ohh geez there is lots! Hayleigh lost her two front teeth and was having a hard time talking like that, so she started talking with an Italian accent with her hand up and everything. It was hilarious

  • Tiffany says:
    Hmmm... That's a hard one, Shannon has done so many things I can't think of one right now.

  • tamara says:
    too many

  • Kristen says:
    I was outside cleaning up the yard, and Case was playing in the grass. I turned around to get a trash bag and by the time I had turned back around, he had climbed into his baby pool, which was filled with a little bit of rain water, and was laughing and splashing around!

  • Adana says:
    My Milah mama gives high fives and she is only 7 months

  • carla says:
    omgosh...way to many to even pick from

  • Johanna says:
    Chase pooped in the tub when he was 5 or 6 months. NOT fun to clean. lol

  • Shanna says:
    We took my son to the grocery store so he could be in his wheelchair. Big mistake. As soon as we got into the store, he took off around the corner and just HAD to go up each and every aisle. He's gonna be in NASCAR one day.

  • Adriana says:
    This happed 2 days ago and it is the funniest thing my son has ever done! Me and Vale were swimming in this little pool we bought. I was laying in there, I had just taken off his swim diaper, when he starts to pee....he thought it was just the funniest thing, then he all of a sudden turns around and starts peeing on me!!!!! Of course while he was laughing uncontrollably! LOL I couldnt help but laugh!

  • Jaimie says:
    They both flushed $100 dollars down the toilet one day while I was at my internship, they were home with daddy! Not so funny at the time, but don't worry the bank envelope was retrieved, thank goodness for that :(

  • Kelly says:
    Aghh there are so many "guess what" stories. Guess the best was when Kinnah took a green sharpie marker to my micro-suede couch. Lots of scrubbing to get that out. Atleast I can laugh now cause it was completely NOT funny then.

  • Amie says:
    my kid is the best of course. She loves music and starts dancing anytime she hears it even to the clorox commercial on tv

  • Cammy says:
    when hannah was like a year old, me and my mom were walkin thru zellers and this lady walked by us, and hannah yells out "HOE", i couldnt help but laugh, but then i apologized to her

  • Heather says:
    omg...thats hard...I have 4 kids and so many i can't believe you just did that. But the one that keeps coming up would be Treyton peeing outside. When we lived in Munjor it was no big deal but now we live in town and he just doesn't understand why he has to come inside to pee! lol

  • Stephanie says:
    The one time Megan repeated a line from "Sweet Home Alabama" (with a swear word in it of course) was pretty funny. Probably because she was only 3 and we were right in the middle of Wal-Mart with a bunch of people around.

  • Brandy says:
    oh man, there are a few. he got the baby powder down and powedered 5 rooms in our house. Him and the dogs got the chocolate cake off the counter and had breakfast together! and that was a site.

  • Erin says:
    my kid loves to follow around our dog and chew on his tail

  • Anonymous says:
    There is one, but I'm not reiterating it, it's a bit embarrassing for me! (nothing on her end!)

  • Blayr says:
    thought he was superman and swung from his blind and busted it

  • Anastacia says:
    ans. the same as number 9.

  • audrey says:

  • Kristy says:
    claire tried to have a bath in the toilet

  • Nikki says:
    The poor boy just back flipped down from standing next to the Tv stand...I have no idea how he managed that, then he kicked a bowl in the same falling motion and it whacked him in the face, poor boy.

  • Samantha says:
    pissed on me this arvo :( not bad 4 a girl

  • Anamaria says:
    if u baby uses a dummy they do that funny mouth thing with their lip. well he only does that if his got a runny nose. he loves to eat his runny nose, wierd and gross i know.

  • Lucie says:
    When my son was about six, he informed his Sunday school teacher who had asked the class to pray for a baby for her and her husband, that prayer was good, but she'd "have to get the sperm in there".

  • Sam says:
    wen my son was 18 19 months he was all Nickie ready for a bath and he stoded at the balcony door waving his Lil winy around.

  • Jessie says:
    Giana is a dare devil. She loves rocking chairs and sitting in them. I turn around and find her STANDING on arm of the chair trying to climb onto her sisters bed!!!

  • Charlene says:
    Naked running in the grocery store

  • Liz says:
    can't think right now,brains on overload

  • Annalee says:
    not too many of those yet....she is just developing her personality...

  • Rebecca says:
    Can't think of any!

  • Jodie says:
    when my daughter could tell me what big girl things are ( monthly things )

  • Lauren says:

  • Jennifer says:
    I was having a laugh and told him that if he was naughty I would have to smack him ... it was like he knew what I was talking about and burst into tears ... Of course I was only joking and there was no smack

  • Jessica says:
    The funny thing Justus does right now is playing with his baseball toy. He hits the ball sometimes, but mostly just plays "Whack-a-Mole" with the bat. His favorite thing to hit is his own head.

