wat did you say?

  • Shona says:
    fuck fuck fuck! never sworn so much in my whole life

  • leianne says:
    Hold my hand

  • ANGEL says:

  • Stacey says:
    Fuck lol

  • Jayde says:
    i barely said anything

  • shannon says:
    just get this baby out.

  • Jess says:

  • Cassandra says:
    Not much - i was very quiet, just tried to concentrate on handling the pain.

  • Jo says:
    i only said swore twice which is surprising but it was a very fast induced labour so the more drugs the better

  • Antoinett says:
    hmmm dont think it is appropriate to repeat

  • Fiona says:
    When bub was in the birth canal I called to her "Come to Mumma!" and when the OB was stitching me up Nev asked for a couple of extra stitches so I told the OB to stitch me right up!

  • Sally says:
    Cannot be repeated, little to rude but it was something to do with telling him and my mum not to ****ing when I was having a contraction.,

  • Erin says:
    I can't f@#*in shhhhh!

  • Jess says:

  • Lillian says:
    i dont think im going to make it.

  • Kathleen says:
    your not in this position you don't understand.

  • Stace says:
    With Jaymie i think it was um, i think this is what weed smokers feel like all spaced out on gas...... Kalib well nothing much i dont htink he was an easier labour by far then jaymie lee was

  • Jane says:
    I told her f*#k off as she was tapping on my head to talk to me and I had a swing that her as well my husband told me afterward as i don't remember a thing.

  • Christine says:
    DONT F***** TOUCH ME!!!!!

  • Peggy says:
    i cant do this

  • Jeanine says:
    naughty words

  • Tania says:
    nothing i had a caeserian section

  • Sheri says:

  • Loveable says:
    i dont know dont rember lol

  • Kate says:
    nothing was asleep

  • Veronica says:
    was groggy had a c-section

  • Kerry says:
    ouch probably!

  • Sarah says:
    i just yelled in general

  • Sabrina says:
    nothing much I was really quiet

  • Katie says:
    PLEASE GIVE ME A CEASER!!!!!!!!!! JUST GET IT OUT OF ME!!!!!!!!!!!!! to the father - I HATE YOU FOR DOING THIS TO ME!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous says:
    i said get it out

  • Alanah says:

  • Anonymous says:
    give me more gas

  • Anonymous says:
    can i get an epidural plz. but it was too late

  • emma says:
    fuck off get away from me i cant do this anymore

  • jodie says:
    not much...... tried to preserve my energy

  • erin says:
    get him out..

  • Angie says:
    Wake up asshole or something to that extent.

  • kerry says:

  • Anonymous says:
    i cant FUCKIN do it............NO dont cut me.........john no more FUCKIN kids......give me gas and air.....NOW

  • april says:
    cant remember

  • Rhonda says:

  • lee says:
    told them if they turned the drip off I was going home

  • Karlee says:
    i was worried when he first came out he looked like he had no bones lololololol and asked wat was wrong

  • Sarah says:
    I remember saying Oh GOD and then crying and saying "God cant help me now - noone caaaaaan" LOL Cracks me up now!

  • Teresa says:
    no more after the 1st baby

  • Tracy says:
    what is it?

  • sarah says:
    is she ok

  • Emma says:
    just angry at her for not going by my birth plan, apoligised loads after lol

  • skye says:
    fuck u. give me the fucking drugs now. how much longer is this going 2 take. i hate u. don't touch me

  • Susan says:
    cant repeat

  • mandi says:
    just cut me open n get it outa me now!! & stop pushin my ribs

  • Belinda says:
    was to tired to talk much

  • kasie says:

  • Lauren says:
    I kept asking them when they where going take me back up to the ward, once they got me into theater and were putting the spinal block in I said to the midwife 'so u really r delievering the baby then' lol

  • Kristy says:
    give me the drugs

  • Somma says:
    can't really remember. . . it hurts?????

  • Lynda says:
    never again!

  • Michelle says:
    I can't do this....and ouch, it's burning...LOL

  • charotte says:
    nuffin jus yelled in agony..sum midwives r ruff!!!

