What is and how did you choose your baby's name?

  • Shona says:
    Leilani Ava, Liked Ava for a long time and found Leilani in a baby name book, as soon as I saw it, I knew that was the one. It means Heavenly flower in Hawiiaan

  • Anonymous says:
    1. alayna....cuz my sister in laws nieghbors daughter had that name and i thought it was pretty and unique at the time! lol 2. Caiden....we liked Hayden but found Caiden in a baby book and went with it...then after about 4mnths found out there are more boys named that then girls...sorry caiden! its still cute on her! 3. Calie....i heard the name on Greys...yes a tv show...but i just loved it. it sounded so fresh and i thought it would be perfect and it is!

  • midc1chp says:
    Lyric.....Both her father and I do music!

  • Ashley says:
    Bradley Paul Schmidt Dave already had the name picked out so i just went with it lol

  • Cheryl says:
    Well a little strange but i got it from my Ex, not my babys dad! I like unusual names saw the name Tamika and that was it!

  • Kelsey says:
    aiden and off tv show jon and kate plus 8

  • Nicola says:
    sophie it was the only name myself and hubby could agree on. - and its very pretty

  • Charlotte says:
    Grace Elizabeth my mum gave us the idea for grace and named her elizabeth after my friend who passed away

  • Emma says:
    Alex, we were more prepared with girls names, but boys names, i liked Alexis, he wanted damien, i said a big no to damien so we decided on Alexis, but then HE wasnt keen after about 2 seconds so was like 'how about just Alex then?' and he agreed, so that was that :0)

  • Jennifer says:
    Aaron - Babysat AB (Aaron B.) when he was younger and said I would name my first son after him Michelle - Was my parents we picking my name it was eather Jennifer or Michelle. I got Jennifer so my first daughter got Michelle Ashley - was pulled out of the air when my hubby said it in the hospital

  • Becky says:
    Madison Eileen Lee Hallock...i just like the name Madison, Eileen is my moms middle name, Lee is my best friends moms middle name and Hallock is boyfriends last name

  • Nicole says:
    love the name Riley and both agreed on it

  • Sam says:
    alicia,just seemed to fit

  • Sherry says:
    I picked Khloe-Louise cause Ive always liked that name and Dakota-Lee has a very special meaning to it

  • Mich says:
    we tried to pick a name that would work for a girl or a boy since our ultrasounds said a boy first then they said a girl

  • Kirsty says:
    well we couldnt decide on anything and we kept arguing about names so john just said ok.. its either Michael or Daniel and i decided on Daniel

  • Sharee says:
    Na'jay and me and his dad picked it out.

  • Caroline says:
    Kilee Jade Laval Noskey

  • Liz says:
    Jesse, it's the name Daddy liked the best

  • Kaitlyn says:
    Daddy had the choice because we were going to have a boy!

  • Melissa says:
    Annabelle Grace...beautiful, graceful! Although sometimes we call her Annabelle DISgrace!

  • Jennyfer says:
    Lily Theresa. I wanted to name her after my mom, but didn't want to give her the same name. my mom's name is Amarilis, like the flower, so I chose my favorite flower and gave her my mom's middle name.

  • Jaylee says:
    Her name is Rylee-Jayne Madison. I had the name Rylee picked out when I was 16 and Her daddy liked Madison as for Jayne its her auntie's middle name.

  • Jasmine says:
    i have liked the name harlem since forever but con and i still wrote up a list of names, he liked tyler and we wanted him to have 2 middle names and cruise went with it but we decided to spell it differently

  • Stacey says:
    I watched a movie

  • Boe says:
    Linkin Charles Douglas Fell Linkin is after the guy in prison break, Charles is after my great pop n Douglas is after kyes best mate.

  • Tiffany says:
    Addison Elizabeth Patrisha Addison was a name brought up by my cousin. I had never heard of it. It went on and off my list threw the months. But I liked it so much! When she came out, we decided it suited her. Her middles names are : my grandmother's middle name and my mother in law's name.

  • Anna says:
    decided together.always liked the names

  • Denise says:
    My Mum came up with the name Ben and Rob and I chose Siena as its the name of the city in Tuscany where Robs Great Grandfather was born and lived :)

  • Fiona says:
    Darren came up with both names

  • Angela says:
    I didnt choose the name i let the father since i coulnd't find one i liked till after we named her...

  • ashlee says:
    jack and we both liked the name, took us a while to pick one

  • karissa says:
    brianna i just liked the name and same with ellie

  • Nicole says:
    Leeland Paul Waldemar Webster We wanted something a little different and we came across leeland from "dog the bounty hunter" lol and paul is after husbands dad and and Waldemar is german (as leeland is a 1/4 German) and is after his late uncle

  • Sarah says:
    Her name is Libby Nash - we chose it because we thought she looked like a Libby - I went through a website reading out names to Vid until we both found one we liked.

  • Mandy says:
    we liked the Irish names but have spelt them differently

  • Annwen says:
    Charles - we chose it years ago because we liked it with our surname and its traditional

  • Rachael says:
    Abigail. There were a list of about 5 names that we liked. When she was born we decided that she looked most like an Abigail.

  • Lauren says:
    Benjamin Charlie, Charlie is after my great grandfather and Benjamin just because we both liked it.

  • Lisa says:
    His name is David O'donel Kirkley. He's named after my AA sponsor Dave, and my Dad's middle name is O'donel.

  • Robyn says:
    Keeley...Daniel heard it on a childrens show a fell in love with it Bailon.....was found in a baby book. his name was changed a few days before he was born orginally it was Logan

  • Kayla says:
    Khloe Paige was more so my choice I wanted her name spelt with a K just for something a little different. Cooper Ray Menzies lets see we both liked the first name the only one we could agree on, Ray is for my dad and Menzies is for Wesleys favourite rugby player!

  • Andraya says:
    Antonia Lucille- we both just loved these Gabriella Celeste- came about from a joke about christmas angels as she was due boxing day Henry William- Henry came from my Opa William just went nicely with Henry Bethany Charlotte- We both chose Bethany as we loved Beth but not Elizabeth and Charlotte Ben chose and I liked it.

  • Kyshanna says:
    Tiana,her daddy named her

  • Danielle says:
    bailey: we went through a baby book and it was the name we liked best tyler: ash wrote a list of wat he liked and i picked wat i liked from it and we decided

  • Zoe says:
    jayden edaward anthony morgan we chose jayden because i love the name and its not very popular edward anthony is after my grandad those were his middle names as he passed away and meant a lot to me and morgan is our married name

  • Yati says:
    baby name book

  • est-73-rut says:
    jack yannis taylor, we liked a strong first name and yannis is after a friend of ours in crete

  • anne says:
    his name is hayden and hes named after the moto gp ducati rider Nicki Hayden because kev loves ducati!

  • Victoria says:
    Dylan is his name and i picked the name as i really like it but james didnt it took 9 months to convince him

  • Hayley says:
    Jacob-Kanu - my husband liked it from the start and when he was born the day portsmouth won the cup final his middle name had to be kanu.

  • leanne says:
    his name is alfie and he was named after my grandad who sadly passed away before we found out i was expecting

  • Anonymous says:
    Riley Jack Alan Tomkins - Riley and Jack because we liked them, Alan is Riley's grandad's name.