  • Dawn says:
    she started a fake cry at six weeks.

  • Rhonda says:
    most recently, like 20 minutes ago, when we set Mylee-Belle on her potty seat, she sat there for a few seconds, then said, "I can't do it, Mommy"

  • Debbie says:
    She'll clap and then we clap and say yay and she starts laughing.

  • nicky says:
    just other day, my son asked hoe old his nan was,the one whos up in heaven, so i told him and he turned around and said "Well she looked good for her age"!!!

  • Angela says:
    I'll give you a recent one... We went out to lunch with my mother in law at a New Seafood Place that just opened. I dred taking kids out to eat. Jace (1month old) was screaming his head off cuz he knows we are eating... we get him out of the carseat and he just vomits all down Aaron and the floor. Then Jude (1 yr old) decides he wants to throw his juice which explodes on me and the floor. So, I am sure the staff there was ready for us to leave...

  • Tiffany says:
    Well hes 2months 3weeks old so not to many "guess what my kid did" stories for me......

  • Amber says:
    cade is always doing something funny,yesterday he was riding a little wagon down the slide. Oh you should have seen his face!!!

  • stephanie says:
    my baby likes to vaccuum at 2 yrs. old

  • Racheal says:
    We went to my OB's office to discuss my c-section. I told Aiden that it was the doctor that will be taking his sister out of my belly.. a week er so before I explained how babies were born, how he was born n came out my vagina n how his sister will come out through a cut in my tummy... he looked at the doc and said "you're gonna give my mom a boo boo!" she asked what he meant by boo boo n he replied " you know you're gonna cut mommy open take the baby out, sew her up..... thats a boo boo." The doc was impressed. I was proud of Aiden for remembering what I said.

  • Anonymous says:
    destiny started crying in the car one day when i asked what was wrong she took a deep breath and said i cant see my eyes then continued to cry

  • bexiie says:
    skye was sick in her dads mouth lol

  • michelle says:
    my 2 year old son found a pack of condoms and brought them out and handed them to my mother. She looked at them and looked at me with a 2 year old and a 1 year old and 6 mo pregnant again and said to me " I guess you never used these"

  • Becky says:
    can't think of one

  • Liz says:
    We bought our first home 5 years ago and and was one and a half.We just moved in and I had no baby gates up.I was unpacking stuff and then thought I wonder where Ava went,so I looked around and started to panic when i couldn't find her,but then she started laughing and I followed the laughter to the upstairs bathroom and there she was in the tub dressed and covered from head to toe in Zincofax,a full container used.It took 3 days to get it all off her.

  • Anonymous says:
    my kid has ADHD, what didn't she do.

  • Yvonne says:
    omg...there are so many..but the best were when the boys were 3 and 4, they decided to cook me breakfast. We had safety knobs on the stove so they couldn't turn the burners on, but they got out the skillet and started cracking eggs all over the skillet and stove. Mind you, this was at 6am, after they shut my bedroom door not to awake me.

  • Anonymous says:
    Too many to pick one

  • Anonymous says:
    What doesnt this lil one do!!

  • Pamela says:
    2 many

  • Angela says:
    Juliana had to go to the bathroom the other day and did not want to wait for me to finish up, so she went outside and pulled her pants down and I caught her pooping in the yard. EWWW!!!

  • Cindy says:
    can't think of one right now......

  • Caroline says:
    They are always funny, I cant name one thing, They are always funny and make me laugh everyday!

  • Becky says:
    She's potty trained and even poops on the toilet. One day she takes off across the house saying she has to go poop to get a popsicle (our reward for pooping on the toilet-since she doesn't get them any other time). By the time I get to the bathroom to help her she has already gone, wiped, and pulled up her underwear. It was a soft poop and wasn't cleaned up all of the way so the underwear we have been trying to keep clean is now worse than if she would have pooped in them to begin with. It was great though knowing that she's getting the hang of pooping on the toilet.

  • Ashley says:
    Ummmm. Where to begin... All mine are normally about jakoby.... Once we were watching one of Justice's soccer games, it was like 2 min from being over, and he tells me has to pee. I tell him that it's almost over and to wait just a couple of min. Next thing I know, I look away from the game and down at him... He's about 2 foot from the white line of the field and he's peeing!!! To top it off, the ball gets kicked out of bounds and rolls like 6in from his stream of pee :X I was mortified!!!

  • Brittany says:
    don't have much to tell right now...the funniest thing she does is sqwack like a bird! And its LOUD!!

  • Anonymous says:
    Most recently, we were in Target in the shoe section. A woman was sitting on one of the benches talking on her phone. Jesse walks up to the woman, turns around and poots on her. Then, he says "I pooted".

  • Jennifer says:
    Funniest story for Sam would one of his "I'm telling you" stories that he tells me when he's upset I took too long to get him out of his crib in the mornings. :) He's also really taken to chasing other kids down in public lately - despite the fact he doesn't know them.