  • Jennifer says:
    I can't do this anymore!

  • kylie says:
    im scared.

  • Abby says:
    When the Dr gets her, tell him he's giving me a ceaser!

  • Zenna says:
    I want this baby out now this isn't how it was supposed to be

  • Ashley says:
    well i'm not going to repeat it lol i didn't mean any of it anyway

  • Sharmain says:
    it hurt i want my mum im so tired

  • sharron says:
    not much

  • KRIS says:
    i need a ceaser,why won't u give me a ceaser!!!!!!!!!,get that shit outta my face,wat the fuks goin on!!!!

  • Kasie says:

  • Jeaninne says:
    I screamed, said cuss words...

  • Rebecca says:
    F**k F**k F**k this hurts mum

  • jennifer says:

  • Anonymous says:

  • Renee says:
    didn't say much

  • KRistie says:
    just cut this f@#&n baby out of here now!

  • Anonymous says:
    not much, didnt have time to lol very very very fast labour all up 1 hour 40 mins, ohhh was just so easy lol

  • Anonymous says:

  • Sara says:
    I feel like I'm going to spew

  • Claire says:
    Hurry up!! 30 hours and an emergency caesarian not fun!

  • Amy says:
    wheres my epidural!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 10000 times!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Cassie says:

  • brooke says:

  • britni says:

  • Kerry-Anne says:
    Nothing I was just glad I didnt have to push any longer

  • Anonymous says:
    cant really remeber

  • Emma- says:
    told them it wasn't funny

  • Anonymous says:
    i cant do this no more ive given up lol something like that

  • Gabrielle says:
    cant exact;ly remember but i snapped at them

  • Joyce says:
    F*** you

  • Stevie says:
    Nothing, just did what the midwives told me to do

  • Jodie says:
    I told him to get away from me n not touch me with the needle again... This was after he stabbed me 4 times n still didnt hit the right spot.

  • Ariel says:
    ...i told my grandma to shut up

  • natalie says:

  • Patricia says:
    I wanna have this baby without the C-Section

  • Anna says:

  • Anita says:

  • Elly says:

  • Tawnni says:
    "hurry up! get him out!!"

  • Rachel says:
    I cant repeat it...but yea it wasnt nice

  • sharee says:
    lots of stuff its pretty embarrassin lol

  • Kristy says:
    I called cheryl a wench.

  • Anonymous says:
    i want her out now just cut me open i dont care anymore and every swear word under da sun....

  • victoria says:
    Swore at my sister and that i wanted to go home and told the nurse that i just needed to push NOw!!!!

  • krystal says:
    not much

  • sarah says:
    not much

  • Charlene says:
    Dont think I said anything just screamed...

  • stacylee says:
    life has to get better

  • Kim says:
    Can't post what I called them...lmao

  • Kailean says:
    just god it hurts... lol

  • Amie says:
    i kept asking clinton to take me home

  • Amber-Grace says:
    Mum don't please don't... Cause she was filming it

  • Keziah says:
    i said fuck once lol

  • Holly says:
    was in so much pain, i dont really remember

  • Amy says:
    take the stupid things off my belly the baby is pushing on them

  • Samantha says:

  • Anonymous says:

  • Jacque says:
    What I can't F*ing hear you... (was having really strong contractions that were a min apart) plus she was mumbling

  • amanda says:
    fuck n shit a lot

  • Laura says:
    Can't remember, but I got my epidural!

  • ALICIA says:
    To busy concentrating on breathing to say much ,but did tell partner he was not going near me again lol

  • Monique says:
    Dont even remember

  • nikki says:
    for my mum i said "dont rub my fucken back leave me alone" and for john i think i told him to fuck off or something like that

  • Sara says:

  • Natasha says:
    give me more gas

  • Angie says:
    not much at all. Quiet achiever

  • Jessica says:
    I have no idea

  • Shelly says:

  • Danielle says:

  • Kimberly says:
    Cant rememeber..

  • Kristy says:
    MUM, i dont wanna do it anymore ha ha

  • Justina says:

  • Wangina says:
    LOL "oh fuck me babe" , nd yesi was reminded that, thats how i got their!