  • Carla says:
    jus popd in me ed

  • Sherine says:
    Ismail, my mom wanted this name for me if i was a boy

  • Rachael says:
    tyler... it was one of the only male names my husband and i agreed on

  • Keleigh says:
    Her name is Breeanna Leigh... Well Jason wanted Rhiannon and i wanted Breeannon but then we both decided on having Breeanna because we both liked that name better than the ones we chose...

  • Anonymous says:
    Sophia Ruth Elsie Ching - Sophia because we thought it was beautiful and its Greek (our fave holiday place is in Greece), Ruth is my late Nanny's name and Elsie is Chris's late Nans name.

  • Anonymous says:
    Auron. His daddy chose it.

  • Kelly says:
    Ethan, went on a web site

  • Gemma says:
    Holly. Leigh picked her first name both really liked the name & i picked her middle name

  • Anonymous says:
    Imogen and i dont know why we chose that name, but it was the only one we could both decide on!

  • Siti Aisyah says:
    from baby book name

  • Jade says:
    Aiden David, Just Looked On The Internet And We Saw Aiden And Liked it, And David Is After My Grandad! x

  • Billie-Jay says:
    Farley. We wanted something unusual, i came up with it but i don't know how or where i got it from lol.

  • Jade says:
    Harley, i liked it cos its an old english name and it was the only name me and neil both agreed on!

  • Angela says:
    tia. my other kids helped choose it

  • Laura says:
    my little boy is called brandon and my daughters name is emily, we wrote down loads of names and just picked them out coz its hard to pick a name wen there are loads that i like.

  • Kerissa says:
    montaya,the dad liked mikayla and i liked montana and one night i was watching f1 driving on tv and there was a driver with the name montoya as his last name so i changed it a bit and came up with montaya!

  • tracy says:

  • Melissa says:
    Nevaeh Gillian Anerson, Me and my husband really liked the name Nevaeh and i thought the spelling was really pretty (Heaven backwards) Her middle name is after my little sister who passed away,

  • Jenny says:
    Oliver Richard, i liked Olivia for a girl but when discovered i was having a boy someone at work suggested Oliver and it just stuck. And Richard is after Great Grandad and Daddy.

  • Natalie says:
    baby boy, joshua jack rhys thacker.. i chose joshua, lee wanted rhys and my dad wanted jack x

  • Samantha says:
    Riley Ashley Kevin Hobby ..& We Got Riley Off The Internet, Ashley Is His Dads Name & His Dad Wanted Kevin ..

  • Leah says:
    Latoya Morgan + always liked the name

  • Alisha says:
    Jayla, her godmother gave it to her and Travis, his father is adopted and he THOUGHT his biological name was Travis but it wasn't. It was Jason but we couldn't have another Jason cause that's my nephew and his daddy name.

  • emma says:
    olivia may... we just like the name...

  • Sammie says:
    alexis star, we just both loved the name alexis (lexie) and wen i had my scan a week b4 the ceasarean to chek she was still breech (which she was) the lady sed she was in a star gazing position, so every was saying she was a little star gazer, so star just stuck with us really lol

  • Kelsey says:
    Umm It came from Nicole richies babies name "Harlow Winter Kate Madden" we stole the last name

  • Kerrie says:
    Fayes name was picked by her daddy & i liked it and just made sense all the way through and middle names i picked.Heidi was just random we came up with it when i was 5months pregnant and kept it a secret til she was born.

  • Gillian says:
    caitlin was a name both my and chris decided on as soon as i found out i was pregnant before we knew she was a girl, jack was a name ive always liked and it took me 9 months to get chris to agree and jasmine was chosen by chris although we thought about it when i was pregnant with jack!!!

  • Maria says:
    Joshua Harry -Joshua is a name Ian picked and Harry is Ians grandads name Niamh Particia - Niamh i liked and Patricia is my mums name, Freya louise- Freya i liked and Louise is my sisters name Oliver Michael- Oliver i liked and Michael was Ian's dad's name. (being a nursery nurse i had to pick names that didn't remind me of kids i worked with!!!)

  • Karen says:
    Shay's name was chosen by his daddy, Shay is after Newcastle old goalkeeper Shay Given and his middle name Enzo is after a boxing trainer, both names where chosen as soon as i found out i was pregnant!

  • Rebekah says:
    Loved the nme Jamie for a girl since I was about 15 so I couldnt call her anything else!

  • Noelle says:
    Well, it all started when I was doing dishes and thought the name of the dishwear looked pretty on the bottom of the dishes...and then when I had the epiphany that it was Corban + Noelle, I thought it had to be our girl's name!

  • Jacqui Marie says:
    I'm not sure really! I must of herd the name Megan somewhere and liked it

  • Alison says:
    Elena Rose - Elena is a combination of my grandmother Eileen who died when my dad was only 12 years old and my Aunts Anna & Sylvia. Also wanted a foreign sounding name to go with our surname but one that wasn't too weird! Rose was because we liked it!

  • Heather says:
    Daisy Mia. Daisy was my grandmothers name and Mia and she was conceived in Monkey Mia! lol

  • Jen says:
    Lynsey: I just liked the way it was spelled. Travis: my husband named him...after a motocross racer??? Emily: quite hard to choose, eventually it was the name Lynsey liked!!!

  • Anonymous says:
    Sierra was a name I had heard and loved...so I held onto it. Elijah was the only name on my list that Sierra could say and/or liked. Both have middle names that were my grandparents names.

  • Ebony says:
    Jayla Rose, wanted something different and uncommon, think I seen it on a baby name website and loved it!

  • Norazura says:
    miz of mine n hubby name n refer to islamic name book too

  • sara says:
    jake i reli liked da name n james luke liked it lol

  • Ashley says:
    His name is Davan Alekzander. His first name came from a webcomic that his dad reads. His middle name came from my mom wanting me to name him Zander and my sister wanted Alec. So we combined the two. His dad's name is Karl. So, we spelled Alec with a k instead.

  • Maricela says:
    Her name is Sharlina and she is name after my grandmother.

  • Kristen says:
    Presley, my husband & I both love Elvis!

  • Wendy says:
    We picked Jamie Taylor because we liked them and we actually agreed on them lol. It was a chose between Jamie Taylor or Taylor James.

  • Samantha says:
    Valerie is a name we both liked (after much discussion) and Elizabeth was my great grandmother, who would have been Valerie's biggest fan were she still living

  • Diane says:
    Caitlin - just randomly popped in my head

  • Sophie says:
    It's Nathan, it was actually suggested to my Mum by one of her friends

  • Kelly says:
    Kynsli Jude- We put a bunch of names together from the baby name bible, then picked them all out of a hat. We kind of cheated because we kept vetoing everything but her name.. because we really wanted her name, but had to play "fair"

  • Christina says:
    Biblical, family names

  • Jessi says:
    We went through (literally) THOUSANDS of names and agreed that the middle name had to be a family name and the first name just had to sound good with the middle and last lol. We ended up with Dominic Daniel Moctezuma. Or if he'd been a girl, Sophia Mae Moctezuma (Sophie!)