  • donna says:

  • Alicia says:
    god there r so many the funny thing are probly his little sayings

  • Jonine says:
    Once again you have to pick just one?? We don't do Santa Claus. I tell my children the truth and we've talked many times about Saint Nicholas who lived and long time ago and his good deeds and why the legend got started. Of course, naturally, it follows that he is now dead. When we went to Dollar General one day someone asked Christian if Santa Claus was coming to his house and he replies, "no, HE's dead!" (like didn't you get the memo...??) I got the dirtiest look from that woman.

  • Cecilia says:
    Sofie routinely worries about characters on TV.

  • Cassandra says:
    Chloe standing at the drink fridge in our local store and saying mum mum drink now

  • Lisa says:
    Daniel was so funny...I was fixing him dinner and I asked him at age 2, "Do you want a piece of meat?" and his response with fists up.."Yeah you wanna piece of me??" He was hilarious..

  • Kimberly says:
    Don't have one... :(

  • Heather says:
    We were at a restaurant and my little man was in the high chair, (he wasn't very old...just enough to sit up & wonder about everything). Anyway the waitress came by to ask us about refreshments & all of a sudden she backs up, looks at my husband like, "WTF!?" And my son starts giggling. He had untied her apron in the back. Then when she came back she made the mistake of standing by the little guy again because he started slapping her ass when she was sitting the drinks on the table. She found her sense of humor though & laughed about it & called him a heartbreaker.

  • Ashley says:
    Proof that you can't even use the bathroom when you have a 3 year old- while I was doing my thing, my daughter decided to paint our couch with peanut butter.

  • Rhiannon says:

  • Morgan says:
    Ashley opened the laptop, clicked on a few things and pulled up a game to play....having never been shown how to do it and she acted like it was no biggie.

  • Anonymous says:
    Dayton is a mess these t ypes of stories could go on and on. The most recent would be that she told Craig that the new baby should go to Disney World for his 1st birthday since she went last year and when Craig said he would be too little, Dayton offered to go for him and the baby stay at Nanas.

  • Melissa says:
    My daughter decided that she would cut her hair and try to hide it, however she forgot to hide the hair she cut off. She put it in the bathroom trashcan.

  • Erica says:
    since its only been 7 weeks, i dont have many stories...lol, but she laughed yesterday....thats not hard to guess but i loved it.

  • Marcia says:
    pouring shower gel all over the bath room

  • Anonymous says:

  • Stephanie says:
    got too many to tell..

  • Selina says:
    you think of it, it's been done by one of them

  • Tina says:
    My son Nicholas swallowed a small yellow lego, well a few days later he was going to the potty and all of a sudden he started screaming for me, so I go running into the bathroom, and he tells me "mommy something is wrong with me, I pooped out something yellow" I looked and it was the lego that he swallowed a few days ago. I was laughing so hard at that!

  • Carla says:
    Amanda still had tubes in her ears when she shoved a chicken nugget in there, too. We had to go to the doctor and have the nugget, and tubes, removed.

  • Kylie says:
    there is to many to say! my middle bub glued her eyes open with superglue and ended up having to have eye drops for a week till the glue wore off! she had to sleep with a mask over her eyes because she couldn't shut them the poor thing!

  • Hayley says:
    god there is so many i couldnt say any

  • elizabeth joy says:
    one of my daughters clean her theeth with deep heat at her auntys place... it was not funny then but it is now, and i dont let her forgett it.

  • sue says:
    i can't think of any at the moment

  • jamie says:
    well how about when lindsey pooped on the floor and hanna ate her own sisters poop.....it was HILARIOUS and DISGUSTING at the same time

  • Leanne says:
    she came down n started sayin sum of the mama mia film

  • helen says:
    dont have any yet

  • Petra says:
    Seh haven't done funny things yet, normal baby stuff.

  • Cathryn says:
    haha i dunno..blake does so many goofy things! I guess when he busted out the "i am a robot" at the park in front of all these kids

  • Chezronda says:
    besides beating up on me...I have none! My son is hilarious all the time! all kids are!

  • Mariel says:
    oh yeah this just happen and i don't think is funny! but I hope my little one learned her lesson. She decided to put a tweeser into an electric outlet!

  • bobbie sue says:
    ripped his diaper off and ate his poop

  • Tracey says:
    my youngest son Aidan so thoughtfully used my makeup kit to "fingerpaint" a beautiful picture for me on my bedroom wall, it almost broke his little heart when we washed it off

  • Anonymous says:
    Caught my youngest son on film chomping on the neighbors baby's finger during a picture.

  • Eboni says:
    He said the F word... With a B instead of an F...