  • Nicole says:
    i can't do this, give me a c section

  • Marisa says:
    ooonnneee....tttwwwwooo.....ttthhrreee.....aaahhh. lol.

  • ChrisMaddie says:
    Please what ever happenes, no ceaser!!!

  • Nicole says:
    i was more worried about matty

  • Anonymous says:
    didnt say anything .. didnt have labour

  • paula says:
    didnt scream, just said a few bad words wen contractions came!!

  • Nikki says:
    I didn't.. think I cried...

  • Lisa says:
    i dont want anymore pain...lol that was after 23 hrs of labour.

  • Hayley says:
    feck this and feck that, also i didnt want the baby lol

  • Anonymous says:
    it hurts!!!

  • Anonymous says:
    stop tellin me 2 push when i dont feel i need 2 n then tell me not 2 push when i want to !! lol

  • Shantelle says:
    Nothing at all

  • Claire says:
    It's unrepeatable!!!!

  • Crystal says:
    fffffffffffff....... i wouldnt swear lol

  • Shanna says:
    wat did you say

  • Carol says:

  • kc says:
    it was in pushing stage had a very lengthy labour something along the lines of im NOT doing it you do it NOOOO lol

  • Calesha-Jade says:
    nothing i bit and nearly broke hands

  • Victoria says:
    didn't say any thing

  • chenine says:

  • kayley says:
    i cried...

  • Sadie says:
    Dustin kept chewing his nails to i flew up outta bed and told him to quit chewing his f***ing nails, told my mom she was a liar cuz she said it wasnt going to be that bad and the doctor and nurses would give me anymore pain meds so i freaked out on them too!

  • Vanessa says:
    I couldn't tell ya- I don't remember

  • Lesleigh says:
    i'm hungry

  • Sara says:
    The only thing I said was mid push to my mom as the head was about to come out was that I didn't want to push anymore. She told me I was strong and that I could do it. I couldn't have done it without her.

  • Bonnie says:
    i was talking about Denzel's b-day present

  • Holly says:
    I think u shud just check me lv cos either ur wrong or I'm v morngy! She did n says ' ok ur 9cm dilated ur about 2 hav a baby!'

  • Elaine says:
    cant remember

  • Anonymous says:
    alot of swearing i think

  • Anonymous says:

  • Helen says:

  • Aliecia says:
    i dont remember really

  • Viccy says:
    i need to push!!!

  • Bethany says:
    don't remember

  • sharla says:
    dont make me do this and get it the fuck outta me

  • Luara says:
    i cant do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous says:

  • Vicky says:
    think its a tad bit rude for here !! lol

  • Elizabeth says:
    that i wanted a c section

  • Sam says:
    i think the only words i did say is "Get out baby", the rest was just screaming. the strain and exhaustion of pushing, and probably screaming, does not leave enough strength for talking to anyone.

  • Anonymous says:
    did not scream

  • Kate says:
    I hate you, everything's your fault. look what you did to me.

  • Dimity says:

  • Sarah says:
    lots of screming,get it out and i cant do it anymore

  • mandy says:
    not much..

  • patricia says:

  • Joanne says:

  • Amber says:
    i dont want paracetemol im in labour i dont have a headache. mum stop havin the gas and air..

  • Susan says:
    I remember crying just befor my second baby was born as was over come with emotion by the fact we were about to have a baby.

  • Michelle says:
    called midwife a bitch

  • Susan says:

  • Katrina says:
    loads lol

  • Rosie says:
    I didn't scream, I simply said "I hate you"- calmly and quietly.

  • Vicki says:

  • Ebony says:
    I do remember asking the midwife for an epidural at some stage and when she said no i was like "but i cant do this anymore'. and poor nath was like "im sorry babe , but u have no choice!" lol.

  • Karina says:
    he was hurting me he was squeezing more than i was him lol

  • Georgette says:
    mum it hurts & anth this is all your f*cking fault

  • Ashlea says:
    can't really remember

  • Rebecca says:
    No idea

  • Emily says:

  • Anonymous says:
    lots of swearing lol than I was too high on gas and pethidineto rmember much more lol

  • danielle says:
    I dont know i was on drugs! lol

  • Elisa says:
    I want him out now cut him out eetc.... etc......