  • samii says:
    oscar.. dad named him after oscar goldman.. i prefer oscar the grouch lol

  • Justine says:
    Random just came into my partners head

  • vicky says:
    named after an actress me and my husband liked in wire in the blood.

  • jen says:
    Samantha Judith, Samantha was my choice, I always loved that name & we couldnt agree on anything els. Judith is my mothers name, she & I are very close, I the baby & her would be very close to.

  • Anonymous says:
    callum peter,, looking through a book and its scottish

  • Stazi says:
    Xander was chosen because it was cute and unique.

  • Natasha says:
    Rae-Lynn...My grandfather was Ray, he passed away 2 years before..my mom's middle name is Jae-Lynn..So i just turned it into Rae-Lynn :)

  • Lou says:
    Ben just came to my husband one day and with Alex i have always loved the name

  • Cassie says:
    Mason Neil... we came up with the name Mason by scrambling the letters of our names together, and Mason means stone/hard and his middle name is one of his grandpa's middle name meaning champion. And those meanings really fit when he was born 2 monthes early.

  • Rosa says:
    Cullen, Chose the name coz it is my partners favourite rugby player name - the legend Christian Cullen!

  • Denise says:
    I work with children so I hear a lot of names...Carter I had only heard once in another class when I had him(now his name is quite common) Rayna was the name of a sister from one of the boys in my class

  • Ninitshetau says:
    Her Name is Maki and we named her after Late Maggie rich, a very beautiful and kind woman, and the other reason why we named her after Maggie because Maki's grandmother Christine poker she was very close to maggie rich.

  • Cassie says:
    Payton Zona Wild Payton i got from a movie, Zona is my grandmothers name

  • Ciara says:
    I gave him his father's name

  • Ayu says:
    Aaron, can't remember...Book I think..

  • Lisa says:
    on my husbands side there are 5 generations of benjamin bamess's so i had no say in his name only his middle name i got to oick which i made my maiden name, farley, Lucky Ben suited him to a tee

  • Kandace says:
    Alexandra Chelsea Day or Alex for short, Originally we were going to call her Bobby Alexandra Day but when she arrived she was so sweet like a princess Bobby just didn't suit and Alexandra did. Alexandra is the name of my great grandmother, Chelsea we just liked and Day is her Daddys name.

  • Anonymous says:
    Estella Clea Murdoch Macintyre

  • Emily says:
    Noah Scott. When my hubby and I were engaged we were tossing around ideas for baby names for fun...in unison we both said "Noah"! Since that isnt a common name, we thought it was pretty special that we both thought of it first. We still loved it 5 years later when we found out we were having a boy. Scott is my hubby's dad's name, and he is such a great strong male figure in Zach and Noah's life, we wanted to honor him and give Noah his name.

  • Amber says:
    that was easy for a boy, he was named after his daddy and his papaw

  • Julia says:
    Jacob-I have always loved the name

  • Neta says:
    Kalani Jia Yu Callaghan Her Dad picked her name bcoz he liked the meaning of it Heavenly chief.

  • Anonymous says:
    James Rocco had a heap of meaning behind it; 1. My grandfather was named Donald James Otto - So - obviously Donald isnt a very cute name - So we chose James. 2. While I was pregnant Survivor was on - and James (the big black grave digging gorgeous hunk) - and me and Vic both thought he would be a cool son! hehe 3. Rocco - thats what Victor named my tummy when we found out I was preggers - It took alot of compromise but we agreed for it to be his middle name!

  • Laura says:
    from the cheeky little chappy in hollyoaks - i loved his name as it suited his personality and kind of stuck as we'd struggled to find a boys name for ages

  • Sabrina says:
    Jacob Dillon, but we call him Jake (I call him Jakey-poo). I wanted to give him an Irish name but it was hard to find one we liked that went with our last name. So he got a hebrew/irish name instead.

  • Becki says:
    Morgan Sloan. Morgan was after my husband's favorite British sports car -The Morgan; Sloan was after Sloan Petterson in Faris Buller's Day off. I always thought it was pretty. They both happen to be Irish/ Welsh which was a request from my husband.

  • Sandi says:
    Kristen Nicole Riggs....just liked the name...wanted Kristen Taylor Riggs but my husbands cousins daughters name was Taylor and he wanted it to be different!

  • Jacqueline says:
    Hubby wanted a Welsh name and Dylan ticked all the boxes!

  • Laura says:
    cailin was just a name that we finally agreed on and for the twins we each picked a name I pick Cassidy and he picked Hayley

  • Sarah says:
    Isabella Jane Bella was they first word in Italian i learnt meaning beautiful lady Jane is the middle name of my mum and i

  • Cortney says:
    Isabella, I found it on the internet and i liked it

  • Deanne says:
    Dylan and my dad picked it

  • Jade says:
    His dad chose his first name and I gave him my koro's middle name

  • sharon says:
    thendo,i just like the name itself and the meaning

  • belinda says:
    Aanikan: my partner wanted to call him lord(i said no way), so i suggested anakin who is lord of the dark. So then he still gets lord in some way. Tarhlan: I liked Talyn for a girl Kalyb: My partner choose Caleb so i changed the spelling

  • Kathrine says:
    Avery Ann Compton..i choose it from a baby book

  • Anonymous says:
    Middle name if after his grandfather he never knew

  • Angel says:
    We really like Hayden but one of our friends named their baby that so we just took the H off of the name and came up with the name Aidan. One of his middle names is Joseph like his daddy and his second middle name is Gilles after his great-grandpa.

  • Anonymous says:
    ive always like the name

  • Mummy- says:
    madison rose ann ....my mum chose first name and i wanted rose my mums middle name and ann my aunts name taiyisa i made up cause matt woulndt let me hve azaria ...dingo got my baby name he called it joan her middle name was mats nanna name Quinten ....means 5th and he was my 5th pregnancy and matt origonally wanted charles but that got made his 2nd name

  • Laura says:
    sean was named afta partners cousin n skye well we wanted summin different

  • Kristan says:
    Camden Mark James Covert. I really liked Cam,but hated Cameron for a boy. So we just sat there till we got Camden.

  • Vanessa says:
    Noah Robyn Williams - Harris, Noah just came to me when he was born and Robyn after my mum.

  • Deanne says:
    Girly and her Daddy chose her name. Was a name he liked when he was a wee bit younger.

  • Pheona says:
    my son named by hiss daddy i named the younger twin the older twin was by daddy

  • Alexis says:
    Joshua, just thought it suited him then asked his dad if he liked it

  • Toni says:
    Riley Ann Maureen. Riley - I always Loved that Name... Ann - Her Grandmother Nangreaves's Middle Name Maureen - My mom's Middle name

  • Shawnee says:
    Marley Sienna Rain marley we got from Bob Marley...liked it some much. Sienna Rain, my dad picked.

  • Abbey says:
    I chose my daughters name on my own, but blake was chosen from a baby book by mummy and daddy

  • Emma says:
    Ryan loved it since childhood both of us

  • Lana says:
    we just liked it

  • Cathy says:
    Brianna - saw it in a birth newspaper announcement 2 years before she was born. I loved it, so "filed it away in my memory" for future use if we had a girl! Dayna - inspired by the (late) Christopher Reeve's wife (named Dana). She was so sweet and beautiful. I went to youthgroup/school with someone called Daina; always loved the sound of that name! Mitchell: Matt chose it after he saw that name in film credits! Luckily I liked it too!