  • Stacy says:
    Pooped all in his car seat... it was everywhere

  • Tameka says:

  • Jenni says:
    When Chan was 2, I was working and he was with Tim all day. He was in his room for a long time so Tim got up to check on him. He had stuck his hands in his diaper and rubbed poop all over his tv and walls. Gross!!lol

  • Kristina says:
    Mia had to pee after leaving festa, there were no bathrooms around so Paul n I had to hold her n she pee'd in the parking lot!!! I can't think of n e thing funny right now....

  • Roxanne says:
    Did a runner from the changing rooms in new look just as i had taken my top off so i had to run out after him, with no top on! ..... werent actually that funny!

  • Kelly says:
    Owen calls all the little girls treacle! We went to my moms and my friend was there with her little girl. Owen went up to her, hands on hips, with a cheeky grin and said 'hello treacle' very funny!!

  • Johnnie says:
    She does too many things.

  • Brittany says:
    this is great! my friend babysits my daughter for a few hours each day and she has a little boy that just turned 3. he likes taking toys away from her when she's trying to play. after about the 5th time he went to do it again. he was standing in front of her and nicole pushed on his legs and the little guy fell over!

  • Laura says:
    Not so much funny but cute. Madi sitting on her change table trying to brush her own hair, yet missing her head completely with her brush.

  • Billie says:
    Linzie always swallowing necklace beads and Tara stcking them up her nose....LOL

  • lisa says:
    My kid farted on the bus and yelled out that mum farted.

  • Brandi says:
    She is only a month old but when she sleeps her eyes roll in the back of her head and she frowns and then starts smiling... and laughing a little. It's so cute!

  • Bec says:
    one of our friends has a husky and caleb was shouting from the back yard " mum mum theres a polar bear out here"

  • Anonymous says:
    i have tooo many to choose from lol

  • Jen says:
    Katie came running out of the bathroom when her dad was having a shower shouting "Daddy's poorly" When I asked her what was wrong with him she said "He's got a tail growing!"

  • Donna says:
    well when i put olivia in her high chair for the 1st time ever she farted and had a little laugh was so cute n funny

  • Joanne says:
    Far too many to mention. David painted his brand new 150 pound tractor blue on Xmas Day. He was hitting hammer with His uncle Michael and saying 'bastard' every time he it - was about 18 months old, Michael was about 22 and thought it dead funny. Will used to sit in the tree in his 'thinking spot' (he was a pooh bear fan) and watch the world go by.Will stole a full carrot cake out of the fridge. Will was actually a very good boy lol, Michael was the only boy on mirehouse to push his pink pram and dolly round the garden. Michael walked to the shop on Meadow Road and pinched a creme egg aged about 2. We were all over the place looking for him! Everyone thought someone else was watching him!

  • Lisa says:
    last week in the supermarket this old couple came up to my children and i and did the grany thing with my baby and my eldest turned around and said THATS MY BABY SISTER being all protective lol and the old couple walked away

  • Gemma says:
    waking me up in the morning saying the suns up so you needed to get up

  • Gina says:
    well to me as a mom to the funniest kid ever she does some very funny things all the time but prob is not as funny to other people:)

  • Shari says:
    Jer (about 3) standing in a church pew. The guest speaker was a black man (which Jeremy had never been exposed to, it was the 70's in CDA) and it got real quiet and very loudly Jer says " Mama how come that man is all dirty?"

  • Torrie says:
    hmm...well when she was about one month old she was yelling/crying so i was playing with her trying to calm her down and I yelled back and she grabbed my face and tried to bite my nose!

  • Whitney says:
    My daughter tried to "shave" her face like she sees daddy do.. haha she loves that man.

  • divakaleigh says:
    I was driving and my mom was in the car, and my daughter, about 3 years old, was in the car. Another driver cut me off and I yelled out, "Dude!". My daughter chimed in, "Mommy, I know you want to say SHIT!" I actually didn't, but she continued, "Mommy, it's okay to say shit if you want to." My mom laughed and laughed.

  • Autumn says:
    Pushed the dog off the dock into the water...so she could see him swim....that's the most recent thankfully he's a Lab...so he could

  • Katie says:
    Theresss Too Many... Dragging The Cat Around By Her Tail & Eating Her Nappy Are 2 :O

  • Tahnee says:
    My little Ayden was with me picking huckleberries and he told me he needed to pee. I said go ahead. Next thing I know I have warm liquid on my leg because he decided to pee on me!

  • April says:
    There are so many great stories I can't pick one.

  • Charlene says:
    omg...too many and I am preggo, so my brain doesn't work very well.

  • Anonymous says:
    One year I gave my oldest son a few dollars to get me something for Mother's Day. He ran uptown to do his shopping. Well, he was so proud when he got home! he had gotten me a really sweet card, a small angel figurine. Then he gave me a flowered, square wreath that you put in the ground that said, "MOM". Yep a grave marker! It took everything I had not to burst out laughing. Afterall, he felt so good giving me the gifts for Mother's Day! LOLLOLLOL!!!