  • Nicole says:
    I dont F###ing need it leave me alone

  • errin says:
    i said f this and f that

  • Geri says:
    that's not a massage - that's a tickle!

  • Anne says:
    I don't want to do it anymore!!!!!!!

  • KEELIE says:

  • kiara says:
    not much just was happy

  • Barbie says:
    fuck off!! NOW! heehee

  • DEANNA says:
    don't really remember that either

  • kelly says:

  • Tania says:

  • sarah says:
    i told my sister to take a hike with the gas mask

  • Alicia says:

  • Desleigh says:
    nothing that i can remember

  • sharon says:

  • Donna says:
    can't repeat it but did make up some new swear words

  • Shirreen says:
    Honestly can't remember

  • Sandra says:
    Nothing it was a Cesarean

  • Melissa says:
    It cant be coming lol

  • Courtney says:
    get F*#ked

  • Laila says:
    I was nice enough to keep my mouth shut......more important things o think about

  • Sally-ann says:
    piss of out of here you old bitch?...

  • Renee says:
    i told her to stop being a bitch to dee

  • Sharyn says:
    i'm tired, i can't keep going

  • Kylie says:
    can't remenber

  • ena says:
    GET IT OUT!!! Get rid of that F&%^$# chewy!

  • sheri says:
    lots cant realy remember

  • melissa says:
    wow that was quick only 5hrs

  • jessica says:
    "Yay team me" when he was crowning lol

  • Amanda says:
    oh "f"

  • Deanna says:
    cant type the f word on here

  • Danica says:
    I don't really remember lol

  • Jennifer says:
    not much :)

  • Tammie says:
    not much cept "it burns"

  • Anonymous says:
    The second time I asked the midwife if I could have the baby after midnight as it was my other daughters b'day, it was 6pm and she was born 6.31pm, so i guess not!

  • Stef says:
    why and i want drugs!! (i didnt get any though)

  • Kristen says:
    give me drugs this shit hurts

  • Tracey says:
    I told her that I'd been trying for the past several hours and it's just not happening and for her to deal with it

  • Aimie says:

  • Anonymous says:
    abused her for taking the gas off me!!!

  • Heather says:

  • Amanda says:
    See above!

  • Genevieve says:

  • Jennifer says:
    Bad Things

  • Andrea says:
    One nurse kept rubbing my forhead and I told her if she touched me one more time i was gonna haul off and hit her !!...lol

  • Donna says:
    aaaargh! No swearing I don't think. I wasn't able to make any sense.

  • Angie says:
    never yelled or screamed

  • Kelli says:
    i asked them to make it stop hurting

  • Aimee says:
    Get me the %&*#! facewasher

  • Candy says:
    Ohhh I remember yelling at my brother in law for staring at me, (found out later on that i was supposedly talking to him lol) lots of nurses a i was in labor forever, and i do remember while they were prepping me for my c-section yelling at my AUnt Sherry, I still feel horrible for that!!! But I was in pain, Naked, and in labor. I did'nt know what else to do...

  • Chloe says:

  • Elissa says:
    I don't remember.

  • Ruby says:
    What is it? When the baby arrived.

  • Fiona says:

  • lucy says:
    i cant do it

  • Danielle says:
    nothing - as i said no screaming.

  • Fiona says:
    moo.... lol

  • Vicky says:

  • Jennifer says:
    Nothing... lol I was sleeping right up untill I was ready to push THANK YOU PETHADINE

  • Kareena says:
    cant exactly remember

  • Elizabeth says:
    Just get her out!!!! Oh, and David kept messing with the monitors and making them go off and making me mad

  • Shona says:
    if i wanted to hold your hand id hold your fucking hand

  • Nicole says:
    Get it out.

  • Casey says:
    GIVE ME MY GODDAMN EPIDURAL!!! the nurses heard me at the station lol

  • Jess says:
    when in labour??? not a lot...i cried a bit...and smiled....i remember after two days of labour i said 'i can still do this, but i dont know for how much longer.....' just before they talked me into an epi.....