  • Caroline says:
    Abigail Elizabeth - the name Abigail was chosen because we like old fashioned names, I used to work for a family whose daughter was called Abigail, also, with my name you can't shorten it - and we liked Abigail because you can shorten it many ways. Elizabeth was chosen as her middle name, after Aaron's Grandma as he wanted a family name that meant something.

  • Denita says:
    Madeline was a name that we both liked and we liked Maddy for short. Rose was a name that I wanted from the start and McCullough is Shaughan's middle name.

  • Elizabeth says:
    hudson matthews lindsey hudson is from my father's side of the family and matthews is from my father in laws side....i thought they were beautiful together

  • Cathon says:
    Brooklyn Rebecca Lawrence - Brooklyn honors Lane's father's birth place, and Rebecca was my Meme's middle name as well as my middle name.

  • Karen says:
    Charlene: just fell in love with it after reading the baby names book EVERY night for like the entire pregnancy Abbey: a name I have loved since I was like 10, always knew I would have and abbey some day!! Ella: its just so dang cute :)

  • LaTanya says:
    Nadeja; i went to school with a girl by that name and loved it. It means Hope

  • Ashlea says:
    Elias, chris's great grandfathers name.. plus we liked it

  • Cyndy says:
    Ella Rose...we just liked Ella (and its almost my dad's name backwards) and Rose is kind of a family name. :)

  • Susan says:
    Skyler - Ummmm...kinda sounds weird.....Skyler was going to be our boys name until I read Noah to Tony and he wanted that for the boy. Then we couldn't agree on a girl name and I said Skyler can be boy or girl and Tony said that's the name then and I don't want to talk names any more. Landon - The movie Walk to Remember Josiah - Nicole C. Mullens is my all time fav. music artist and 1 of her sons name is Josiah and when I heard it I fell in love with it. New baby name is a surprise (middle name being picked by the meaning for a girl and we don't have a middle boy name yet)

  • Summer says:
    Cadence Mackenzie and it was a name I liked long before I was pregnant with her

  • Shanda says:
    He's name is Dhevenn & His daddy picked his name, but it had to have 7 letters & start with a "D"

  • Heather says:
    Reena Yocheved- named after Adam's grandparents Ruth (Rus) and Irv (Yitzchak). Reena means joy. Yocheved was Moses' mother. Chananiah Menachem- named after Adam's uncle Harry (Chanan). Middle name we just liked. Chananiah means God is gracious. Menachem means comfort.

  • Anonymous says:
    sierra michele i loved her name long before she was born and i still do

  • Jennifer says:
    I wanted her nickname to be Abby but didn't want her to be named Abigail so I looked through a book of baby names and found it, only I spelled it differently than what was in the book. "Abriel"

  • Anonymous says:
    kitri-from russian ballet don quixote which was first professional solo given to me by qld ballet and braidy i took br from my previous surname and added my baby bros nickname i gave him aidy to it making braidy

  • Pamela says:
    Don't remeber

  • Emmalee says:
    Summer Willow. We love uncommon but not weird names..lol

  • Jordan says:
    Truin- we liked how Christian singer Toby Mac called his son Tru.. his son's full name is Truette though.. but we thought that sounded way too feminine.. so we just made up Truin. and it works :) ... we actually found out it is an Australian boys name... but no one has come up w/ a meaning for it yet... but by breaking it down w/ definitions i've come up that it means 'To Incur Honesty'

  • Patti says:
    Alyssa Brooke-liked the name Amanda Noelle-compromise Nicholas Michael-Dad picked first name, I picked middle name after Mike Jacob Bryson-First name after my grandfather, middle name after Mike's mom's maiden name.

  • Jessica says:
    Isis- I saw it on t.v. and looked it up... it means "queen of the throne" and fits her perfectly, Isis was also a very powerful egyptian goddess

  • Peggy says:
    Nathan Charles - Matt & I both liked Nathan and Charles is his 1st name, Aiden James - Aiden also spells Diane which is Matt's mom's name and James is my dad's middle name

  • Pam says:
    Morgan (dad's middle name); Olivia (character from Gerald Lund's series "The Work and the Glory"; and Noah (had to an "N" name so we could be the LMNOP family.

  • Rachel says:
    Jacob is Ryan's middle name and Michael after his best friend. Garrett we liked and Ryan after Dad. Always loved the name Grace Elizabeth plus my BF's middle name,Gage we loved and David after family members on both sides. Mason Alexander we both liked..same initials as Jeremy's deceased grandfather

  • Suzan says:
    Sariah - wanted our first son to have dad's initials as he has his dad's intials as well (amazing as he's the 6th son...), but she came out a girl so picked a name with mom's intials out of the scriptures as I love girl scripture names... Chase - has his dad's intials - picked our favorite boy "c" name... and Caitie, same story. She has her dad's intials as well - I also have always wanted a "Caitie".

  • Erika says:
    kiefer is my grandmothers maiden name. Liam is the only one my husband and i could agree on

  • Anonymous says:
    Loved the name Hannah years before she was born.

  • Meghan says:
    Tristan...we just loved it

  • Desiree says:
    Elysha Lee loo, Elysha = Utopia Leeloo= Love

  • Peniey says:
    Jillian Faye - Gillian from a Soap Opera (name was awesome) sounded good with Faye. I had a long promise to dedicate my first daughter to an old friend's mother who passed. Means "Youthful Fairy" Wyntre Louise - Wyntre is different and Awesome. Means "Strong Warrior" Caedmon Isaiah - Searched the names for this and prayed . Means "Strong warrior sent by God" All their names fit them well.

  • Anonymous says:
    like shay then added la at the end

  • Rachael says:
    we couldnt decide on a name, so when he was first born i just said the first name that came to mind that was on our list!!

  • elizabeth says:
    named after grandmas!aaawwww

  • Jennifer says:
    Jack My Husband loved that name

  • Sandra says:
    Taylah Jay Cypress Bell, taylah coz i wanted jaylah and dave wanted tayah, jay coz its daves middle name and cypress because i love billy ray cyress and it sorta sounded the same and wanted something diffrent

  • Rebekah says:
    Desmond, picked it out of a baby book. it was one of the few we agreed on!

  • Kristy says:
    Nick: put names in a hat decided which ever name came out three times would be his name, what Dan didn't know was i put Nick in there about 100 times Ashlee: Just a name we both agreed on McKenzie: same as Ashlee

  • Nicole says:
    Well, a few weeks before Ben was born, Louis had a dream that we had a boy and we named him Benjamin Paul. So when he cam out a boy we just knew what his name should be.

  • Sara says:
    Peter hated the name I picked, so he had to find something that I was ok with, and my mom suggested using Peter's mom's middle name (ellen)

  • Anonymous says:
    opened the Bible

  • Jasmine says:
    Cole Micheal Christopher Gregory Cole cos his dad wantted it, Micheal because thats his dads name, Christopher because thats his grandads name.