  • synni says:
    paige slapping toby on the butt while he was bending over and calling him a bitch face( guess i have to watch what i say) lol

  • Lesley says:
    lilly did a small poo in her potty when the family was around.she was scared of it and wouldn't get back on for months.

  • Ashley says:
    there r too many of those

  • Cherie says:
    She put the Wii on. Everything from turning the TV on, setting it to AV3, turned the Wii on and put the game in, turned on the remotes, selected the game at the menu, then selected bowling from the games menu, chose 2 players (one being herself) selected ok, then started playing the game. Shes never even been shown how to do it!!!

  • Becky says:
    Christina announced on a bus that our baby eats mummys boobies!

  • Amy says:
    I think the best is when she snuck into the kitchen, got into the fridge, and cracked all the eggs on the floor. When I asked her what she was doing, she told me that she was making me breakfast. It was so funny and so sweet I couldn't really yell at her :)

  • Kali-rae says:
    pulled every tissue out of the tissue box? i dunno lol

  • Heather says:

  • REBECCA says:

  • Tricia says:
    Got his potty training seat stuck on his head

  • Chrystal says:
    ahhh there are way too many lol...my son is histerical!!!The things that kids say and do is truly great..it never fails to put a smile on my face!

  • Anonymous says:
    don't have one really.

  • Raylene says:
    i cant remeber

  • Pamela says:
    pissed and pooed all up my arm

  • Stephanie says:
    let you know when she's older and there's something funnier to tell

  • Kristi says:
    Okay my son is only 5 months old and and my stepson is 6 and i decided it would be easier to just give the boys a bath together. well lil man decided he was going to pee all over AJ. Aj was screaming and Xavier just smiled.

  • Kim says:
    My daughter loves to tell stories and most people think she is telling the truth. She told her Kindergarten teacher that her little sister was kicked by a horse and in the hospital. Imagine how surprised I was when the teacher asked how her little sister was doing and how much trouble number 2 got into when the story was retold.

  • Crystal says:
    lol too many to list lol Alexis and her friend set up the swings so that they would swing at each other and her friend kicked out alexis's loose tooth lol ummm vicki shit her pants because she was too into her game there are so many things

  • Brittany says:
    He doesn't do much yet :)

  • Aleasha says:
    ummm ? i no hav some jus cant think lol

  • Mary says:
    well Tanner has ate a penny cut his hair and put gum in his hair and des has cut her hair treydon and tucker havent dne anything YET

  • Sian says:
    Just started picking her nose... Not funny at all though.

  • zoe says:
    dont have one

  • Ashley says:
    Oh geez, I know I have a lot but I am going to have to think about this one.

  • Anonymous says:
    When my oldest made a tooth fairy trap. Put Elers glue around his berf so he could get her when she came to put money under his pillow...lol

  • Candi says:
    Have to think on this one awhile

  • Annette says:
    My middle daughter is very tiny. One day in school, the teacher told everyone to stand up. She turned to my girl and said "I said for EVERYONE to stand up!!" My girl told the teacher that indeed she was standing. But the teacher didn't believe her, so walked the entire length of the class to look under my girl's desk, to find she was actually standing up. At least the teacher apologised.

  • Heather says:

  • Shannon says:
    He was running with his finger in his nose, tripped and fell, cutting himself diagonally from his right nostril to just above his upper lip on the left side...still has the scar too. (I guess just the running with his finger in his nose part is funny, but he's fine so I can laugh!)

  • Becky says:
    My youngest son took my boyfriend's youngest daughter's ONLY pacifier and flushed it down the toilet.

  • Karyn says:

  • Anonymous says:
    Daisy came to me the other day with a piece of her hair in one hand and a pair of scissors in the other and she said to me with a big smile on her face " LOOK MOMMY!! I did it! I did it all by myself. " lol

  • Erin says:
    He's not quite old enough for those moments yet

  • Rachael says:
    He hasn't done anything that was funny yet.

  • stacey says:
    Coban locked the cat in the cupboard one day, i didn't know and thought soeone was breaking in when i heard the cat trying to get out of the cupboard.

  • Erin says:
    We were walking to the shop, and there was a very large man walking toward us and blake said mummy look there is big foot, on top note...

  • Jenny says:
    oh man that is too long ago. Brent (eldest) came & told me that Rhys (youngest) was eating sugar from the sugar bowl. When I told Rhys that was very naughty .....he said 'but mummy, Brent was eating it first!' When I asked Brent if he was eating it to he said that he was....go figure!! So they both got into trouble!!!

  • Angel says:
    well....i have plenty of those where to start....i was pumping gas into my car when my 5 yr old decided to get out of the car and go around the pump so i couldnt see him, and just started peeing, yep right there!

  • Brittany says:

  • Jean says:
    Recently Carter asked a man (we didn't know) if he could touch his prosthetic leg.