  • Carla says:
    Have to wait & see!

  • Anonymous says:
    not much

  • Debby-Lee says:
    I said give me a fucking break...

  • Carly says:

  • Rebecca says:
    to Shell, "you can have a look if you want to!!" - she didnt.... hahaha

  • Darlene says:
    As above

  • Emily says:
    as above

  • Veronica says:

  • Liza says:

  • Merindah says:
    Something along the lines of being stressed out of my brain and he wasn't helping

  • Courtney says:
    *Laughing while saying it* Owww! This hurts! (Isn't it obvious that I never made it to the pushing stage)

  • Rebecca says:
    Dont eat in front of me, im not allowed to eat! (i swore too)

  • Clare says:
    nothing. Though I did feel like yelling at the Dr when he scratched me internally while breaking my waters.

  • Melissa says:
    shit in german hahah

  • app+7mnejhu says:
    didn't get a chance to say anything! ha

  • Tracey says:
    Well not much because i was getting a needle in my back....HORRIFIED

  • Sibylle says:
    Just cut me open and get this baby out of me!!! (although perhaps with a little more colourful language)

  • jessica says:
    That F*%king hurts! STOOOOPPPPP

  • Danielle says:
    Nothing much! I do remember singing along to the radio though, and telling Chad 'This is helping me, I don't care if people can hear me!"

  • Renee says:
    I am never doing this again. But I went back two more times.

  • Brittany says:
    I went to the hospital just as i hit transition and All i wanted was peace and quiet with contractions. I told the middy and my mum to shut up several times, and Told my mum to stop nodding when i saw her sitting there nodding at me.... (apparently she was nodding because she was thinking how good i was doing concidering i was drug free)

  • michelle says:
    nothing to busy wondering when my husband would turn up

  • Skye says:

  • crystal says:
    i don't want to do this anymore

  • Melissa says:
    nothing was to out of it lol

  • Jamie says:

  • Amber says:
    Well to my mom I told her to Just Shut Up!! PLEASE!!

  • Kelly says:
    i think a few times i remember saying "what was a thinking"

  • cindy says:
    hmm, ouch should cover all of it, oh- & hurry up & get out of there u stubborn bitch (yes i know, i called her a bitch b4 she was born but it had been 36 hours!!!)

  • Lorren says:
    "she said i could push!!!!" apart from that I was pretty much silent, dont believe me, I have the video lol

  • kiralee says:
    i cant remember much, i was so high!!!!!! same with jakson and cooper i was apparently sreaming cut this fucking thing outa me!!! and when she tried telling me to stop sucking on the gas i said hell no you try doing theis,lol, and as i said i was high on pain releif i dont remember much!!!!!!

  • Emily says:
    the nurses had lifted me onto the bed and i was yelling at chris and mum to move my legs or something, i dont quite remember

  • Ellie says:
    Just leave me alone fuck you (or something like that) but in my defence I had been in labour for 50 odd hours and nothing was happening

  • Amber says:

  • stacey says:

  • ashley says:

  • Belinda says:
    "STOP BLOODY LAUGHING AT ME" damn 2yr olds think everythings funny lol....

  • kelly says:
    I go into my own little world, forget their and listen to my body and baby...........weird but amazing

  • Mandie says:
    not to shore

  • Shontel says:
    we won go thea lol wasnt very nice

  • shanaai says:
    when will it be over

  • Corrina says:
    'As above' lol

  • lisa says:
    this fuckin hurts

  • Ngawai says:

  • Kaylah says:
    Told them to get the baby out now iv had enough and i want him out

  • Elyse says:
    you have no idea what im going through

  • Ash says:

  • Shannon says:
    a mixture of things placed sparingly between a lot of swear words haha

  • Elisha says:
    She was wiping my forehead with a damp washer n i said "DONT FUCKING TOUCH ME" I had an epidural with Ella n the MW said that i had 2 use a ed pan so i said"LIKE FUCK IM GOING TO THE LOO" so withhardly ne feeling in my legs i got up n walked to te loo hahaha BITCH

  • kimberly says:
    i want the c section now and told a midwife i would get up and drive somewhere else if they didnt do it

  • Cara says:
    give me a fucken cesearian

  • Ashli says:
    i just wanted him in there with me

  • Felicity says:

  • Georgie says:
    cant remember

  • Anonymous says:
    "it hurts" i think about a million times

  • Kelly says:
    'get it out of me' and 'give me a cessar now!!'