  • Aly says:
    my fathers irish desents and his middle name

  • Heather says:
    It had always been on my baby name list and it was abou the only name we both liked...(-:

  • Crystal says:
    Tanner ... I just liked the name... and its the only name all the grandparents could agree on

  • Marlean says:
    A fav bartender in Austin Texas. Said she had a cool name and if one day I had a girl, I would name her Gibsyn! I had a girl...

  • Allison says:
    Ellis Samuel Tate - Daddy choose Ellis (we liked it because it is not so popular at the moment) and Mummy chose Samuel (cause she thinks its nice!)

  • Gizelle says:
    I decided at the age of 13 that I'd name my daughter Kiara (Irish/Celtic - meaning Dark little one) Isabella means: Devoted to God.

  • louise says:
    couldnt pick my sister choose instead

  • Karisa says:
    Austin, I went through the baby names book and folded down the pages of the names I liked. Russ went through and told me which of the one I had picked he liked, and we narrowed it down that way. David is his middle name after my grandpa Drew who passed away 6 years ago.

  • Louise says:
    Ethan a mutual name both me and other half thought of and agreed on

  • Erin says:
    Emiley, Just about the only name after looking through a book that both my hubby and I liked.

  • Leah says:
    devante from jodeci, jalen from basketball player jalen rose

  • Amy says:
    cassie dad dreamt it

  • Anonymous says:
    sammy - is clints dads nic name and joe is clints middle name

  • Celine says:
    Oh we wanted the name to start with the letter "C". So i actually chose the name CRAIG but hunny thinks that its not really a baby name.. So we add a den behind.. That's how CRAIDEN comes abt..

  • Katie says:
    Hope - Jason's grandmother always wanted a little girl and said if she had one, she'd name her Hope. She had 6 boys!

  • Jennifer says:
    Just liked it

  • Tammy says:
    Joey was named after my dad and his dad, and zack was just a name hubby chose and donald is after his grandfather

  • Kim says:
    My husband chose his first name (he just said he liked it). His middle name is after my brother-in-law who is his Godfather.

  • Anonymous says:
    His name is Kii Koro and his Birth parents chose his name Means New in Rarotongan and Old in Maori

  • Angela says:
    Slater Jett, i'm not sure where we got it from, i just herd it and we both liked it.

  • Anonymous says:
    Beau, and I'm not sure it just kinda popped into our heads, after a long time of disagreeing about names.

  • Jennifer says:
    Austyn Scarlett,wanted something unique and it suited her when we first layed our eyes on her

  • Anonymous says:
    Abbie Carole Daphne. Mom Chose Abbie Then Carole And Daphne Are My Grandmas Names

  • Sara says:
    Elisheva Yael - named from Avi's paternal grandmother Edythe (Etta) and my paternal grandmother Jennette (therefore the yud) Shoshana Leah - named for my maternal grandmother Lillian (Leah). Shoshana also means Lily

  • Carla says:
    Kyan Nicholas - we wanted a name that was a little different, not too common. We actually heard this name while we were in Hawaii and loved it : )

  • Nada says:
    Younis is the name of a prophet, I love the name and love the story of prophet Younis. Abdul Hafiz is Mouhamad's Fathers name whom passed away when he was 2 years old.

  • Adina says:
    Dovid...named after Chaim's paternal grandfather and my maternal granfather (both David), Or Screechball (if you heard his cry, you would understand)

  • Christine says:
    His name is Matthew Mark Vernon Forsyth. Lets see daddy picked a boy name and mommy picked a girl name and it seems daddy won this time around. Daddys name is Mark Vernon Forsyth and he wanted to name Matty that but I told him he had to put something in front of it and he said Matthew and I loved it Matthew Mark.

  • wendi says:
    My children were named after songs! Beth is from the KISS song BETH! And Melissa is from the Allman Brothers song, SWEET MELISSA!

  • Samantha says:
    Samuel Edmund Massey. Samuel came from my side of the family, he was named after my Uncle who passed a couple years ago and my grandpa who passed many ago. Edmund Steven's side, it was his grandfather who passed many ago name.

  • Ashlee says:
    Ella Jean- Ella was my great grandmothers name and Jean was hubbys great grandmother.

  • Ashleigh says:
    His name is Kaine. And jerry and I went through a bunch of celtic baby names online, and came to find Kaine means tribute, which we felt was appropriate as a tribute to our dads. His middle names are both his grandfathers

  • Anonymous says:
    i thought i was having a girl it wasnt until he came out that i knew he was a boy and i looked at him and jamie and we both said cody but his middle names are after jamie and my brother!!!!

  • Anonymous says:
    Kenneth Chester Thomas Fisher.... Kenneth- My dad, Chester-My dads Dad and Thomas- mums dad

  • Hannah Louise says:
    Isaiah Gabriel. We got it from the bible & love the meaning. It was on our list for the last three times & we finally got to use it! :)

  • Amy says:
    Blair Gregory Michael Bennett (what a mouth full) Ryan chose Blair and Gregory is my dearly loved and missed uncle and Michaels is my papas name and ive always wanted michael as a middle name for my first boy.

  • Nikki says:
    Alexander His dad picked it. it was the only name that we could both agree on.

  • Maria says:
    My partner suggested it and i like it

  • Jean says:
    Easton James. Out of a baby book. About 2 weeks before I was due, we decided we better choose a boy name. :)

  • Jennifer says:
    I have always loved the name Kamryn and thankfully Ken liked it as well. And her middle name is Nevaeh which is heaven spelt backwards and I heard it on MTV once and loved it. I have such a supportive husband that he agreed on the middle name as well!!!

  • Rose says:
    Rihana just heard the name while i was pregnant and fall in love with it but we didnt know we were having a girl

  • Janell says:
    Kaden Bill and I both liked he liked it and asked me and I said yes of course I liked it before him but thought he would forsure say no shows you how much I know :) Sawye I wanted for the first baby but Bill said no and this time said yes whatever!!!

  • Karmen says:
    william, and its just a really nice name

  • Alix says:
    My Mum Picked It

  • Josie says:
    I have always loved the name Bailey and Renee is my grandmothers middle name which she uses as her name she goes by. We were told it was too popular, but it was the one name we could ever agree on!

  • Gina says:
    I liked Alyssa but didn't want to use the letter "A" again. Matt found the name Elissa a few days before I had her. I liked it. I also wanted to do something close to her aunt Lisa's name. Love ya Lisa.

  • Alicia says:
    Olivia- Scotty picked it, he just liked it Marie- it was both my late aunt and nana's middle name

  • Sarah says:
    Emma Jean VanOrd. Well, we tried for months to come up with ONE name we both liked. I suggested Emma, and we agreed on it. Jean is my mothers middle name! (Since I have HER mothers middle name, I thought it was only fair) =)

  • kathy says:
    My husband had a list of names in the labor room and passed them around to family & friends to get their feedback. The two final ones liked by almost everyone was Diego or Joaquin. So we chose Joaquin!

  • Rachel says:
    Its Finley Harry Stewart. We loved the name Finley, Harry is a family name from Ollys side and Stewart is a family name from mine.

  • Isa says:
    Daxon Tomas. Dax is a distant cousins name. I added the "-on" to elongate it a bit. Tomas is my fathers name.

  • Katrina says:
    Tyrin- named after his dad Kyra-loved the name after I heard it

  • Katy says:
    George we liked the name from the start and when he was born he just looked like a George.