  • Anonymous says:
    A police officer showed up at my door when Megan was about 2 years old. He said did you call 911? No. "There's a little girl asking for her Mommy or Grandma. Huh? The police officer asked to look around. I said my daughter was in my room playing. So we walked in my room Megan had the phone on the floor and had previously dialed 911 when I was in the bathroom. I was stunned and shocked. The officer just smiled is she in daycare? Yes. "You'd be surprised what toddlers pick up" You have a cute little girl, have a good day Mrs. Rabe". After that day, the phones went up a few feet. Lol

  • Jennifer says:
    She lately has been putting her hand in diaper public or not doesn't matter to her. Its a bit embarrassing.

  • Carly says:
    I thought Aidan was in the bathroom going potty. I decided to check on him as it was taking awhile. I walked into the bathroom and there was a bunch of hair on the floor. He had cut a big chunk right out of the front of his bangs. It took like 9 months to grow back.

  • Kristin says:
    Arwen just rocking out to music

  • Amanda says:
    cant think of any atm

  • Karrin says:
    oh there is alot.... the question is what is it my kid has not done?

  • Courtney says:
    Brady smacked me on the butt moments after George did. Monkey see, monkey do...

  • Michelle says:
    Can't think of one right now

  • Amy says:
    We went out to eat at some china buffet and out of the blue Jade blurted out "barnacles in my butt crack"!

  • Kimberly says:
    there's too many

  • Hayley says:
    Theo smiled,then puked in my mouth yesterday lol!

  • Kayla-Marie says:
    shits eats and sleeps.. lol

  • Lisa says:
    my son was on a swing in the park he was about 2yrs and his pop-pop was swinging me and in front of everybody he said pop- pop that makes my balls tingle.....

  • Kari says:

  • Anonymous says:
    Conner throw an empty, plastic cup and broke our window. I still can't believe it.

  • Gemma says:
    Ill get back to you on that one!!

  • Nicola says:
    well she is a bit young at the moment but when people say hello to her most of the time she blows bubbles at them

  • Megan says:
    Well, other than pooping all over at the doctors office (took 3 of us to clean it up!) I don't have one since she's so young. But, when my niece was small I had her at the store one day and she was sitting in the cart. There was a very short man standing in line behind us and in a VERY LOUD voice she said "Aunt Meg!!! That man is just a teeny tiny little guy!". I turned red...but thankfully the man just laughed and told her she was very observant!

  • Lisa says:
    um i would have to say when my youngest stuck something up her nose...funny but sacrey all at the same time

  • Alisha says:
    When my son Justin was a year old, He thought dog biscuits were the best thing he had ever eaten, so if ever he was toddling around where there were dog biscuits in his reach, he would have one hanging out of his mouth.

  • Elisha says:
    Andy was riding his four wheeler with hisdad and ended up driving it "up" a tree because he was too busy watching his dad...he got right back on it...but it ws scary thn funny

  • Shawna says:
    they do stuff everyday thats funny

  • Robyn says:
    ummmm... can't really think of any after reading the next one the funny things my kids do are really saying things lol...

  • Kristin says:
    my kid pooped outside beside the house cause she saw the dog doing it....lmao

  • Jacqueline says:
    There are way to many to pick from.

  • Hannah says:
    to many of them to tell..

  • Heidi says:
    One day when my oldest was about 3he was teaching himself his numbers by watching tv he was repeatig a 1800 # he would say something real fast that i could not unerstand ..then continue after about 2 days of this i was realzing he was meanig an 8.. He was saying "o on the top and the bottom"

  • Stephanie says:
    When Cameren was little, he got the A&D out of the bathroom while mommy was napping ( mind you he was napping with me) and he caked himself in it as well as his toy cars, LOL.... Yeah good one

  • Amanda says:
    I have so many of those! Our most recent one was a couple nights ago. My husband woke up at 4:30 in the morning to get ready to go to work and found our son asleep under the dining room table. Apparantly he had got up in the middle of the night and decided he wanted to go play around in the house and then got tired and fell asleep while he was exploring under the table. LOL!

  • Gemma says:
    a while bak millie was doin something she shouldnt so i said no n she give me the dirtiest look i got rite dog eyes

  • Linda says:
    well there was the time aurour was 3 almost 4 and I was letting her play in the tub I smelleda very sweet smell I followed my nose and discovered that she had put an entire gallon jub of bubbles in the tub and swished around till the bubbles were up to her chin while she was standing up in the tub

  • Heather says:
    oh gosh so many to choose from. well, just the other day I was coking supper when all of a sudden I heard the girls fighting, Alexss was screaming "mine, mine mine" (first time that word has come out of her mouth)... When I walked into the room to see what on earth was oing o, I was shocked! The girls had drug thepotty chair from the athroom to the living room and were fighting over who got to sit on it!!!

  • julie says:
    probably the funniest thing he does is the way he thinks he can fly he will claim up on anything with a blanket and say "watch i fly" and then he jumps but no matter how bad t is gets up shakes his head and says "i ok"

  • Tashala says:
    I have alot do I have to pick one!