  • Julieanne says:
    Not sure I remember that well.

  • Rickie says:
    not much at all really, was 2 nervous but exciting at same time to say alot.

  • Alysha says:

  • Melanie says:
    'why did you do this to me' LOL

  • Alex says:
    fucking get it! hurry the fuck up! i'm not pushing you can fucking pull it out!

  • Kym says:

  • Anonymous says:

  • Anonymous says:
    Are you sure they have to come out now....you can't stop this!!!

  • Jodie says:

  • LOUISE says:
    as above

  • trudie says:
    if your not helping , get the fuck out now

  • Emma-Leigh says:

  • Emily says:
    im not f***ing death!!!

  • Catharine says:
    "can't i come back tomorrow and finish this? i've had enough for today"

  • samantha says:
    told my ex to get out and stop telling me what 2 do

  • Kirsty says:
    Too many swear words

  • Tracy says:
    told them to F Off

  • Kiera says:
    i didnt scream at anyone

  • Lorin says:

  • Misty says:
    I cant do this, just pull her out...it hurts...omg it hurts

  • Michelle says:

  • Samantha says:
    I want to go home!!!!!!

  • Mary says:
    alottt of things

  • Lindsey says:

  • Lisa says:
    Words like that usually get censored!!

  • Kelli says:
    she is beautiful!

  • Kristi says:

  • April says:

  • Katherine says:
    after he was born i looked at his father and asked him if that was what he wanted

  • Clare says:

  • Beverlee says:

  • Natasha says:
    that I was going to die

  • Angel says:

  • Sarah says:
    i told my mum 2 piss off lol n just kept sayin i cudnt do it

  • Lyndsay says:
    When I was in labor? Nothing really except for when can i have my epidural and if its when i found out i was pregnant i was 2 shocked 2 say anything

  • Jonelle says:
    this hurts, I need to go to the toilet lol and can I come back another time... lol

  • Andrea says:
    just get it out now

  • Krista says:

  • Sue says:
    that he was avin his balls cut!!n he did!

  • Misty says:
    Nothing cos i didn't scream at anyone

  • Kym says:

  • nope says:
    I think I didn't really say anything.

  • Anita says:
    can i push yet over and over again but all i got was no.

  • Sharyn says:
    u dont wanna know

  • Mon says:

  • Emma says:
    I told him to take me to the hospital...

  • Kaylia says:
    "what's going on ?" && "COUNT FASTER"

  • Teagan says:
    it hurts like hell but i'd do it all again

  • Hollie says:
    help me! lol

  • Gemma says:

  • Clare says:

  • Bobbie says:
    About what??

  • jasmine says:
    i just wanted it to be over! and wanted to go to the toilet lol

  • meggan says:
    not much

  • Nikki says:
    i want gas, pethodine, give me a spinal block or epidural.... just give me a cesarean lol. CUT IT OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous says:

  • Stephanie says:
    get out

  • nuria says:

  • Nicole says:
    the nurse told me to breathe through the contractions and i just said 'you CANT breathe through them'.

  • candice says:
    every naughty word u can think of

  • Anonymous says:
    worst I said was I can't do this

  • rebbecca says:
    cant really remember

  • Jaimi says:
    Many profanitites

  • caroline says:
    i'm going to make u feel this if this happens again

  • Anonymous says:
    I asked adam if he was okay once, i was worried he was going to pass out he was white as a ghost and didnt speak a word the whole time!

  • Renee says:

  • Jasmin says:
    stop touching me!

  • Ashleigh says:
    nothing pretty much the whole time cos i was trying to sleep

  • Angela says:
    what didnt i say lol

  • Jenica says:

  • Stacey says:

  • ellie says:
    i was sad