  • Em says:
    isabella and cory just liked them

  • Anonymous says:
    Lucy - my nan named her before she died

  • Amanda says:
    Sophie-louise was just a name we really liked Dylan Alexander again just one we likes although the Alexander is after his daddy

  • Jennifer says:
    Kyle - His daddy chose the name, Joseph after his daddy and Kevin well we just liked the name, and I fell in love with the name Isabella.

  • Randi says:
    Madison: I saw the movie "Splash" when I was a kid and fell in love with the name. Annabet is named after my husband's late Mother (she was a angel on earth!). Einar is named after his daddy. Gregory Michael is named after my two dads. Reagan's name was picked by DH, and yes, it's after the late president, her middle name is after my mother (Anne). Calleigh Venke -- Calleigh is a name I like, stole it from CSI: Miami -- and her middle name is after DH's aunt.

  • Allison says:
    Harley Erin Eshom. Harley I found in a baby name book and loved it. Erin is my sister's middle name. and Eshom is my last name

  • Niki says:
    It was the only name both of us could agree on!

  • Amanda says:
    Allen Charles names after two of my husband's friends that passed

  • Sara says:
    Carrie Jesse Lane. Daddy always wanted a little girl named Carrie and the middle name is her great great grandmothers name.

  • Dimity says:
    baby name book

  • Barbara says:
    Koel, we chose it when he was a few days old. we had mentioned it and knew we wanted a K name like daddy

  • Bernie says:
    we liked melissa, ellen was my grandmas name and may is my partners nans middle name.

  • frances says:
    kendall. seen it on tv

  • Michelle says:
    His name is Mason Robert. His first name i found in the baby name book and fell in love, his middle name is my grandads who passed away in april

  • Kiri says:
    Benjamin Thomas Amuimuia Benjamin was a name that both myself and his dad have always liked and Thomas is his daddy's name.

  • laura says:
    summa. was just random

  • Jenna says:
    Kaden, I liked Aiden but it wasn't a strong enough name for my son so I chose Kaden because it's simple.

  • Taylor says:
    I chose it coz i loved it and thats what she looked like.

  • Nur says:
    by looking at the '1ooo nama untuk bayi lelaki and perempuan

  • Dianisia says:
    Shayna-Rae Maron Shave. Shayna got from my stepfather Shayne, Rae added it in there didnt want Shayna Shave didnt sound good to me so I got Rae from my cousin and Shayna-Rae's godmother. Her middle name Marion is named after my aunt cindy's mom who is my guranden angel . Shave her dad's last name and he wouldnt let me put White lol

  • Fiona says:
    Wellll i thought I was having a Boy so told my other half he could pick the babys name if it was a girl (which i didnt think it would be!) and he picked Maddison so i picked her middle name Katie-Jane after my nan

  • Jessica says:
    Aiden Riley...It was the only name we could agree on 100%

  • Anonymous says:
    after an england rugby player, altho we spelt it the conventional way

  • Lori says:
    Emily Winn. We had picked out three first names but none of them "felt" right once we looked at her and held her in our arms. So James actually suggested Emily and I looked down in to my arms and knew it was the right choice. Winn is my maternal grandmothers maiden name and I would love for my daughter to grow up with her creativity and perserverance.

  • Tamika says:
    bella. my mum chose the name

  • Victoria says:
    shanda (named after her grandmas)..sherry and vanda! pretty cool huh! grace came after my grandma coming up she always told me when you pray ask for grace and not patience. i figured since my first name was after her grace was appropriate and plus i love that name always have.

  • molly says:
    He is named after my dad and uncle

  • Morgan says:
    Rory Jade... Rory from gilmore girls, Jade because i was having difficulty finding a middle that would fit and than my mom said jade and a light bulb went off

  • Kelly says:

  • Sarah says:
    Ciaran James Daly. My mum chose it as i was not concious and i chose his middle name after my brother his uncle.

  • ALICIA says:
    My partner and I both chose the name Courtney. He chose her middle names Mae Rose after his nan

  • ashley says:
    Gretchen mae reed , well i wanted to name her lilly mae reed but i was joking around one night as i was using a baby naming site and it pulled up gretchen mae , my best friends name is gretchin and said to my husband would gretchin get a kick out of it if we named her gretchen and he laughed and said yeah and then the next thing i knew we had the name of the baby..

  • Eileena says:
    Wyatt Harris Rideout Wyatt I got from the t.v. show "Charmed" Harris was carried on as a middle name for the last 5 generations Rideout is the father's last name

  • Gill says:
    Adam William. Liked Adam and William after my grandad

  • Chelsea Denise says:
    I Named Her Terese after my mom's name..

  • Anonymous says:
    Theo William. Loved the name theo, found out the meaning was a gift from god and loved it even more. his middle name william is his dads middle name.

  • Nora says:
    Hubby's idea.. looking thru the islamic book.

  • rebecca says:
    miranda jazmin - craig picked it it was goin to miranda rose but we changed it at the last min madison mae - i always liked madison coz we wanted another m name n mae is after craigs nan rip else n after his sister kara mae

  • Donna says:
    Joshua Robert - me & Mike both liked Josh and his great Grandad on Mike's side was called Robert

  • Jennifer says:
    father in law named my boy and my husband and i named our girl

  • Rowena says:
    Her daddy chose her name

  • gemma says:
    baby book i picked it in my head then my partner said how about ryan?? n that was the name i was gonna say

  • Amanda says:
    Caitlyn - we both agreed on this name cause it is the gaelic version of Kathleen which is Sam's gran and aunties names. Caitlyn was born on his auntie Kathleens birthday

  • Amanda says:
    Her name is Miranda Gayle. We took Mitchell (my hubby) and Amanda (me) and put them together to get Miranda. The middle name I can thank my mother in law for...her middle name is Gail, so what I did, since it sounded good with Miranda, I chose to spell it different......Gayle.

  • Krystle says:
    her name is Madilynn Michele. I have always liked the name madilynn and bryan like the name michele so it kinda came together

  • yvonne (bonnie) debbie louise says:
    debbra (debbie) and her name is my middle name, and sharona her name is my mums name.

  • lisa says:
    chloe louise densham we always liked chloe the louise came from my fellas side and densham is dads name

  • Nicola says:
    Lucas - my sister suggested it. Was a toss up between Noah and Lucas, and he just looked like a Lucas.

  • Melissa says:
    her name is emily and the reason i chose it is because i like the name

  • Amber-Lee says:
    i heard it from somewhere n i loved it so did my partner

  • Brittany says:
    Logan's first name we liked but his middle name calvin is named after Jimmys middle name and Kourtneys middle name is Marie after me

  • Katryn says:
    Leah Kym : Was the only name we could decide on Lara Rose : After my great gran (Laura we just dropped the "u") Eliza Jane : We both like the song Wild Rose By Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds

  • Tania says:
    Cooper Noel, Noel is hubby's grandfather and Cooper because we really like it - heard the name Cooper when working...a toddler was getting in trouble and I thought it would fit perfectly!!