  • Kelly says:
    throwing soil from plants round living room last night

  • Mariah says:
    Tonight, Caleb the 8 month old was crawlind around playing. He crawled into the kitchen and was playing with his brother's trike. He was being really quiet. Then the phone rang and I had to go into the kitchen to get it. Mr. Caleb had found Noah's half eaten cookie in the basket on he back of the trike. He was just sitting on the floor eating a chocolate chip peanut butter cookie. He had the biggest, proudest look on his face, and of course chocolate.

  • darla says:
    Well 2 of them involve the Germantown Police, alcohol, a park, driving and a blizzard... driving in the snow and making it to the end of Edgewood Dr, and going in the ditch.... and still more snow driving facing the wrong direction on the freeway and being pulled out of the ditch twice in the first winter of driving. Eggs -Gardens, rotten eggs, crash cymbals, jamming with string mops on their heads, Talcum powder fight, someone took our Halloween decorations and put them up in the neighbors yard, placed our lawn deer; buck and doe in an "inappropriate position" I could go on and on....

  • Laura says:
    can't think of any at the moment?

  • Anonymous says:
    When my youngest son covered himself top to toe in suncream

  • Jennifer says:
    So this christmas my son got an ungodful amount of toys at my father's my dad was passing out presents and no joke the 1st 15 were my son's. He gave one to my sister and christian folded his arms and said that's cole's huh...lol that boy is silly

  • Beth says:
    He FINALLY went pee on that potty. I was sooo excited I threw him a pee pee party! He has lots of chocolate that day! LOL Thanks doctor Phil! LOL

  • Chantell says:

  • Jeanie says:

  • Anonymous says:
    Theres so many they all run together.

  • Meghan says:
    I had a reeses pieces in my hand and she grabbed it out of my hand. she was only 3 1/2 months so it was cute!

  • Katie says:
    she loves to get into things.... especially baby powder!

  • Laura says:
    Too many to list

  • naza says:
    my 5 years old son once asked my husband to teach him English..when his dad told him..'I'm not good at this" ..he asked back.."so, you don't understand Chinese huh?"...hahaha

  • Jolene says:
    Most of my "guess what" stories revolve around Tomi. Funniest happened last year with his TA Ms. Burke (who is a saint). Tomi and her were waling around the school when she stopped to say hi to some students. Tomi felt that she was taking to long so my "Angel" slapped Ms. Burke on the ass and said "Get a move on old woman!". Both Ms. Burke and the other teacher thought it was so funny and cute Tomi did not recieve any punishment for disrespect.

  • Kerry says:
    They have done so many things. Mostly things Skye says.

  • Katie says:
    Jayden forgot her key a few months ago and broke into our house(she was 12). I still don't know if I should be mad or proud of her effort and resourcefulness. Either way....she got in the house.....and pretty quickly too.

  • Marta says:
    She knocked on the door and was whining for us to open it for her. She knows damn well how to open the door, then started to get upset. I finally got up to open it. When I did, she looked up at me, smiled and said, "sucker" and ran right in. lmao

  • Katie says:
    The first thing that comes to my mind at this moment is from last night... She was in her room going to bed and had been in there for about a half hour. Jake and I were out on the couch watching TV when we heard little "tapping" sounds at her gate (we put the gate up at night in her room so she doesn't get up and wander or anything in the middle of the night). We both got up to see what the sound was and it was Avery, at the gate .. She was wearing her winter hat!! :-) So she got out of her bed and went to her door, put on her hat, and called for Mama and Dada to come look :-)

  • patsy says:
    play dead lol

  • Nicole says:
    Last week Alex found Bella awake in her crib before I was up and he got her up, picked out her outfit and was playing with her in his room for an hour while I slept.

  • Courtney says:
    hes just funny all the time....i love when he talks to himself in his bed saying funny noises and you hear him clanking his bottle then chuck it over the crib .... and now he claps the gives you high fives and high tens lol

  • Nadia says:

  • Melissa says:
    Ryan got into my makeup bag and put conceler all over his face, yip I got pics!

  • Jessica says:
    At 5 weeks he can support his head and roll over onto his side.

  • janet says:
    I layed my son down for a nap in his crib,little time went by I heard the dog barking, went outside looked up he was on the roof, his dad jumped the fence caught him in his arms, If it wasnt for the dog, barks are good things..

  • Lacey says:
    well everything he does is funny.. he will stare at you then when you smile he will laugh.. he sits up on his own and is learning to eat baby cereal and baby fruit.. and the funny faces are priceless..

  • Tijuana says:
    I guess the funniest thing she has done so far is scaring herself when she passed gas! The look was priceless!

  • Anonymous says:
    Hmmmmmmm, where do I begin.............. He was about 3 when I got this puppy from a co-worker and brought it home. This crazy kid picks up the puppy and says, "Is he my mother, am I his mother"? ROTFLMBOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Gotta love the kids!