  • Laura says:
    His name is Timothy David Panton, Tim- Daddy's dads name, David- my dads name, Panton- his 4th great grandfathers name. Each name is going to carry the family though another generation

  • Jessi says:
    Taoin Gabriel Skinner, Taoin Phill just made up one day as far as we know, Skinner is Phills last name, and Gabriel took until 3 days before he was born to be picked and it took alot of name searching and ended up being between Alexander and Gabriel, we liked how Gabriel sounded better haha.

  • Kelley says:
    Caleb- American Gothic TV characters name-To have some fun I told everyone I'd name him Gerbert- Most were relieved I didnt!! Malachi-1st heard name on a movie Save the Last Dance and thought it was beautiful since then I've learnt Malachi is a book in the bible,means prophet of God and has Irish origins(Im Irish Catholic-Dad is very spiritual) It also is a shortening of Malachite - emerald green crystal used for healing - and one of my favourites! Tayha - We looked through so many name books and wrote down every suggestion given to us- I had 23 names I really liked! The only name Dad and I both liked was Te`a but not the spelling so we spent weeks changing letters around - Tayha was perfect!

  • karen says:
    my babys name is Ryan and I choose that name because I always liked it, also because where I am from, there is alot of illiterate people and i want to make sure that my children could at least spell their names, so i gave them names with 5 letters the most

  • Anonymous says:
    Jessica Emily her dad and I just liked it. My neice had an make believe friend named Emily and it stuck

  • melissa says:
    hmm well origionally i hated the name seth but as usual the name grew on me his father named him seth after seth enslow off crusty deamons and his middle name daniel is after his daddy

  • Joanne says:
    Joshua - we chose it before we were even engaged! We both knew we just liked it :)

  • Jannine says:
    The name I named her was a name I fell in love with for a girl Jasmine from the movie Aladin, but I wanted it to be different so I spelled it different Yazmin

  • Kathy says:
    Alexa, girl, wanted something uncommon but it is common now. Nykolas, boy, wanted something different so i spelled it different. Keyarah, girl a.k.a."jelly", her dads name and my name both start with "k" so we made hers start with a "k"

  • Jessica says:
    Harmony.... apparently i was talking in my sleep an telling Jesse to hold Harmony's hand....and it pretty well just stuck from there

  • Janice says:
    Andrea- My mom named, her, Dan, I love the name Danielle for a girl, but he was a boy, so he got Daniel. Jeremy- His dad named him- bible name. Amy- Well, It just fits her

  • Gemma says:
    Isabella. one of us suggested it and we both fell i love with the name

  • Brooke says:
    Andrew...and we played a "game" a couple years ago during one of my surgery recoveries

  • Michele says:
    Kyan Taniora... Taniora after his uncle (godfather) and i saw the surname Kyan when delivering a parcel while out playing courier for Wiremu... THOUGHT IT WAS COOL!

  • Danielle says:
    Landon. Ryan and I were watching Nascar...he noticed the name and suggested it to me. I liked it and we stuck with it. Landon's name was decided before I was even two months pregnant. Hannah - we always liked the name Hannah but we never believed we were having a girl. We named her about two hours after she was born.

  • Chelsea says:
    Gabriella Rose M. first name is a name i have picked out sense like middle school and always loved that name. Rose, her middle name is for my sisters middle name and also my grandmas name.

  • Ewa says:
    Joshua & Mia Wrote a big list of names, and narrowed it down to the ones we picked :)

  • Kristin says:
    Brody John & Tyler Jack. Brody was picked while doing a walk for cancer research and we were trying SOOO hard to think of a boys name. I just dropped it and Adam agreed. Tyler - came from a long list of baby names... we both wrote a heap down each, and this was the only one we would agree on. :)

  • Allyson says:
    #1 Deakon Troy - Deakon came from birth announcements and Troy is his dad's middle name. #2 for a girl Amelia Gai - Dave absolutely won't budge from Amelia if it's a girl and Gai is my middle name, Sebastian Matthew if its a boy - Dave's fave movie of all time i Land Before Time and the boy in that is Bastian, Matthew is my beloved pop's name!!

  • Anonymous says:
    Hes named after my dad and my grandads

  • katrina says:
    Ryan chose cody (who knows why. lol ) I picked Brock just cause i liked it and i also picked Reegan cause liked it..

  • Anonymous says:
    with the first pregnancy i demanded michelle (after mu cousin) and john (after my dad) as middle names tim came home from the pub and said he remembered a nme he liked 4 a girl that gave us tenika, mason we thought was a strong male name and conner i wanted cj like his poppy's nik-name and we couldn't find a middle name that went with cj so we called him conner james (after my uncle) and now he is cj like poppy too

  • jackie says:
    collyn koel baby name book then tweaked the spelling angelina xuralia (yer-rail-ee-uh) first family name second made up based on another family name

  • Gemma says:
    My eldest is Anais Taylor O'Connor and my youngest is Macie Shea O'Connor. I don't remember how I came up with Anais but as soon as I heard it I liked it and Taylor was chosen as her middle name as it's my family surname. I couldn't think of another girl's name that I liked (well, except for Eden which John hates!) so I asked on the Mums club June 2005 message board on iVillage (I have met some lovely ladies on there!) and Shell suggested a few names and in it was 'Macy' and straight away it stood out but I wasn't sure on the spelling so we decided on 'Macie' instead. Shea was chosen as her middle name as John's Mum's maiden name was O'Shea.

  • lisa says:
    chose it with family N gave him same initials has mi muvva

  • ashleigh says:
    georjiana-olivia jo rooney my mum chose it :)

  • Amber-rae says:
    i chose is as my ex partner cudnt spell it and my mum liked it

  • Adeline says:
    Erica Jade Jefferson-Johnson. Erica - The first name is after the former drummer to Kiss. Eric Carr. He was the most influential band member in the history of Kiss. He didn't do drugs or smoke or drink. But ironically, he was the one who died at a young age of cancer. Jade- Jade is the middle name of her older brother Michael. Somehow, when we were thinking of a middle name for her, we were both thinking Jade at the same time. It also just flows with Erica Jefferson-Johnson. Jefferson-Johnson - Jake was born to Carol Johnson and Tom Jefferson. He never knew Tom, he's never seen Tom, not even when he was born. So on his birth certificate, his last name is listed as Johonson. When he was a mid teen, he took on the name Jefferson-Johnson, but still goes by Johnson. But to keep the Jefferson going, he named his two older kids Michael and Gabrielle with the last name of Jefferson-Johnson. I wanted to keep that going as well, so we both decided to have her last name be Jefferson-Johnson.

  • Natasha says:
    1. Jacob Mark Ashley Whiting, I chose his name and added Mark in for Mark's first Father's Day. 2. Samantha Ava Whiting, first name was Daddy's choice, he wanted to call her Sami but have full name she could use as an adult, but after passing away at n early age she will always be Daddy's little girl called Sami. Ava was my choice. 3. Callum Lucas Whiting, we both came up with that. Would have been Sami's name had she been a boy, so since we still loved it we decided to use it again.

  • Sara says:
    Oh, it was a LONG process, we didnt agree on anything!

  • lisa says:
    ang'elica i got from a friend i had wen i was younger amberial i got outta the birthday meaning and important peopleborn on your bday book it happened to be the guardian angels name on my oldest and i s bday and was the same for her due date so i chose that

  • Kelsey says:
    Victoria Nicole McNeilly. Victoria- My best friend of 15 yrs is Named Victoria, ithought it was a beautiful name and hopefully my daughter will grow up to be as wonderful as her Aunt Victoria. Nicole- Is my middle name, I guess I wanted a little bit of me in the mix :). McNeilly- is her Daddy's last name

  • Amy says:
    harry..ben chose it n its after his gdad!

  • Keshia says:
    Babys daddy chose it.. the one name for a boy that we could actually agree on.

  • kelsey says:
    dustin michael johnston-lampel. his dad picked out his first name, i picked his middle name.

  • Leanne says:
    maisy zoe deamer. and by looking in a baby naming book.

  • kerri says:
    Leah :) and just wrote down the main names i liked, and me and her dad picked our favourite.

  • Louise says:
    her name is teigan and ut of a book called my best friends girl

  • Holly says:
    Amber Hazel. A is the first letter of dads name and H is the first letter of my name

  • Hana says:
    Sebastian Ollie. we both liked sebastian and didn't know anyone by that name and Ollie is my brothers name.

  • elise says:
    Layla. rob (husband) liked it and suggested it when i was pregnant

  • Holly says:
    Jack Micah. Jack was my husband's grandfathers nickname. He got to choose for the first born!

  • carlee says:
    jaimen Brant; jaimon lowe the footballer Brant webb the mine guys was around that time i was thinkin bout boys names Natalie Rose: we both agrreed dunno how Emily josephine: josephinefor my nanna we both liked emily

  • leah says:
    Jaxon....i love Johnny Cash so i named him after Johnny Cash and June Carter's song "Jackson"

  • Billie says:
    Shelby Alexis. I made a list of names I liked, Matt said which names he liked, I couldn't get the name Alexis out of my mind. Matt wanted a Mustang related name, leaving Shelby as about the only option. We settled on Alexis Shelby....then realized her intials would be A.S.S. so we flipped the names.

  • Amber says:
    I loved Audrianna its different and her middle name is her grandmas middle name!

  • Jo says:
    Izaiah Jaymes Manuel....izaiah because i like it and jaymes after my unlce

  • Ally says:
    Riley William John & Jordan Barry Carl..Will picked both names =)

  • Cherissa-Lynn says:
    lol Will chose Elexia's and Jaiden was my choice.

  • Alanna says:
    his first name was given to him by his god parents (My brother Ray & his wife Cynthia). Pahquis means "swirling snow"

  • Wahss says:
    Lucas -becuz we liked it, jack - after hisdad, Arthur-after his paternal grandpa Michael-after his maternal grandpa Natalia-because we liked it Sara-after her great maternal grandma Tamarya- Tamara & Mary put together, my mom's name & a fave name my mom liked..so we put ittogether :) Grace-just because

  • Candice says:
    Me and parnter both agreed and liked the name Layla and Laylas middle name is my Middle name :D

  • wasagabeaudry says:
    his daddy liked the name, and I agreed.

  • Liz says:
    Waaweyeseh - I chose it because of the weather outside, it means Whirlwind

  • CARRIE says:
    Finnegan. We wanted something diffrent.

  • Danielle says:
    Tyler John. Tyler we both liked that name and John after his dad

  • Nikki says:
    Tairel Kahurangi Roy... um i liked it? lol

  • Sara says:
    Isabelle, was the only female name my fiance and I agreed upon.

  • Samantha says:
    harvey-lee, cos i liked da name harvey n lee is after his grandad n likd them both 2gether.

  • carla says:
    i choose the name paige-louise because i liked it and the tyler was my picked by his dad

  • katie says:
    Lily-Mai Me and her dad chose it, it was the only name we could agree on!

  • andrea says:
    We liked it and dint want a name that every1 else had... think we did a good job as no 1 can say her name bloody right!! lol

  • stacey says:
    tyler ans naomi me and her dad chose them and we just really liked the names

  • kerri says:
    kayla, always liked the name

  • Liana says:
    It was the only one that we both agreed on and liked!!

  • Andrea says:
    chose a name out of a book and made our own variation if it

  • michelle says:
    baby book

  • Laura says:
    his name is cameron robert. his dad picked out his first name. i wanted to name him after his dad so thats how we got robert

  • Kayla says:
    Allira, thought of it...didnt like it so much but then it grew on me!

  • Misha says:
    Abigail Skye Greer, we both liked the name Abigail and Skye is my sister's middle name

  • Candance says:
    it's my mother last name and i thought that that was a good masculine name for a boy

  • Ashly says:
    Cooper Taylor.. Me and the huby just liked cooper and Taylor is Dereks middle name

  • janine says:
    liked it since childhood

  • Alison says:
    Hubby and I liked the named -- its short but strong!

  • Leanne says:
    Connor, I have always loved the name and my hubby couldn't come up with anything better

  • Verity says:
    Mollie always loved and Abbie we both really liked.

  • Stephanie says:
    Jacob, It was orginaly Going To Be Jayden, But I Changed My Mind The Night Before....

  • melissa says:
    Jayden, we found it in the baby name book and thought it was different

  • liz says:
    i like the name and my cousins name is Bradley thats were i heard it from.

  • Chrissy says:
    His name is Andrew Robert Carter. I chose Andrew because I've always liked it and Robert is after my grandfather.

  • Heather says:

  • Cari says:
    Sophie Michelle Hey. We just liked the name.

  • Justine says:
    Saphyr and we made it up.

  • Candice says:
    Paige Lilly-Rose Lee. Paige and Lilly we both really liked and daddy chose Rose too because Paige Lilly Lee sounded weird haha! Emily Louise Lee < Paige chose =D

  • tamika says:

  • Kaitlyn says:
    Tyson Linnick Mason, his Daddy picked the first name and the middle name stands for both his grandparents, lindsay and nick

  • Destiny says:
    her name is Skye Liberty her dad picked it i got to choose if she was a boy i wanted Adrian Curtis for a boy ( using daddy's initials)

  • Amanda says:
    Jacob Martin, Jacob his daddy picked because i couldn't decide on a name and Martin we both wanted because it is his daddy's middle name as well.

  • Nicole says:
    aubrie i got from the girl off making the band but i changed the spelling of it and raelynn we got from a family friend. alana mikey found online and raelee i picked out.

  • Melissa says:
    My husband and I talked about different names and picked the one we agreed on. We really wanted a traditional simple name because we are both teachers and always feel bad for those students whose names no one can pronounce just by reading it.

  • cassandra says:
    Somayeh Anbrilynn Somayeh is from the baby book & Anbrilynn is a combination of me and hed godparents names

  • Holleigh says:
    just choose it when he was born

  • Samantha says:
    We both really liked Jaide and Louise is my middle name and I wanted her to have it too and Hooper is Craig's last nameso she got that aswell

  • Shannon says:
    Ayden, I have always wanted this name for a boy because it's Irish. Alexandra, she is named after a friend that passed away. His name was Alexander.

  • Evelyn says:
    Ryan chose it when I first told him! And Jordan for Micheal Jordan and James for Lebron James !

  • Maria says:
    my son is named after his father and my daughter i was just sitting on the couch and the zariah just pop in my head