  • Jenny says:
    last night he grabbed a dirty nappy from his bin then I got up to grab it off him he did a 180 and started running away from me giggling his socks off (still carrying the dirty diaper) it was so cute

  • Crystal says:
    Well we are potty training and he came in the bathroom while i was pottying and then ran down the hall telling everyone to clap bc momma did a job and gave me a thumbs up for pottying in the potty like a big girl! HAHA!

  • Ericka says:
    my kid does a lot of funnny things buthe likes to look at himself in the mirror and 'cracks up'

  • Jen says:
    While being interviewed for TV(at the 2009 Hampton Classic), Kevin was aked by the reporter if he should thank his horse he said "NO, it's all me"..yes I wanted to die right there

  • Kirsty says:
    When Devaj thought he could walk on wet cement lol. Washed him.

  • Alyssa says:
    He was playing in the yard one day, ate a leafe, and promptly threw it up about 20 seconds later! Lol

  • Stefanie says:
    Don't really have too many funny ones yet.

  • Tiffany says:
    while on his potty Zai dropped his pacifier in, got it out, & had the nerve to try & put it back in his mouth( i caught him just in time)

  • Kym says:
    When her nanny was babysitting Jasmin had her finger down at her bum scratching it and ask her nanny to smell and she said "NO" then about 5 min later Jasmin jammed the same finger in the door and nanny kissed it better pmsl

  • Megan says:
    Kaiya took her nappy off and ate her poo.

  • Nohblee says:
    laps water out of the cats bowl, tries to put mummys nickers on as a shirt, pushes out a fart on purpose and then says poo while waving hand in the air, and u have to see him sing along and dance to music!

  • Rachel says:
    Can't think at the moment.

  • Karen says:
    Waited until the nappy was off before doing a power poo squirt all over me and the carpet.

  • Janice says:
    My youngest son got a hold of tube of zinc cream and proceded to put it all over himself. Unfortunately he was on my bed at the time nd covered my blue quilt cover with white zinc cream. Bless him!!

  • Emily says:
    oh let me think...

  • Britney says:
    Oh I dont want to even say, my son is a sicko sometimes.

  • Susan says:
    Haydn decided one morning (while we were still in bed) to have a picnic with my collection of pigs in my glass cabinet. He got a heap of ceramic pigs out and then found a 1kg block of cheese and a tub of yoghurt out of the fridge, didn't feel the need to use spoons and just gnawed at the cheese....lol

  • Sara says:
    so far she farted and sneezed..not sure so many lil stuff

  • Christina says:
    Yesterday, Elise tried to give her daddy Nolan's bottle. She was trying to cram it in his mouth & even opened her mouth to show him how to do it. When he wouldn't open his mouth, she put her hand on his forehead like I used to do her when she wouldn't eat her baby food. It was pretty funny.

  • Melissa says:
    Oh there are too many.

  • Anastasia says:
    With nine kids sorry I can't pick a favourite.

  • Megan says:
    Well macie was just playing in the toliet yesterday, we forgot to put the seat down, she seems to have a facination with the toliet gross!!!! I hate the toliet

  • Kristi says:
    ummmm...when I woke up one morning to get Patrick out of the crib, I walked in to see him standing there, naked, with his diaper in his hand!

  • Karen says:
    My son was upstairs being very quiet one day. When i went up to check on him he was sat munching into a full box of Pringles......Gone!

  • Amy says:
    It was on Easter Morning and my daughter just got a new Dora tricycle. We were taking pictures of her on the tricycle and she wanted the camera so she takes the camera and put it in the basket on the front. While she is putting the camera in the basket she says " I need to put this in here for keepsake". It's not the funniest thing in the world but to me it is because she is always saying things that a 3yr old normally wouldn't.

  • Heidie says:
    I was feeding him breakfast and he sneeze and blew food all over me!

  • Ashley says:
    lol..I have to many...right now she likes to play in the toilet so we have to keep the bathroom door shut...she also likes taking the cat food out of the bowl and putting it into the cat water, letting it swell up and then taking it out again..gross...

  • alicia says:
    well id have to say makin his monkley faces would have to be the funniest thing my kid did considering hes only 17 months old

  • Julie says:

  • Angela says:
    my sone gets his sisters hannah montana guitar and sing big green tractor

  • Michele says:
    In the middle of a church gathering, my daughter blurted out "I have to go poop" and everyone looked at me like I was nuts my daughter was telling me that!

  • Lynn says:
    Carly stuck the cat toys in the toilet

  • Vanessa says:
    well we layin down and a commercial came on and Juan Juan jus suddenly started movin his mouth to the beat of the music on the commercial.... it was hilarious!!

  • Crystal says:
    I walked into her room to find her butt naked no shirt or diaper she took them both off and her bed wet as can be lol stinker she is